Some Public Employees………SUCK: That’s why we need ISSUE 2, VOTE YES!

It’s impossible to tell at this moment what will happen with Issue 2. But one thing is clear, just as it is with the local school levies, that voters will get what they deserve depending on voter turnout. Doc Thompson of 700 WLW and I joined Matt Clark of WAAM in Ann Arbor to discuss Issue 2 and the tragic results when voters make decisions to “Keep kittens from dying.”

The poll numbers for Issue 2 had been showing a decline, but that never seemed accurate to me. Phone polling on an issue like this calling 1000 potential voters seems like an inaccurate way to gather information where so many variables are present. From some of the people who have been working the phones, they report that the issue is closer to 50/50 and this is based on up to 5000 calls. There is so much smoke that is it impossible to tell right now. Needless to say, based on what I know right now, I would be surprised if we wake up on Wednesday morning to see that we’ve lost Issue 2. Here’s why.
Late Saturday night I had an interesting exchange from a man deeply involved with the campaign. He reported that the polling going into the weekend was dead even. I asked if that was a result of wishful thinking, a way to keep the troop morale up, and he assured me that it wasn’t. Instead, he said the gaps had been closing all week and there was a new report, which approximately 30% of the union vote might turn against their position and VOTE YES.

Well, now that was an interesting turn. The reason was that the union members on the bottom of the seniority ladder are starting to realize that their jobs are in jeopardy and come February they may lose their jobs to layoffs. If Issue 2 stays intact, by the merit system they may stay employed, and it might be that senior guy who is just milking the system who loses his job. But one thing is for certain, budgets all over Ohio are about to hit a brick wall. We will lose employees in the public sector. If Issue 2 holds, we will be able to keep the good ones and let go of the bad ones. So this news about some low seniority union people breaking ranks is a new element. And it makes sense to me. If I were in their position, I would do the same.

The union empire is crumbling. Unions would have us believe that all their employees are “top notch” people, but realistically, this is far from the truth. Just in the little microcosm of the Lakota School District I know of several bad apples that I would terminate in less than a second. The only reason they are employed is due to their union contracts which protect them. When you learn that you have bad employees, you want to act. In my case I don’t want any of my money to go to a bad employee. Not giving them my hard-earned money is the cleanest form of protest I can engage in.

About 8 years ago my wife and I went through the drive-thru of McDonald’s and had a bad experience with the girl in the window handing out food. She got the order wrong and gave my wife a quarter-pounder when she wanted a fish sandwich. When we told her this she gave us a smart answer that we didn’t like so we cancelled the whole thing and went to Wendy’s instead. The girl in the window had the attitude that she was doing “US” a favor by working that day, and she was clearly off base. My wife and I did not go to a McDonald’s restaurant for the next 6 and a half years. That situation made my wife so angry that she refused to give McDonald’s any money. Such things are the measure of capitalism. If you don’t like the product, you don’t give it money. That forces the company to keep their quality ratings high if they want to survive. It’s that simple. While some may think that my wife’s reaction might be extreme, she was doing the “American” thing and that was voting with her feet. We knew that all the McDonald’s restaurants in the country didn’t deserve to pay for the actions of that one employee on that one day, but as the consumer, we didn’t deserve to be taken for granted. There are other options and we used them.

My wife and I finally went to another McDonald’s after our long hiatus while on a motorcycle run through South Carolina. About 50 miles east of Charleston there wasn’t much around and we were very hungry, sweaty, tired, and in a serious need of a break. McDonald’s and their golden arches were on the horizon and was the only restaurant at the exit. So we decided to give it a chance again, and now we are regular customers, especially when we are on the road.

With public sector employees though, you have no choice but to support them, even if you think they “suck.” And at Lakota, some of the teachers and administrators……..suck. On police forces, some of them……………suck. Some of the firefighters…………………..suck. Some of the nurses and clerical workers protected by the public sector unions like the one Diana Frey headed up and stole money from……………….they suck too. The union game………………………SUCKS. And I don’t want to support it with my money. There isn’t any reason why I shouldn’t have options, and I certainly should not be mandated to support something I don’t believe in.

It’s not my responsibility to “give” anybody a job. And politicians don’t have a right to “give” away jobs with the money I pay in taxes. Unions are against competition and competition is the only protection the consumer has against poor quality. Monopolies on the other hand breed complacency and poor quality and that’s what unions are, especially education unions.

So it is my hope on the eve of the election that enough smart people will vote with their feet, and turn against a tyrannical system. The chance is before Ohio now. We currently have Issue 2 as a law on the books. If Issue 2 holds then the day after the election, we can use it to help us control our costs. And when the layoffs come, we can make sure it’s the bad employee and not the good one that we lose.
In the end the good employee will probably have to break ranks with their unions to protect themselves, and if that does in fact happen, Wednesday will be a better day for everyone except the employees who………………suck.

As I’ve said all along, it took a lot of courage to Vote Yes for Issue 2. The question is do you have the courage to keep it?

We’ll see. All any of us can do is show up and vote, and see what is still standing when the smoke clears.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior