Defending John Wayne: Western Civilization is wonderful, stand by it, don’t run away

One of my favorite quotes from John Wayne, the great American actor is that “a man deserves a second chance, but keep an eye on him.” I’ve been thinking a lot about John Wayne lately as the Black Lives Matters protestors have been trying to re-ignite the debate about changing the name of John Wayne Airport in California to something else because as they were trying to say, America is a racist country and John Wayne made movies that embodied the American spirit, and that both he and the country itself should be re-imagined with new names of below the line people. It struck me because many likely don’t know, but Joseph Stalin and Chinese communist leader Chairman Mao actually placed a bounty on John Wayne’s head because he was such a symbol of American patriotism. I saw a lot about how the modern political left are committed to actual communism and that they want to destroy America from a capitalist country and turn it into a communist one, but the similarity of the attacks against Wayne is something I have taken personal.

With all the Covid countermeasures these days, it wasn’t by design, but by default, I have been getting a lot of comments that the way I dress reminds me of their memory of The Duke. As I’ve explained I now wear leather vests everywhere I go so that I can properly conceal carry some of my bigger guns given the way rioters have been attacking our public areas. In such a volatile world, they really leave us with no choice, so my dress has changed a bit to accommodate that necessity. Then with the mask mandates I have turned to cowboy rags to wear like a bandit because that’s what the stupid governments of our modern world want to fight coronavirus. So given that I have to go out into public with these things in mind, that’s how I have been dressing and by default looks a lot like the way John Wayne dressed in many of his later movies, which I don’t mind at all. In many ways Western civilization has been attacked by foreign ideas, even from America’s own media so I feel it is my duty to the American spirit to embrace and protect Western ideas from those attacking them. After all, the political left gives us people covered in tattoos and body piercings, they give us people walking around with their pants half down all the time and using terrible language in public and even among the Muslim populations we are told we are supposed to accept people walking around with towels on their heads and that we will like it. So just to cap off my outfit that sticks up for Western civilization since I’m already most of the way there anyway, I have been wearing my leather cowboy hat everywhere as well which gets a lot of looks.

This isn’t the first time. When I was 7-10 years old I didn’t have the patience for John Wayne movies, they were way too slow for me. I appreciate them more now because I see them as obvious love letters to the American spirit, but back then, if someone didn’t die every five minutes in a movie, I wasn’t very interested. But all my life really, especially during that period mentioned, I had a big leather cowboy hat that I wore everywhere. It was so big that it pretty much swallowed my head but I loved it and wore it everywhere to the point that it looked very wore out. My parents thought I was weird but it really came to pass during a pontoon boating trip on Brookeville Lake in Indiana where my very young profile caused my mom to refer to me as the Duke which I have never forgotten. At that time, I didn’t take it as a compliment. I knew who John Wayne was, but I thought his movies were too slow as I have said, so he wasn’t an influence in my life. But my behavior reminded my mom of him so that was what she referred to me as.

I spent a lot of time at my mom’s parents’ house growing up and my grandpa did love westerns and always had them on the television. Of course, back then, they were the Hollywood culture, it was normal. And he and my grandmother had done a little bit of traveling and had keepsakes of Wild West tourism all over their house. They even had a big wall sized mural of a Rocky Mountains photograph set in an appetizing valley that was so realistic that through the corner of your eye you could easily mistake it for being a view of the real world outside. It’s likely the combination of those elements that inspired me to dress the way I did then and still do, although other people who shared that experience with me didn’t have the same reaction. For whatever reason I was always drawn to patriotic enterprises and dressed the way people who were American patriots did and I never felt I should apologize for it. In fact, my attitude was that people who didn’t dress that way should apologize to me. And watching all those westerns all the time, and being at their house so much, I had a policy to not curse, not to smoke, drink and treat everyone like I’d want to be treated. But more to the point, to not to look for a fight, but if a fight found me, to never back down. So that last bit caused me a lot of trouble because it seemed that public school was about nothing but breaking down kids with the fear of fighting whatever bullies were there. I spent most of my grade school years living by that Cowboy code, and it was pretty violent. I never did drugs, even to this very day. I would drink a beer or two. Curse when absolutely necessary, because I learned that sometimes it is necessary, and I have never ever backed down from a fight. I also can’t say that I’ve ever lost a fight. There might have been a few draws here and there, but my approach to fighting and sticking up for myself and others has brought me to a place in life unbroken, which is what my mom was referring to when she called me The Duke on that pontoon boat. At that time I was much more confident as a person than other people, and it reminded her of the movie star John Wayne as her point of reference to such people.

With that, I take the references lately as a compliment. I don’t see enough people sticking up for people like John Wayne or for Western civilization, and they should. The reason that the Left attacks them is because they want submission. I probably would have enjoyed being born at a time well before John Wayne was even born, when the times he reflected were a reality. I would have gotten along better with people than I do now, because I have never accepted the political left’s world view. Not as a young kid and certainly not now as a grandpa of my own. To my point of view, the world has gone mad and I’m not going to accept it. I can’t say that John Wayne influenced me to look the way I do or act in a certain manner. But I understand him and respect him even more now as an older person myself than I did even as a kid reminding my mom of her version of an alpha male. From what I see, the world needs more John Wayne types and given the way they have shoved their vision down our throats and asked for a fight, I think its time we give it to them, and defend America and the patriotism that comes with it. And if that comes across as over-the-top, then so be it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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