Don’t Be STUPID: Vote all school levies down, and VOTE YES on ISSUE 2

Darryl Parks of 700 WLW had a marvelous show on Saturday, November 5, 2011 just before the election where he covered all the different aspects involved in passing school levies and whether or not the funding is actually needed at the levels public education is demanding. When talking about school funding it becomes quickly evident that school districts all over America, particularly in Ohio have no idea what they are doing and are not functioning from any laws of business sense that the rest of society lives under. In public education the tail wags the dog and the dog reacts to that movement. And that behavior reminds me of the kind of man Al Gore is, an out-of-touch, big government liberal. So Darryl ahead of the election was discussing all the reasons people are stupid if they vote for a school levy. I came on with Darryl at 21:30. In fact this segment is so good you should listen to the entire broadcast which is 1 hour 19 minutes, so grab a snack and prepare to listen to the whole thing.

In the very contentious year of 2000 when George W. Bush ran against Al Gore for the presidency and liberals for the next 8 years could not forget about how close the election actually was and accused Bush of “STEALING” the election, a more startling statistic jumps out at us. Al Gore had 84% of the nation’s college professors cast a vote for him as president. Only 9% voted for Bush. So if the nation was evenly split between Bush and Gore pretty much 50/50, then what segment of society are producing members of the “education class?”

This isn’t a question of Republican against Democrats, because to me there wasn’t much difference between Bush and Gore regarding political philosophy. Both were big government advocates, which drew the split of the country’s opinion. But it is the perception of what Gore stands for that put him over the top among the very liberal-minded members of the “Education Class.” And in the year 2000 those college professors were providing bachelor and master’s degrees to the teachers who are in our schools today. Some of those teachers have become administrators and even superintendents, and show the footprint of that learned liberalism in virtually everything they do.

When I first started looking in to the whole school funding problem a year ago and applied the same rules I have used on myself when dealing with budget issues the very first thing that jumped out at me were the wages. They were just too high for the amount and skill level of those employees. Lakota, my school system was trying to maintain a wage structure that had no regulation. The school board meets twice a month to manage a $250 million dollar budget and they are the only guard against excessive spending. When the superintendent of the school makes more than the governor of Ohio, you have a major problem in importance perception, and that distortion permeates all the ranks of the administration. To see how much superintendents make, read and watch the videos at these two articles.

If after listening to Darryl’s broadcast and watching the I-Team investigations on those two links, and reading all the information I’ve put down here for your convenience, and you still vote for a school levy, then you can’t be helped. I would simply write you off as a contributing member of society by classifying you as a derelict of thought. You were obviously instructed by the same kind of people who voted for Al Gore and you left your brain in college where it was offered to the Al Gore quest to rid the world of Man-Bear-Pig and his “super cereal” efforts to save us all portrayed wonderfully by the cartoon South Park.

Because only people who have fried all their brain cells in some hippie diatribe of drug induced infestation would vote for a school levy. Only a brain-dead, tie die, pot smoking, pony tail wearing, over-weight, thin-skinned, overly sensitive, pimple popping, Marxist, tweed jacketed, Greenpeace loving, fool would vote for a school levy. Only an Al Gore voting, Clinton apologist who looks at Barack Obama as the second coming, and could name all the contestants of Dancing with the Stars but would fall short of naming a single one of their state reps would vote for a school levy. Only a person who completely sucks as a parent, and tries to cover up that suckiness with money would vote for a school levy. Only a person who believes in Man-Bear-Pig would vote for a school levy. In short, if you vote for a school levy………….AT ALL………………………you are STUPID!!!!! STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why? Because as Darryl and I discussed, in the real world costs are regulated daily. I could never sit down in front of the owners who hire me and tell them that their payroll would just increase in an uncontrolled fashion infinitely, without any control. If I told an owner of a business, “You must increase your sales, (REVENUE) to meet your payroll, my life as a manager would be over in about 1/10th of a second. What the owner hires a manager for is to maintain the profit margin while driving down the costs. I would personally use the 10-80-10 rule.

I talk about that rule in this article in case you don’t know what it is:

Public schools do nothing close to this. What happens is the union lobby pushes to get school board members elected who work against a sleepy public not paying attention. Those school board members provide almost no management of community resources. The union negotiates great benefits for their members which lowers the resistance to paying union dues so that money can be used to purchase political lobby power. And when the district needs more money, they simple pass another levy. And there are a whole set of manipulations that the union lobby has embedded in the community from their radical teachings provided by groups like the NEA which instructs them. TO SEE THE RECOMMENDED READING LIST OF THE NEA CLICK THIS LINK:

Some of those radical tactics are to cut busing, even though it’s a small cost of the whole budget. Cut electives because parents want those for their children. Cut sports, because many parents hope to obtain a scholarship to help pay for college. The union knows that by taking away what parents want, they can control the behavior of the parent. It’s done for the same reason that a parent might take away the favorite toy of their own child to control the behavior of the child. And for the residents of a community who don’t have kids in the district, the union lobby attacks them with guilt. “Can’t you pay the tax? Someone paid for your education, now you need to pay that back,” or sometimes outright vandalism. SEE SOME EXAMPLES HERE:

In fact with all the evidence provided here for your benefit, if you have not made use of it, and learned the game and how it’s played and you still vote for a levy, to feed this insane system that is out-of-control, then I would go so far to say that you are not only STUPID, but are in fact a DUMB ASS!

