Lakota Spent $26,180.50 to Purchase Votes: Paul Bunyan is still swinging the axe!

When I was a kid, which wasn’t that long ago, but by measure of social value seems like an eternity, cartoons like the one below from Walt Disney created for me positive static patterns that even to this day fill my mind with value. The cartoon is part two of Paul Bunyan and the song was so catchy that I still find myself humming it while I work.

The metaphor of Paul Bunyan facing off against progress is a common theme of tradition versus progress. And the mood of the people who idolized Paul at the end of that competition which begins about 3 minutes into the video is also the standard reaction. You would think that the crowd would be happy to see a chain saw beat the efforts of man, but that is not the case. At heart, people appreciate the effort of muscle over the might of the machine any day.

For more about Paul Bunyan here he is on Wikipedia:

Well, times have changed since then. I can remember cartoons like that came on every Sunday evening at 7 pm. My family would order Chester’s Pizza and I’d watch the Wonderful World of Disney with my family while eating that great tasting pizza. And like Paul Bunyan I see that we are facing a new machine that may seem more useful, but lacks heart. That new machine is the education institution.

Today a company like Disney could never make a feature like Paul Bunyan. After all, it would upset the “greenie winnies,” the hippies, the soft minded progressives to see such massive deforestation. In fact, there would probably be a law suit against the producers of the cartoon itself for promoting such irresponsible global behavior in a cartoon intended for children.

The values shown in Paul Bunyan are the same basic values that America had experienced for most of its young life and are most likely the thoughts of mankind for as long as they drew breath in their lungs. But this new idea of progressivism, of mechanical progress that has infected our society has come to us through our schools, because that is after all, where we all learn some of our most basic static patterns.

For those who wonder why I spend so much time writing and why I’m not attempting to become a politician of some kind it is from this basic idea of Paul Bunyan. I do not like the invention of the chain saw if it destroys the heart of the human race. Even if it’s faster, the cost of that speed is a loss of heart that is critical to the American social fabric. Since that cartoon was made writers like Saul Alinsky have created a culture of lost, mechanical educators. Using The Delphi Technique and other consensus building strategies Alinsky has helped create a civilization of educators, and education supporters who have become extravagance blind. I have decided to spend my effort at undoing that blindness created by the work of Alinsky and many others so that people can once again see light. For me, the way to do that is through art, the door used to give mechanical progressivism to us in the first place from enemies of intuition. If you don’t believe me, look at the publication dates from the NEA’s recommended reading list for educators. You will find that they are a shallow bunch historically speaking, and have long forgotten the merits of Paul Bunyan and his great Blue Ox Babe.

And for a review of The Delphi Technique you can see what it is and how it works here:

This new age of educators who are creating the static patterns of our youth seem to have no grip on reality since they have become radicalized by that NEA reading list. Their motto for living is “have money, will spend,” which should have been the logo of the levy attempt at Lakota in the year of 2011. Of the Move Forward levy campaign’s total contributions, it has spent $26,180.50 to help them win a vote toward passage. It currently has a balance on hand of $15,862.40. Included in the expenditures were: Roger Effron and Associates ($2,500; consultant fee); U.S. Postmaster ($2,000; bulk mailing); Patriot Signage ($3,905; yard signs); and Triad Research Group Inc. ($9,750; community attitude survey).
Here are the two Consulting houses the Pro-Levy group spent $12,250.

When I first saw this I was shocked that Lakota had spent so much money on consultants. I actually find that insulting, because if you have a look at what those consultants do, they exist to pass levy attempts in various degrees. Their primary function is to advise school districts how to take more tax money from the public. To me, they are no different than the chain saw in the Paul Bunyan story. They may be efficient, but they attempt to break down society into groups of “sheeple” (sheep people) so they can be accurately controlled, and that makes them social villains.

On the No Lakota Levy we of course wanted to spend the least amount of money possible, because our goal is to not pay more money than we need to, not in taxes, and not in fighting them. So we kept our campaign spending tight. I couldn’t imagine hiring a consultant to advise us on how to properly manipulate the public. $12,250 on just consultants! That must be where the whole “Move Forward” campaign slogan came from. Most of the people I spoke with thought it was the name of a candidate and wasn’t even attached to Lakota in any way. But then again, maybe we are all like the loggers in Paul Bunyan who are thinking with common sense and this new political machine of the education institution understands how to manipulate the “sheeple” properly, enough to get their votes and extort more taxes from us, and the “Move Forward” slogan is some kind of secret language designed within the static patterns of collectivism to induce a YES vote. They should understand how to manipulate those sectors of the population; after all, they helped create them. These education fanatics don’t sit down with their families and watch The Wonderful World of Disney with their children over pizza. The kids eat in one room and watch Nickelodeon while the parents check their Facebook pages from their computers in another, and the static patterns are largely created by the schools because everyone else is too busy. It’s a different world and the consultants are targeting enough of those people to win.

I have a good idea how Lakota was able to raise so much money. At the link below is the kind of donations Lakota had last year, much of it coming from the teachers union and the PTA groups.

Without question the consultants instructed Lakota that by lowering the tax amount, cutting busing and changing the message to force the electorate to look into the future, not on any problems of the past, that their key demographic numbers were intact to win the levy. On the backs of such advice Lakota placed this levy on the ballot, and insiders have informed us that if it doesn’t pass then Lakota is talking about a February emergency levy to try again just three months from now. The demographic information provided by these consultants has given Lakota the ammunition it needs to take the money they believe they deserve by simply wearing down their opposition.

Well, unlike Paul Bunyan, I won’t be walking off into the north to hide from the effects of the machine. Eventually the machine will run out of gas, and unlike the human spirit, the machine requires a human being to fill it again. The human being can fill themselves and that is why the human being will always beat a machine in the end. Lakota has placed its trust not in human ingenuity, but in the mechanics of institutional efficiency, and ultimately that is why their eyes are so full of dollar signs, because money fuels their machine. And the goal of that machine is not to create static patterns in our youth to think like Paul Bunyan, but like a herd of sheep to be harvested for the use of that mechanical beast lost to its own humanity. The battle over the Lakota Levy is not just about raising money for a school that has spent its way into a crises due to their lack of management, but a fight between mankind and the machine of institutionalism, between Paul Bunyan and the chain saw. The consultants believe that the No Votes won’t show up and vote, so they have created a mechanical message to charge their base which is lost to the rest of us, because it’s not a message for the entire district. Just for those “sheeple” who are a part of that institutional instruction of which Saul Alinsky is the prophet.

If you want to stop the machine, you better not stay home on election night, because the machine is betting that you will out of frustration due to a perpetual tenacity that is programmed to never quit……………..until it runs out of gas (MONEY).

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior