How to Fix America: Glenn Beck’s Epic Speech and Pink Floyd’s The Wall

The first people to see that something has been terribly wrong in our country are naturally those who either intentionally or unintentionally refused the static patterns of social behavior introduced to them or people who have been there and seen it for what it was, and left that dark place with warnings. Glenn Beck, refused the static indoctrination and left college which he shares with me. I would say that to this very day, this is why he can see and think outside the invisible box of social behavioral thinking. He has not allowed himself to be taught to ignore the chains about his soul. He sees clearly what is holding America back and he has attempted to share that vision with others who are beginning to see for themselves that what Beck has been saying is true. Anyone who listens to this next video clip and wishes to continue to believe that all is right in America, and that we should continue on as we have been, are nothing short of shape-shifting devils hell-bent on the destruction of our country and wish to remain blissfully ignorant of their treachery. Because any sane individual will take pause at the recordings Beck unleashed on his radio program and will feel compelled in some way to take action to restore a sense of value and pride in the American name.

To understand what I mean by static and dynamic patterns click on this link for review:

I have known for my entire life the contents of Beck’s recording above. I have seen it up close, it has always been clear to me. Unfortunately, it was not so clear to the rest of the country. I tried to warn them in the years past, and the collective “they” told me that I was just a rebel, too much so to stay in college, too much so to just take a job within the system and get paid well to do it, too much so to just close my eyes and play along. I lost many friends along the way, and even members of my own family, because they did not want to hear what I was telling them. Well, Glenn Beck has succeeded where I haven’t. I’ve been outside the castle walls of this established thinking and attacked those walls many times completely alone. So it was refreshing when Glenn Beck penetrated those walls and began broadcasting from within the establishment. And I learned that there were others out there fighting the same fight I had been all along, and now one of us was on the inside broadcasting on the radio and TV. And finally someone broke through into the publishing industry and began to put out the kind of books I had always dreamed about. For everything that has been said about Glenn Beck by those who control the power structure, his success in publishing cannot be ignored. Glenn Beck books sell, because the public wants what he is writing about, which says a lot about the true state of our country. If you want to see the future, look at what is selling in your local book store.

Because of his success within the walls of the established thinking Beck was invited to speak at an event hosted by David Horowitz, another reformer who has been fighting those castle walls for decades now. David Horowitz has a different background. He is of the latter in my initial description. He was once in the darkest of places along with people like Bill Ayers, and he left them to join the few who attacked the castle walls to release our freedom which was held hostage within that kingdom of intellectual socialism being brewed from within.

He’s is right about the “drowning man” syndrome. Those who have been in control of what goes on within the power structures are drowning with their own failed policies, and they have been for years stealing from all of us by way of taxes to compensate for their epic failures. Glenn Beck has been pointing this out from within the castle walls for quite a while now and his books have been very successful. This is where Beck has succeeded where others have failed. There have been many books, but most of them stayed within the parameter of established thought, and did not become New York Times Bestsellers. Beck’s long list of literary successes far exceeds anything he’s done on the radio or television, because it is books that can change the static patterns of society with a dynamic that is introduced slowly. Books are the primary way in communicating a change in a static pattern, because they have to be absorbed differently than other media. Among Beck’s books are The Real America, An Inconvenient Book, The Christmas Sweater, America’s March to Socialism, Common Sense, Arguing with Idiots, The Overton Window, Broke, and The Original Argument. Over the last 5 or 6 years Beck has put out at least two books a year. He just released a new one about George Washington and looks to continue on that pace. Being firmly involved in the publishing industry now, Beck is a force that cannot be ignored by the powers that have been active in controlling our civilization for many generations now.

Beck has been able to articulate what those of us with a mind have known for years, that those in power, the looters of government have built careers on telling us that lies are the truth and the truth are lies. I learned this many years ago. Anyone who knows me understands that I love pirate stories and mythology, because in the back of my mind I used to be one and know I can survive very well in that type of world. I have dealt with some of the worst and most ruthless people on this earth, and I know what is in their souls. When I met my wife, I was selling cars which put me in contact with many of those ruthless people and had just closed a deal where I sent an old man across the street from the dealership to his bank to take out what was left his retirement and give it to me to pay cash for a truck I was selling to him $5000 dollars over invoice. I did it because I was dating my wife at the time and wanted the money to take her to a 5 star restaurant downtown. So I figured my plunder of the old man would give us a great night on the town. My take from the $5K would have been $1,500 for that one sale, so it would give us a great night out. After all, I was in heavy competition for her attention. My wife was a fashion model at the time and had many rivals for my affection, so I thought that spending a lot of money on her would impress her. Most of my rivals were men twice my age, I was only 18 at the time, and many older men already successful had their eye on her.

