Beetlejuice and the Head-Shrinker: Standing and fighting instead of getting up and leaving

What’s going on with conservatives? Aren’t they all like Mitch McConnell asks the modern progressive loser working in government, bowing to the feet of the United Nations, and has always had globalism as the sovereign idea for the future of humanity? No, they were never like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, or Liz Cheney. The Cheney family, the Bush family, the McCains, the Portmans, and other similar political figures have been propped up to represent the conservative side without actually representing anybody but liberals. And there aren’t that many real liberals in the world; not once people started really talking to each other. Instead, Republicans are more like the witch doctor at the end of the great, funny movie from the 80s, Beetlejuice. You might remember when Beetlejuice was in the afterlife at the end of the movie, and he had a long wait in the receptionist lobby for his appointment with the everlasting. But next to him is a head-shrinker who will be called next. So Beetlejuice steals his number by tricking him into cutting in line. The behavior of Beetlejuice in that movie is how I see Democrats, takers, ostentatious imposers of time and money upon the world around them. And Americans, real Americans, are tired of them and want to do to them what that head-shrinking witch doctor did to Beetlejuice upon realizing that the guy had just stolen our ticket. The witch doctor simply sprinkles some dust over Beetlejuice’s head; just like that, his head shrinks to close out the movie with a funny ending. That’s where America is with globalism and the sorry, loser Republicans who have helped it along.

This issue hasn’t been addressed before in America because conservatives have always responded to liberalism by moving away. You can see the trend clearly if you have watched real estate values over the years. Where liberals move to, conservatives move away to get away from them. It’s even more evident in crowded movie theaters. You might notice that few people ever choose to sit next to someone else if they don’t have to. Americans like their space and their personal freedoms, so when given the option to turn the other cheek and leave, they usually do. Conservatives never choose to sit down next to a heavily tattooed, blue-haired liberal covered in body piercings and to start conversing with them. Instead, they’ll do what they need to do to be as far away as possible from them. When those types of people start moving from one place to another, conservatives pack up and leave. Only now, we live in a time where there really isn’t any place to go. Traveling a lot around the country, you can see this condition  most apparent in places like Austin, Texas. Liberals have been encouraged by radical progressives like George Soros and many like him to invade conservatives in their home areas and attempt to convert them to liberalism or make them move away so that liberals can take over the local government in those areas. Those areas then become blue areas, states, or cities, and then start the process of personal destruction because Democrats take over those governments. 

Now there isn’t anywhere to go. People have moved, turned the other cheek, and are now red with the slaps. And Republicans have not represented them the way they sold themselves. Real Republicans are tired of having Beetlejuice continuously stealing their number and cutting in line, playing them for suckers. So they are fighting back; they are turning toward Trump, who fights back the way they want conservatives always to do. And that is why voters are picking Trump-backed candidates in the upcoming election over traditional offerings. That’s why political machine families like Liz Cheney are suddenly ineffective. They never represented conservatives, but Democrats knew if those people were in government, it would be easy to destroy conservatives any time they wanted.

For many years people just tried their best to ignore politics and its influence over their lives. But eventually, it was just Beetlejuice and the witch doctor sitting alone in that lobby of the afterlife, and everything was going to come to a head, which is where we find ourselves now. Republicans want their party back. They don’t want to keep moving and avoiding Democrats wherever they appear. Aside from moving into space, there isn’t anywhere in the world anymore to get away from the globalist goals of Democrats, so finally, the idea of standing and fighting is part of the conservative view. Ten years ago and beyond, conservatives might have said about their liberal instigators, pray for them, wish them well. Then they would go to their homes in rural America and give themselves space to deal with Democrats, and it worked so long as they could get away from them. But not anymore. Now the Democrats are moving all over the country like the disease they are, destroying healthy tissue in government whenever possible. It’s what they do; it’s all they do.

Fortunately, there really aren’t that many Democrats, which will become very obvious if America moves to paper ballots and a one-day election as they have in France. All the early voting that Democrats want and the mail-in considerations have only opened the door for massive cheating, which has obviously been going on for a long time, and in giving the impression that Democrats were even with Republicans in real numbers among the population density. In actuality, there is only one Beetlejuice in a roomful of Republicans. There really aren’t that many loser liberals out there, which becomes apparent when you see a voting map of America where only a few blue areas show concentrated in large cities and their surrounding counties, while the rest of the nation is overwhelmingly red. In the past, conservatives would just sell their property and move to leave behind their homes to incoming Democrats. They’d move to Florida or wherever liberals weren’t and hoped to avoid dealing with Democrats in any way possible, just as they do in crowded movie theaters. But a point comes where people realize there is nowhere to go, so they are turning their need for change toward the Republican Party as a whole and replacing the kind of candidates that represent them. And that is what is at the heart of the MAGA movement. People are tired of their own version of Beetlejuice and want retaliation for Democrats always stealing their stuff. And they want to fight back, finally and fully. That means Fox News has lost its audience. The Chamber of Commerce’s view of the world has lost its grip on mass populations. And publishing is obviously making a turn; the books that are selling are not the memoirs of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as they used to be. It’s The Great Reset by Alex Jones and news about the Trump White House by Jarad Kushner. And people will go wherever Trump is on social media because they want the head-shrinker who will retaliate against Beetlejuice and defend conservative values instead of always being a sucker to liberals. Sure, there is panic among traditional media and the leaders of political parties. It’s scary to have their head shrunken by an angry conservative. But it’s the wave of the future and will just get more intense as people stop doing what they have done for years, and that is to get up and leave. When there is nowhere to go, standing and fighting are the only and next option.

Rich Hoffman

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