Sorry, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings. But you are. Anyone who votes to get rid of Issue 2, is also a DUMB ASS. It makes me weary to know that some of the air I have breathed into my lungs may have been exhaled from yours. It makes me weary because the same disease that has eaten your brain may enter my blood stream and infect me with the same slow-growing illness. I feel sorry for the children of these stupid people because they will also grow up and become stupid, and that is unfortunate. And when these stupid people are senior citizens, God forbid the imposition they will become on society. Can you imagine a stupid person who doesn’t even have the intelligence to care for themselves when they’ve lost their physical characteristics and muscle mass is a thing of the past? Will they just sit on a couch and hope Man-Bear-Pig will drop food in their mouths? Will they hope their children will care for them, because they won’t have the ability, because they too will be too stupid to move?

This election is about a lot more than just votes cast. It’s a measure against how stupid we have really become as a society, and the results will show us if we’ve already went beyond the point of no-return.

I know I’ve put the information out there, so I feel OK about it. But I worry as I look at some of my friends and neighbors who appear to be no different from a Zombie from some horror film, as the drool falls out of the corner of their mouth, as they say they will support a school levy. Such people are a menace to society and are ills to the future of the human race, and that in its essence is what this election in Ohio represents.

So, one last time, DON’T BE STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vote every single school levy down. Every ONE!!!! And vote to keep Issue 2. And teachers, firefighters and police who have less than 5 years on the job, you better Vote YES on ISSUE 2. Don’t listen to your union buddies on the force. Because when the layoffs come, you’ll be the first to go. If Issue 2 holds and we can engage in merit based pay, management will be able to keep you, the young employee, and let go of that fat-ass superior of yours who is just milking the system. YEAH, you know who they are, and so do I. So for your own protection, make sure you VOTE YES on ISSUE 2. Once you get in the voting booth, those slugs will never know, so you’ll be safe. If you don’t do that and you find yourself on the unemployment line in February it can be for only one reason YOU ARE…………………………….Well, you know the rest!

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

DOC’S LAW in OHIO: “Boogity boogity boogity, Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(Do yourself a favor and watch every video on this article and try to do it as you read.  While this post may appear to take a break from politics, it really is just a different way of looking at the situation in the face of incredible opposition.  So strap in and hold on!  I’m letting you into my world a bit more than usual.)  Remember that song?   I do!   If there was one song in my life that most uttered my inner consciousness it is Sammy Hagar’s I Can’t Drive 55. That song is my life, except miraculously I never did jail time. I never had a drunk driving incident, or a terrible crash that I caused, but I had many reckless operations for burning rubber, eluding police officers, and EXCESSIVE speed. My very first ticket was 85 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. Some of my tickets were so excessive that the police mailed them to me because they couldn’t catch up. They had managed to get my license plate number but the speed was just too much to attempt to overtake from a dead stop. I have been pulled over by every vehicle the police department has, even helicopters.

Thankfully, when the speed limits finally went up to 65 here in Ohio and 70 all through the south, it gave me the needed margin to stay out of trouble and I finally stopped getting so many tickets. But I had lost my driver’s license till I was 26 years old from so many point accumulations. I had to drive illegally to bring my wife and children home from the hospital, because my license was suspended for the next 8 years!

I promised my publisher that I’d have the first edit of my new project to them by Election Day, so I was sitting at my desk listening to my buddy Doc Thompson on 700 WLW when he announced his new initiative called Doc’s Law. The manuscript I was working on involved much of my love of speed and cars in general so my mind was already geared into it, so I called up Doc to lend my support of his new, bold program.  (My Part is at the 17:50 mark.  But you’ll want to hear the Sean segment who is the first caller.)

People ask me often how I have so much time to write at this site, and work on these school levy fights, well, it’s because I’m in between projects at the moment. Well sort of. My new book, which I have been editing with my publisher, is due out next year, so I have a little time on my hands. I wrote the book last year before the first levy attempt at Lakota. It took about 9 months to bounce around between all the publishers and their readers, then about a month and a half of contract finalizations when one finally decided they wanted to do it. We are now in the “post production” phase of things and my time requirements will soon change. Right now we are trying to figure out what this new book is all about. Is it philosophy? Yes. Is it action-adventure? Yes. Is it a romance? Yes. Is it a political thriller? Yes. “But what do we put on the spine of the book?” I don’t know. At this post production phase all I can say at the moment is that the book is about a presidential race for the United States mixed with this video.

