I Know Where to get an Army to Fight Communists in America: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

I’ve said it before and will continue saying it, Governor Kristi Noem in South Dakota is the best governor of the 50 and when she runs for president in the future, I’ll certainly be pulling to get her in the White House. She would be a perfect sequel to President Trump and might even do better. The way she has handled the Covid-19 “plandemic” should have been the model for the nation. Granted, South Dakota does not have the skyscrapers and subways of New York. At its best, the most populated areas are about what they are in Eastern Ohio, so the case counts are much less due to the population size, but when she needed to Kristi Noem showed great leadership in resisting the urge to micromanage her state the way other governors did, particularly Mike DeWine of Ohio, and the South Dakota economy is thriving as a result. And I have found great appreciation for South Dakota twice this summer, the first was of course the amazing Fourth of July ceremony at Mt. Rushmore that took place on July 3rd of 2020 where she hosted President Trump for a fabulously patriotic fireworks display and grand speech. The second is in her hands-off approach to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which is taking place this weekend without Covid restrictions. There have been some bands who have canceled due to Covid, but the nature of the Sturgis Rally has remained intact preserving the outlaw nature of it, which Governor Noem is wise enough to understand the necessity.

Many find it strange that my wife and I have been to motorcycle events like the Chillicothe Rodeo in Ohio which is an X-rated event that you have to be of age to even get into. The open sex acts that go on there and in other places such as Key West which is another motorcycle journey that I have talked about often with my wife are spectacles of debauchery that are the key to the future of mankind and I find them interesting to study. Granted, my wife and I are about as conservative as you will ever meet. We went to many other events motorcycle related and road all over the United States sometimes with other riders, and to some of these big rallies because I was doing research for a documentary I wanted to do on motorcycle riders and how they were the last measurement of freedom in a society committed to independence. This was in the pre-Tea Party days, so I was looking for a connection between motorcycle riders and the drive of all humans to be free of too many rules and regulations from an overbearing government full of pinheads. My experiences led to instead a novel I wrote called ‘Tail of the Dragon.’ After seeing some of the crazy sex acts that went on at these things it made me uncomfortable to think of spending so many hours filming footage, I instead turned my thoughts into a book.

Along that journey I discovered the reality of what I had thought when Barack Obama was elected, that it would be motorcycle riders who would be the first to rebel against an overly progressive society. And that is what we have witnessed in recent history, the kind of people who like motorcycle rallies like Sturgis, which is the biggest in The United States are the people who voted for President Trump, and to put it mildly, there are many more of those people out there in the cracks of society than there are Antifa members or Black Lives Matters protestors, or even members of the Democrat Party. There are far more people who value small government as there are in motorcycle groups than there are media members in the New York and other metropolitan areas. They keep their opinions generally to themselves until they put on the leather and hit their bikes on the road toward debauchery due to too much drinking, but in essence, those are the people who make up America. And what you find behind the women running around topless, the occasional drugs and turned up rock music, the cigarettes and beers at 6 AM in the morning are people who just want to be left alone and the motorcycle rallies for them are like the 4th of July, the natural act of defying the rules and regulations of a civil society. Most of them are not as stupid as they act, they know that they need jobs to pay for their expensive motorcycles and their RVs that often run into the $200Ks in value and most of the year, except for motorcycle rallies, they live by the rules. But if pushed, they will fight for the right to party literally, and there isn’t any army on earth that will stop them.

There were rumors that Antifa members were going to crash this year’s rally, which is a joke. Anybody from the left trying to infiltrate the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally would find themselves destroyed, because there is no tolerance for those progressive types at these things. And Governor Noem is likely more like my wife and I, she’s not going to run around at such an event half naked and drunk out of her mind—but she understands the need for the rebellion in people against too many rules, and she is standing behind the event as the rest of the world is literally cowering in terror over the activist doctors who want everyone terrified of Covid-19. As I always thought and have seen for myself, this Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one of the first massive events to happen in a world gone mad over Covid and the participants are fearless about the outcome, which is the way it should be. That people are still going and are excited about it reveals the hidden content of America’s character. You might not find many motorcycle riders sitting around late into the night quoting Shakespeare and naming the titles of exotic wines. Instead, they might be banging the hell out of their old ladies in the middle of the street half drunk and out of their minds, but they do so knowing they are free, and they’ll do whatever it takes to stay that way. And they aren’t afraid of Covid-19.

Most people who vote for Trump don’t have the time or money to go to Sturgis. I knew an old man whom I had a lot of respect for, who was rich and had the means to go, who spend his whole 90-some years wanting to go to Sturgis for a few weeks. He had a garage full of motorcycles, big cruisers that could have easily made the trip, but he never had 2 weeks in his entire life where he could take that much time away from work. He asked me to ride with him every year for about a decade, but he just never could make the time, so he didn’t go. But he did vote for Trump. And that is the way it is for most people. Those who do go to Sturgis, it is the one thing they do all year that means something special to them, and the moment they return, they are looking for ways to get there next year. The reason it is so important to them is that it is the one time in their lives that they can truly feel freedom—to be free of tyrants and bureaucrats. Most of them are well-employed people who have bosses they hate and politicians they despise always trying to squeeze out more tax money from them. But at Sturgis, they can live free of that even if for a few weeks and yell at the big moon over the South Dakota landscape, and live with no regrets. And that is the appeal of that lifestyle which is something that will not be driven away by modern leftists’ protestors. Instead, it is a true reflection of who really runs the country, and I am happy to know they are out there. If we need an army to take down a socialist insurrection through elections or otherwise of our country, I know where to get the people needed to conduct such an exercise. And they aren’t afraid to fight.

They don’t make people like this in China, or anywhere else in the world.  Only freedom makes people like this and I’ll pick them over any communist bastard, or Democrat any day, any week of the year.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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