The Danger of Safety: You have to assume that the Government knew what it was doing with Covid-19, which it never did

The attempt at a new normal is nothing short of a political coup, an attack on all of us using the data analytics of a new kind of AI police state to make their move during an election year, when they think things are most favorable to them. Anybody who thinks differently is functioning from dangerous naivete. Covid-19 turned out to not be so dangerous, much less so than most things we do in life, but as we saw this past week when a Cincinnati Reds baseball player was found to have the little virus, the games between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati were canceled and the teams couldn’t play at all, because of that one guy. That is of course ridiculous, and medical professionals with the help of government will attempt the same kind of drama with the NFL. The goal for them is control by using a mask of safety to gain a foothold on economic activity, and they aren’t going to let go soon. President Trump has already taken steps to mitigate the danger within his own administration where all this started by pushing Dr. Fauci off into the background as a liberal activist and promoting a new advisor, Dr. Scott Atlas.

The intention behind the push to make “safety” a new kind of constitutional right, as liberals have tried to implement health care in the same way is all about an actual attack on economic activity and to force change in a very political world that supports long desired leftists fantasies, like having control over sports in America, and all other entertainment enterprises. These power hungry doctors don’t want you to forget about them with a leisure sport, their alliance with the kind of A.I. police powers that are part of the analytics of Facebook and Google have sold them information on most people and they know that people are naturally afraid of danger so they are now using these key words to shake people at a subconscious level into submitting control over to the leftists political strategies. In that way, safety and the expectation of it as the primary driver of all human activity is part of their desired “new normal” and they fully expect us all to forget about the days when markets drove trends based on need, instead of doctor induced fears putting a barrier in front of desire that will then halt economic expansion in ways defying impulse. And they never plan to go away, they insist on this being the new normal forever.

That is why I say all the time, and have always said, it is best to manage fear, not to live under its thumb. My nickname after all of Cliffhanger is about that very need, I don’t live my life with any fears. You can’t call yourself free if you are afraid of things because those things can be used against you to manipulate existence. When you think of an American you should think of a fearless person, not some masked chicken shit. And that is precisely the punishment of opening the schools and forcing students to wear masks all day long through the miserable experience. The only way teacher’s union employees would even consider opening schools would be if they can “feel safe” with students submitting to mask mandates. It doesn’t matter if the masks actually work, it only matters how people feel. Then once that logic is accepted, then all kinds of other government mandates can be introduced.

Behind the attempts at making safety the primary political expectation is to accept that the government knows what its doing. The proposal is that if people accept that “feeling safe” is more important than the facts of a matter, then a ruse of control can then be implemented to change the nature of our society—whether its true or not. Feeling something is more important than the facts which opens up all sorts of violations against logical thinking which is what government needs to expand their control over individual lives using the Covid-19 virus as a gateway to other things they intend to try toward that objective. Yet for any of it to work, any mind must accept that the government knows what to do against Covid-19, that the masks and social distancing are actually good and wise measures to fight the virus, or whether avoiding the virus all together is something we should even try to do. Nobody has really asked until very recently if any of the counter measures are things we should have been doing from day one, or if in doing them we have exacerbated the spread of the virus in negative ways. Then we are supposed to accept that half of all our restaurants are going to close by the end of 2020 as a culture, and that education must be delayed, and that college sports should be cancelled, that we should accept mask mandates as the new normal even though there is absolutely no science that says any of it actually works and is good for us, we are supposed to accept it all because it makes us “feel safe.”

The danger is that if we are measuring things in just “feelings” then it suddenly makes the governments lazy employees suddenly relieved to know that their job performance won’t be measured in actual facts, but in how people “feel” about the job they do which is the point of their embrace. When you demonstrate that you can make people “feel” anything you have shown that you have control over their minds, and those people are no longer free to think for themselves. When an entire society out of trust in their government allows themselves to feel a fear, they are then surrendering logic over to terrorists who are using fear to control the political currents of our times. Whereas the good and noble leaders of any culture would seek to alleviate fear so that people could embrace happiness, here the goal is control based on no facts of the Covid-19 virus, but purely the feeling of avoiding the impact of a completely made-up viral strategy.

I would offer what I do for myself, to embrace danger wherever you can, and to accept that growth opportunities in any fashion come from risk. We should know that even education is a risky endeavor and that too much safety ruins people with a lack of activity that humans just aren’t meant to avoid. Risk and danger are important to human growth, and the government attempts at safety only serve their lazy approach to leadership. Its risky to ask someone out for a date, it’s risky to drive a car, its risky to play baseball, its risky to eat food in a restaurant cooked by perfect strangers, risk is everywhere and in most things that we do. What government has worked hard to do with Covid-19 in conjunction with other world powers and a mass network of corporate pin-heads running these new A.I. surveys of our lives and using that information to make policy decisions is just lazy.  And they expect this new normal to stick, even as more and more people are realizing that everything that was done to avoid Covid-19 was complete bullshit, and clearly not worth the problems they created in doing it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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