Well……it didn’t impress her. When she heard about my deal with the old man she was angry. She told me she’d rather go to McDonalds than to eat at the Masonette on blood money. She made me feel really bad about the deal which surprised me, because the world I was living in said that my $5000 over invoice deal would make me the hero of the dealership for months, maybe years to come. In fact, I knew at the time hit men who worked for organized crime who actually put their mothers in the hospital for indiscretions unbecoming. So this language my girlfriend, (future wife) was speaking to me was very foreign and would persist for many years to come, much to my frustration. Because of her, I have had to always play every business deal straight, with no looting of my own involved, and because of that, I found that I was always on the outside looking in regarding the little classes of power that evolve around legalized plunder, otherwise known as tax money. This has infuriated me at times, but has also shown me how wrong the rest of the world truly is, because I was removed from the smoke and mirrors to see clearly how evil and distorted human beings in their dealings with one another had become.
Over the years I have been an inventor, only to have the deals crushed by corruption. I have been a gunsmith, only to find I could not do business because of the regulations involved, I wasn’t not willing to jump through federal hoops to perform the task. I have started businesses, several of them to find myself in court defending lawsuits because I did not pad the pockets of a politician. (Yes it is a corrupt game, I know many politicians in town some of them current including state senators and county commissioners of Hamilton Country who directly played the extortion game with former mayors and council people.) I have been a part of the creative community and have witnessed firsthand the inbreeding that goes on there. I have done a lifetime worth of work and experience in just 25 years. I had no idea that I was like Hank Reardon until I read Atlas Shrugged and decided once and for all that I would not even attempt any longer to feed the monster that is government and involved in virtually everything. Instead, I turned to creative endeavors, tasks that I could perform that could not be robbed and pillaged from my effort. In fact, I write so much on this blog site because what I give away for free cannot be stolen, looted, mooched, or otherwise confiscated. I am officially on STRIKE, until the world changes, and I can invent, create, and contribute without being robbed and soaked for everything I’m worth along the way. In this way my son-in-law who has read Atlas Shrugged and loves the book says I remind him most of John Galt. From his perspective, I can see how he’d say such a thing. But as for making the world a better place, I will only contribute to the destruction of this education class, these Victorians who brought progressivism to the United States. When they stop looting, then I’ll start really contributing, beyond words on a page, or computer screen, because as much as I put up here is but a fraction of what I’m holding back. Glenn Beck is made of the same stuff. This is why he is able to do 3 hours of radio every day, 2 hours of television, write 2 books a year, run a company , maintain at least 2 web sites and still have time for his family, and still read a few books a week…….because he’s functioning from that deep well that drives America and is unique to freedom lovers all over the world, and that energy is not the property of any looter of government for them to scoop up and use to their benefit—and evil devices.

What cannot be disputed is that the “system” is broken and corrupted. America cannot function if looters run the asylum. I spent 15 years fighting them on their terms because my wife held me to an oath to be good and honest and in my occasional anger from wasting my days in court, in pursuing permits for construction, for being told that “HE WHO HAS THE GOLD RULES” and to learn that the politicians sought office to control that “GOLD” and that was their primary objective, so if I did not play the game my family could be sued, I would be smeared in the court of public opinion and the mechanisms of the system would be turned against me. I would say to my wife, “Why can’t I just cut off their heads and place them on a pike at the end of our driveway! If this were 400 years ago I could without any trouble! Every single one of them should be scooped up with a giant shovel and tossed into a burning pit and covered from the eyes of humanity, for these are evil, evil men and women, and if the God I learned about in church had any justice about him, he’d strike these bastards down in a fiery fury! Where is my GOD Yahweh, who would burn cities of sin to ashes, who would part the Red Sea for Moses, who would collapse the city walls of Jericho! WHERE IS HE!!!!!! If he will not do it then I WILL!!!!!!!!!”

And she would tell me, “Now honey, calm down. Here is a nice dinner, relax in your hot tub and watch the stars pass by in the night sky. If you want to beat them, do it with your wit. Do it with your mind. Don’t stoop to their level.”

