It all Starts with Good Looking Women: How competition makes the world a better place

The way it works at the most basic level of human understanding is that attractive females, or females of any kind really, use their ability to lure the best males they can get to them for mating rights. Males of course are built at the most foundational level to strive to be the best, and to win at what they do so they can then attract the best-looking females. The whole desire to win and be the best among men is to be able to obtain rights to the hottest females. When I voted for Donald Trump for instance, I voted for a guy who loved to win because that’s who represents what I want in government interacting with the world. You can tell by his wife Melania that he loves to win, it took him three marriages to find the kind of woman that he thought was the best because when he interacted with other business people and golf buddies, they’d know how good he was by the looks of his wife. It didn’t matter that he was in his 50s and she in her 30s, what mattered was that she was good looking and was his trophy in life for winning a lot. Most people who have desires to win are married to attractive women because that’s the basis of all western civilization. Michael Jordan isn’t any different, he loved to win so much that he competed at everything he did, not just on the basketball court and he too has fairly recently married a Cuban model who is very much younger than he is leaving behind his older wife. Its very important to top males to make sure everyone knows they are the best by looking at the person they have exclusive sex rights to.

At the core of liberalism is to move more to the Eastern cultures where arranged marriages are the key to their society. In those cultures, it doesn’t matter how good you are, what you do is for the state and they decide how important you are. And whom you marry and have sex with is their decision, not yours. And so it goes that the political left in America is trying to turn our society more into the ways of the East starting with sex. The plot was hatched long ago, but can be shortened up like this, the march to equality means everyone gets a trophy, so there is no point to crawl over someone else to win. Sex was cheapened so that sex with anybody anywhere at anytime would take away the thrill of the hunt so that equality in sex would mean that ugly people and attractive people would all mesh together like mashed potatoes and the game of the sex with the best would be eradicated. Then the lines between men and women would be blurred completely so that no value judgments between ugly and attractive would be recognized in the least. Once the motivations to be the best so that you could have mating rights to the best were taken away, the political left thought that we could then achieve an equal society. But what they didn’t think through, which is the fault of all Eastern cultures they were trying to mimic was the loss of a society that strove to have the best from their best and what that meant in lost culture.

We all want the best food, the best car, the best house, the best clothes, the best, the best the best and the journey to getting there enriches all lives. That is why we love people like Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, people who are very competitive. We might think of them as assholes if we can’t beat them in competition, but deep down inside we all wish we were them, and that desire is what propels excellence. Ultimately the people who win are not the strongest or fastest, but the ones who think they can, as the old saying goes. And there are people like Trump who never in their lives accepted losing. And that is what we want in a president and why no matter what anybody on the political left tries to do to him, that they will vote for him. Because its in their own best interest and we have a society that embraces choice. The voters may not have done in life what it takes to marry a woman like Melania Trump, but they can respect a guy who has. Men and women everywhere understand the game and to get a girl like Melania, Trump would have to beat out a lot of competitors, and that is exactly who you want making deals with other nations and enemies around the world.

But our education system and our liberalized social structure has taught now several generations the confusing message that winning is not important and that equally being a loser is much more desired, which of course has not panned out to be true. What we have been left with are a lot of fatherless homes, because they were taught that fighting to get the best woman wasn’t important leaving value to be directed toward derelict behavior instead of good conduct, which then ruined the children that spawned from that relationship. Its not a coincidence that most of the bad behavior that we see in modern society no matter what the skin color comes from children being raised in fatherless homes, where the mother lost the power to control the man because sex with her was no longer a valued sentiment, but something that could easily be exchanged from one woman to the next in an equally deficient fashion. And that is the start of how the political left destroyed so many lives by convincing them that government could replace men who wanted to earn the sexual exclusivity of a good woman. What ended up happening is that only the lazy and ugly people of the world bought into the liberal scheme while those who still wanted to be the best they could be went in a different direction, which explains most of what we see in modern society.

Competition is the key to a society that is growing because it brings out the best elements of any endeavor. A mundane, lazy acceptance of how things are is the way to decline and it really is as simple as that. At the core of Chinese society under communism for instance, this is why they are so deeply dependent on Western civilization and must steal trade secrets just to stay viable in the world marketplace. You can tell who the winners and losers are by the wives of Trump and Xi Jinping. Peng Liyuan looks like a foot whereas Melania Trump still looks like a fashion model who could be a cover-girl for Sports Illustrated. There is a reason Melania has created the “Be Best” campaign, because she is working on providing leadership to a new generation. Yet the problem of our day is that liberalized culture, following the wrong philosophic approach that goes directly against the basic DNA of what motivates a human being has caused great damage to the basic essence of existence. Human nature is just as much a part of nature as the sun shines in the sky and the moon circles the earth in orbit. And it was meant to be left alone, not tampered with. So to, for a restoration of the proper ethics of a good society to move forward, we then must re-elect Donald Trump and bring back to the culture of not just America, but the world in general the hunger for wins and the yearning for the good things that come with it, that advance society properly and in the most productive means possible. And it all starts with the best looking women and their adherence to only giving the time of day to the best who seek their company.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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