What the New Trump Ad Says: Democrats don’t know what they are doing

This Trump ad put together after both of the national conventions tells a good story that accurately frames the situation. I have been writing and speaking for a very long time about how out of touch liberals are to the heart of human beings. One of the best examples of this has been the makers of the new Star Wars movies where they had all the tools in the world to produce a good movie but have destroyed the brand of the movie franchise anyway with an over emphasis on social justice and racial and sexual politics. I personally see it all the time, especially in the business world where corporate participants have simply been trained by too many left leaning institutions, like college, and it has numbed their hearts to the ways of human enterprise, and they are lost as to what to do without group consensus. Liberalism destroys leadership, and leadership is what makes action possible, so its no wonder that for people like Joe Biden and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton—all of them, that they believe the best days of America are behind it and that the purpose of government is to manage the decline. But in Trump we elected a builder, a person who knows how to get things done, and put his personal touch on the Republican Convention which shows.

Democrats tried to use coronavirus to put limits on Trump’s campaign freedom trying to trick him into adhering to the Covid-19 rules that they made up to provide strength to their limits. They felt that if they could dull Trump’s creativity and energy that they might have a chance at this election so they made a big deal about the in-person convention that was supposed to be held in North Carolina. Then when Trump found a away around their opposition by moving the convention to Jacksonville, Florida they tried to use the coronavirus spikes as a way to push Trump toward a virtual convention like they were planning. That left Trump to do the convention largely from his home, which happens to be the White House. Democrats asked for it, and Trump did what he always does, he found a creative solution that was not limited to the tight controls of government. If Joe Biden was going to work from his home, Trump would too which would satisfy the critics. But in the end it worked out well for Trump because it helped him show the world that he was the occupant of the White House and that he had all the energy and creativity to stay there.

This more than shows the benefits of thinking outside the box, but it demonstrates emphatically why this new Republican Party is so much better than the old one and why Democrats are hopelessly devoted to failure. America is all about swagger, creativity and tenacity, which is why capitalism works and socialism doesn’t. You can’t have a bunch of leeches living off a system of economics and expect it to work. Capitalism needs constant vigor to continue to push competition and invention toward new objectives and the Democrats have rejected all those elements. At least in the past with Democrats like JFK, they were at least pointing to the stars and wanting to go there. These modern Democrats simply want socialism and communism and hope that if they play their cards right that they’ll be in the ruling class administration. That’s not what Trump wants, he’s already won at life, he’s achieved things and is proud of what he has accomplished and now as president he wants to share that enthusiasm for others to feel. What’s wrong with that? Not a thing, its what we should expect out of all politicians. And Trump wants to win this election like he does all things, giving us a full example of ultimately why conditions in America have improved under Trump. A passion for winning is the beginning of any success.

Yet there is more said in that Trump ad than most people realize, Democrats expected to win this election by defining the rules of conduct which they control, then forcing everyone else to adhere to them. That’s how we ended up with the Covid-19 reaction, is that liberal “experts” set limited ground rules which were controlled by a centralized authority that severely limited the output of the nation economically. Which is precisely why socialism never works anywhere and communism is a complete failure. Democrats point to China and says that communism can work, but they are wrong. China lives off the lives of others, they do not do for themselves. They steal American business ideas and technology and use their vast labor force to produce everything cheaper. The lack of self-direction in their economy is obvious, where even with over a billion people and vast plots of land, they still trail behind the GDP of America. A free people are much more efficient and creative than a people dominated by too many rules and regulations. Democrats had to live by the rules they created with the convention, where Trump worked around the rules and the results were obvious. One convention was certainly better than the other—by a lot.

This election is about rules and freedom, and they do not go well together. Democrats believe that an overly managed society is the path to prosperity, and when it doesn’t come easily, they point to racial diversity and sex to garner improvement. But the lesson they have never learned is that economics is a measurement of creativity, a society of free people who all have equal opportunities to be successful is the best way to arrive at a fair and just society which is how Trump was able to parade a long line of very diverse people to the convention to say great things about him for days on end without pause. There wasn’t a weak spot in the entire convention whereas the Democrats came across as a telethon at 2 am in the morning. Ultimately tribalism is a liberal concept and like the chieftains of old modern liberals believe that rules make a society great. By cutting off the head of a captured prisoner the Mayans thought that the gods would bring them rain for a harvest, or that the many Indians of North America could appeal to the spirits for passage into various phases of life with a little dance around the campfire. And modern Democrats believed that appeasing an invisible enemy in Covid-19 with face masks would save them from certain death, and shutting down the economy to appease the viruses’ ego might help make it go away.

Republicans like Trump believe in creating and using their imaginations to drive impulse to action. They aren’t waiting for the appeal of any gods; they are of the belief that immortality is present in creation and that mankind can shape their own destiny which is where success comes from. Back to the Star Wars example of the old movies versus the new and why Bob Iger at Disney even with the vast resources at his disposal was unable to duplicate what George Lucas did. Achievement in life is not about skin color, sex or group think—adhering to the rules of a tribal council. Rather, it is in individuals who want to win at life who do shape the rules of the universe and point the way into the future. And you can tell by that ad that Donald Trump wants to win this election and for those of us who also like to win, the parameters of victory are obvious.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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