That is why I say that the world is lucky that I am married to her. Because unlike the character of John Galt in Atlas Shrugged who uses the system itself to crush the looters, my first inclination without my wife is to go to war with them all and conquer them one by one till they are all eradicated, and to HELL WITH THE LAW! But I am on strike, make no mistake about it, for all the reasons Glenn Beck has discussed and concludes here.

So as Beck does what he does for Israel, for the presidential and congressional politics, from inside the castle walls, I turn my attention to the education machine that has corrupted our society with this massive dumbing down process that brick by brick built these walls, the wall that Pink Floyd the musical group described in their album The Wall.

When I was younger, and a functioning pirate of the modern type, I used to look down on my fellows who sat listening to that album, drinking and smoking pot in college proclaiming “Why Rich, why should we fight it? Why should we be so inclined to violence like you are? We are all just bricks in the wall.” This would set my mind into a fury. I remember well when my friend and I got into a fight with the football team of Miami University in a bar on campus over the rights to a pool table. It was the whole team against us, and the fight evolved into the back alley until the police came and took everyone away but me which I never understood because I was in the heart of it. One of the football player’s girlfriends was on hand to watch her boyfriend be wrestled away into a squad car, as my friend was and a dozen other hot-blooded drunk men, who just saw themselves as bricks in the wall and wanted to fight somebody before the mortar dried imprisoning them forever. “The police don’t want any part of you.” She said. “You scare them.”

I thought about that for years thereafter and placed it against what I had learned since. It was because I refused to be just another brick in the wall of progress, of this castle fortress that I have been committed to tearing down, that caused the fight in the first place and the girl saw it, and the police saw it. Most people accepted their role in “The Wall” as that Pink Floyd song suggested, smoking a joint, getting drunk and understanding that you are just another brick in the wall. Well, no! I do not, have never, and will never accept that my life is simply just another brick in the wall of tyranny! That is not what being an American is supposed to be, even if I cannot see any resemblance of that America in contemporary culture. I am proud that Glenn Beck now on the inside where the wall is weakest is clawing away at that wall of institutional protection as I and many thousands of others are now doing from the outside. So even though it may feel desperate, and like the world is coming to an end, the world already ended years ago. What we are doing now is taking it back and rebuilding it step by step.

And when Glenn Beck talks about Israel, and this recent hatred of the Jews, which is oddly reminiscent of other fascist governments from years past, and if our education systems actually worked, kids would understand how, but now the anti-Israel movement is in full swing from the same factions that are attempting to bring socialism to America. And it is being done on the backs of the elite, “education” class. To show you how history repeats itself before I let you go dear reader, let me share with you a clip from one of my favorite movies of all time, a Clint Eastwood film called White Hunter Black Heart where he explains to a woman of society what she really is to him, even though his goal of the evening is to seduce her for sex.

Doing the right thing requires being true to yourself even when it’s inconvenient and there are a lot of Margret’s in the world who need to be scolded exactly the way that woman was. I can say from experience that my wife was right; it is far more fun to beat our enemies by turning their game on themselves, by exposing them for the cheats and looters they are than simply blasting them into oblivion with violence. Because if the culture is not changed, then the bad and corrupt among us will breed like insects and will always outnumber those of us with a mind and the goodness to use it. The way to beat them is with the light, to force them to scramble and hide in every crack they ever thought to inhabit, while we tear away at the castle walls they have built when we weren’t looking. While they hide they cannot defend their walls, and then we can tear away at them brick by brick. For the greatest weapon known to mankind is not the fist, the gun, the whip, the cannon, although I enjoy the discharge of the violence from those weapons, the greatest weapon is the truth and it will crush your enemy flat when exposed to it.

To win this war, all you have to do is find the truth yourself, and to hold it firm in your grasp and the rest will take care of itself. Use that truth to beat away at the walls of institutionalism and political control and tear down the castle that our enemies have built with our lives that make up those walls. And do not allow your own children to become just bricks in the wall, as they currently are being used for the Wall Street Protests. The cycle is predictable, and you know where they will end up, 20 years down the road, they will be just where you are now, looking at the world and wondering where America went, and why the house with the picket fence is no longer an attainable aspiration. And guilt will rot their souls when they realize that they helped destroy America one brick at a time, and their personal lives are crushed under the weight of its foundation. It’s not too late to save yourselves, and give your children a lifetime of freedom which awaits them where the castle of power once stood, and liberty can once again thrive without imposition to innovation from those best equipped to perform the tasks. The bricks are already crumbling away, so fret not. The process has already started.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior