The Five Giveaways that Kamala Harris Would be the VP Pick: What the future holds for the pot smoking liberal loser from California

It’s not like it was a secret, the giveaway was in two phases, well—three really. The first was in early December when Kamala Harris dropped out of the presidential race rather abruptly surprising many. Not me, but many. I was actually having a nice drink at Disney Springs and was watching the news from the bar about 11 PM on the night when I saw the news about Harris dropping out and my first thought was that she made a deal with the Biden people to not hurt him going into the primaries, particularly Super Tuesday coming up soon at the time. The second of course came at the end of February when the badly trailing Joe Biden won in South Carolina. Now that was a few weeks before the Covid-19 shutdowns so many have already forgotten due to that terrible trauma, but the moment he won the primary all of a sudden his polling jumped up, the media started looking at him as the front runner and the other top Democrats all stepped aside to make way for him. That was the second deal with the Biden people that is of course connected to the donor class and those who want a puppet president so that they can run the country as a ghost. The media picked up the story as the Democrats proposed it, because honestly ad money is their bread and butter and they need a horse race to report for their own revenue. The third giveaway was when the Biden campaign accidently leaked that Harris was going to be the VP pick a few weeks ago but was quickly retracted. The media needed more horse racing for revenue for a bit longer, and Biden’s team needed to make the pick closer to their convention. But if you know how the story ends, all the points leading up to it were easy to see.

There was of course a forth giveaway, most of the Democrat strategists were in on it, and the media heads were too, the race riots that were sprung up from the George Floyd murder in Minnesota by the Black Lives Matter corporation of Marxism and mayhem were meant to fuel off that event to set America up for an election that would vote for the pot smoking black woman from California, Kamala Harris. For Democrats all that matters is that they get a sequel to Barack Obama, the identity politics of another black president, but this time as a woman checking off two of their action items for political advocacy. The whole issue with Susan Rice being a contender was to attempt to erase the accidental leak that Kamala was actually the pick all along in a deal made with her just after Thanksgiving of 2019.

Well, to really deep dive the contemplation, there is a fifth giveaway, it was Covid-19 itself. Now the coronavirus strategy for shutting down the world economies was always a plandemic from the beginning that was born of the United Nations and sold to the world through climate change radicals in the billionaire class, like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. There are many more, but those guys are the ones in America who have looked to apply Covid-19 measures through the CDC and into an attack of Western culture to appease their partners in China who were furious over the Trump trade deal. So this Covid stuff was always a kind of terrorist attack for them, but the DNC immediately saw the benefits to help change the nature of the upcoming elections particularly if they could keep it in the news past the November election of 2020 and eliminate signature balloting and get everyone to do mail-in ballots so that massive cheating could occur. Nobody cared that Joe Biden was literally dying in front of our faces. He was simply a place holder for Harris who was the sneak attack, and to overcome the Trump enthusiasm, they would use voter cheating to get the results they needed to elect essentially Harris using the Biden name to get on the ballot, but the election tampering would put Harris in the president’s chair. Old Joe could be a hero for his party by getting a black woman elected for his party and his name would go down in history books as a “president.” So, everyone would get what they want.

My wife asked me who the VP was going to be a few weeks ago and I told her to remember what I had said in Disney World, that it would be Kamala Harris. And then I said, the next thing, she was a loser then and she will lose in the end on this as they forgot one thing. Elections are still about choice and people wouldn’t “choose” Harris if there were other options on the ballot. They wouldn’t choose her because she’s a woman. They wouldn’t choose her because she’s black. Republicans after all have Candice Owens, she’s a black woman yet the political left doesn’t like her at all. They want to use identity politics to force us through complete media control to pick a radical left loser because she’s a black woman and because we should feel guilt over the race riots of late, which they completely provoked and that we would be forced to choose her because they eliminated all other options, and for those who still choose Trump, election fraud due to a panic reaction by Covid-19 would do the rest.

So what happens next you might ask, if I saw all this coming, then where is it going? Well, that is not a hard question to answer. Kamala Harris will flame out just as she did prior to making that deal with the Biden camp. The day to day rigors with Trump will flop and she will fail with gaffes because this election will not be about race, as the Democrats have attempted to make it, nor is it about guilt from the past. It will be about the economy and giving American’s back their freedoms, and resuming to life before Covid. That is the painful realization that the Democrats will learn too late. The power of the media is certainly a force, after all, after the South Carolina primary, the media and the rest of Democrats rallied behind their guy and made him look like a million bucks in polling and other measures—until he opened his mouth. So, this strategy of keeping Biden locked away and saying very little while challenging Americans to vote for a black woman for president isn’t going to work. People aren’t racists, and don’t really care about color issues, for white or black. They just want a government that leaves them alone and can keep money in their pockets with a good economy. And they know what I’m telling you dear reader, President Trump could shit in the middle of the street and flop it at passersby, and he will still win by a landslide. Why? Well because he is removing government from being in the way of people who want to be free, and they will vote that way. Harris is just more restriction and nonsense and people are sick of it. And all too late, Democrats will learn that. But they can’t admit it now because they are all in on this mess, and soon it will be all over their face.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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