Don’t worry; we’ll get it worked out. These kinds of talks are a normal part of the process. But these were the kind of problems we are trying to work out on the publication end of things. As to the intensity of that video, that is a trip into my mind. So welcome!

As to speed limits, like most things, I never liked the word “LIMIT.” That is such a confining term. Limits are usually set by small-minded people with fat little fingers that can barely get their hands around their steering wheels. On the highway, I think in such a rapid fashion that 55 MPH was simply a mind numbing pace, barbaric in its mediocrity. 65 is a little better, and 70 is almost ideal. I almost always travel between 75 and 85 MPH. I think the way Doc does, my time is valuable and I want to get where I’m going. I don’t want to waste my time with some bureaucratic speed limit!

When my family recently traveled to Florida over the summer my average speed was 88 MPH. Sometimes it was 105 MPH and sometimes as low as 77 MPH. I wanted to get there. Two years ago when my wife and I took a massive motorcycle trip to Key West on our Boulevard motorcycle my average speed was 91 MPH. When we left for home we departed Orlando at 6 AM and pulled into our driveway at 9 PM with an hour and a half of dining at the Chattanooga Outback Steakhouse. Much of the time in the mountains our speed was 115 MPH. At a rest stop down in Key Largo a fellow from the seat of his over-the-road Harley Davidson asked me why I had a Suzuki and not an American made bike. I said, “Because a Harley doesn’t have a drive shaft, and these big tires. I like to drive fast.

He looked my big bike over. “It is impressive, but you are supposed to enjoy the ride.”

“I do,” I replied to him. “I enjoy it fast.”

About a month later my wife and I left our home to participate on a motorcycle membership run since I was the Vice-President of the Suzuki Club of North America in Ohio. I met the other riders at a McDonalds just outside of Cleveland at 7 AM as we left our house at 4:30 AM. From there our little motorcycle gang rode to the Freemont Dealership close to Sandusky, Ohio across the northern part of the state. We had our membership drive there with our motorcycles on display from 10 AM till 2 PM. As rest of the motorcycle club left to go back to Cleveland my wife and I went on over to Cedar Point for the rest of the day and rode Top Thrill Dragster.

We left Cedar Point at 8 PM and were home showered and in bed by 11 PM to watch Family Guy on the Cartoon Network. The only bad part of a trip like that was always watching out for police. I don’t get to enjoy all the nice sites along the way, because I’m always scanning ahead for cops. We did 500 miles of riding that day and we did it at speeds much of the time over 100 MPH and in the blackness of night, and we still had plenty of time to spend the day in northern Ohio to have fun without being rushed around due to time constraints.

One thing you notice when you do a lot of traveling is that the speed culture changes dramatically the further north you get. I think this has something to do with the map seen on the Right-to-Work states. Have a look.

People in the south still embrace a frontier spirit of a sort. They are different from the progressive politics of the north with all those stubby fingered bureaucrats who want to control every part of our lives. You can see the tremendous difference of these two groups when you attend a NASCAR event. Upon seeing this video, it must be remembered that it was the south that first opened up the speed limit to 70 MPH. Because in the south, they love SPEED, and their smokin’ hot wives! Thank God for people like Paster Joe Nelms!

When Paster Joe said that I thought of the White House and I imagine that Obama and his wife probably had their faces melting off in horror. In fact, all the beltway types in Washington lobbying on K-Street and other places probably had the same reaction. Because culturally, we are not the same type of people, Progressives are a timid folk, and they drive SLOW! They think SLOW! They learn SLOW! And they expect the rest of us to be just as slow as they are. It’s not fair to those of us who can think fast, and drive fast to be hindered by the weak links of society!

I love the SPEEDCHANNEL! What a great American TV station. It’s not for those timid types, those people who drive 40 MPH when the speed is supposed to be 65! When I come up on such people at 110 I see the whites of their eyes in their rearview mirror. They smile in triumph, because they believe they are making the world safer! They believe just as the stupid school levy people believe that just by tossing money at a school their kids will get a good education. The same holds for the pretentious fool who blocks traffic in the speed lane. I met such a pompous lump of human excrement on I-71 south as he sat in the speed lane at 56 MPH blocked up next to a tractor-trailer. There was nowhere to pass as those two idiots stayed like that for about 15 miles. I came on him at 105 and almost had to screech my tires to a stop to avoid placing my car into his back seat. I was so angry that I had to leave the highway at Carrolton. My wife and I sat down at McDonalds, had a meal which lasted approximately 20 minutes until I could calm down. We hit the road again and I passed the guy at more than twice his speed about 20 miles outside of Louisville. That’s how slow he was going, and how much precious time of life was wasted. My wife and I had an entire meal in the time we would have wasted sitting behind that sluggish fool.

So needless to say, I am a HUGE supporter of Doc’s Law. Because if you have business in Columbus, like I often do, or Cleveland, like I do sometimes, the time spent in the car is wasted. Why should I waste moments of my life to compensate for the timid, for the unskilled? For those who are afraid of their own shadows!!!!! Why? Explain to me why my life is worth sacrificing a moment for because the timid are afraid of the speed. If Ohio were to abolish its speed limit altogether, as I hope Doc’s Law will pave the way to, I could purchase a Bugatti Veyron Supersport and be in downtown Cleveland in approximately 53 minutes from downtown Cincinnati. Now that is efficiency! I could be in Downtown Columbus and parked in the garage in less than 30 minutes. I could be in Orlando, Florida in less than 6 hours, (I’d have to stop for gas). So why can’t I do it? Because of the slow minded progressives who want to regulate everything, including the time it takes us to get from one place to another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, sure they sell it to us in the guise of safety like they always do. But who really wants to be safe? I see people participating in risky behavior all the time, particularly when it comes to their sex lives. Isn’t unprotected sex while on that road trip far riskier than the speed of a moving vehicle? Maybe if there weren’t any speed limits your husband would drive home from Chicago instead of waiting till the next day to fly out of O’Hara and seek the young women infected with herpes in the hotel lobby. Or the politician who slides the dirty prostitute a $20 for her to pretend his private parts are a corn dog, only for that same politician to bring home God knows what to his loving trusting wife who has bare-knuckled her perilous drive to the school soccer field to drop off the kids for practice.

I’ve been in several accidents at over 100 miles an hour. And I think that there would be fewer accidents if people drove faster because the mind works better at high speeds. Sure, the highway patrol will give you all kinds of safety statistics about death tolls. But they exaggerate things the same way they did with the Issue 2 campaign. “Issue 2 makes it ILLEGAL to negotiate for staffing sizes.” Hey, cops, yeah you guys sitting on the side of the road, if you have more than two hours to sit and do nothing but clock speeders, your department is over staffed. If there isn’t enough crime to justify you doing something else, you aren’t needed. It’s that simple. Most of the car wrecks are caused by the timid, which panic when catastrophe strikes. The speeder who thinks fast reacts better most of the time. And a wreck at 55 looks about the same as one at 100. The reason there aren’t more stats of people living in car wrecks at 100 MPH or more is because not that many people do it. Statistically most people linger along at the mind numbing pace of 65 MPH!!!!!!!!!!!! So the crash statistics are skewed to the masses of travelers who crash at less than 100 MPH.

I have news for you progressives in America. The majority of the population doesn’t want what you’re offering. My editor understood why I included the titles to certain songs in my manuscript. She told me to insert the lyrics into the action instead of naming them in the exposition. One of those songs was I Can’t Drive 55. But the one I was working on during Doc’s show on November 4, 2011 was Kickstart My Heart shown in the video at the beginning. Well here it is again but shown in a way that deep down inside every American craves, men and women alike. Believe me, I’ve been married over 20 years and raised two daughters, and I have told them what I’m telling you now. Drop the progressive crap and be what you were meant to be.

My youngest daughter who is 20 gave me some strange looks recently when we were on one of those trips to Florida and my wife and I thought she had went down to the pool, but was in fact still in the bathroom. She stayed in the there too long, about a half hour too long, let’s put it that way. As we finished up still thinking we were alone and were getting ready to head to the pool to join our kids there my wife asked me which bathing suit I wanted her to wear and I told her the American Flag bikini. So she put it on. My daughter then stepped out of the bathroom. It was an awkward moment.
“Have you been in there the whole time,” My wife asked.

“Yes!” she said trying to look upset. She looked at me as if I should feel guilty.

Instead, I asked her “What do you think of mom’s new bathing suit?”

“That is cheesy. I wouldn’t be caught dead in it.”

I looked at my wife, “See, now you know why I fight all these stupid school levies. Kids these days are learning all the wrong things.”

There is no shame in proclaiming what you like; there is only shame in being restricted by inferior minds who create social restrictions that are unnatural, processed, and terribly mundane. And the speed should not be set by the weakest of our society, but by the strongest, so that the weaker learn to be better. By catering to the handicaps of the slow-minded we do not provide ourselves any service of merit, but only collectively weaken what it is that makes America great in the first place.

So I ask you to join me in supporting Doc’s Law. It’s of epic importance and is a piece of legislation that is needed for the economic vitality of Ohio. And the only reason the police won’t get behind it is because they want a speed limit so they can use the citation revenue generated to fund the bloated public sector workers. Having a speed limit is all about having the ability to tax us in yet another way. It has NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING to do with safety.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior