Just How Good the Republican Convention of 2020 Was: Democrats are going to lose, and lose big

What you have been seeing with the Republican Convention during the week of August 26th 2020 is the reason that communism will never occur in the United States. There are too many diverse people with too many diverse thoughts, and the brown shirt youth attacks, and the state controlled media that have led to communism in other parts of the world at different times is not enough to overtake the thoughts of free people when given the option. The tactics of the political left are out of the playbook of communism that I have spelled out in this blog over the last ten years. It seemed strange at the time, even only a decade ago to talk about Cleon Skousen’s book ‘The Naked Communist’ and not have people look at you like you were crazy. ‘The Naked Communist’ spelled out the Left’s strategy for taking over the media, both political parties and the education system to convert America into a communist country with a slow boil. There were even many surprised people who learned what I reported about the Reagan administration having lots of communist sympathizers in it just waiting for him to become too old to stop them who were well underway with communist plans for the Department of Education which was just enacted to that aim in 1979, just a few years prior to his election. And they had captured, the communists of the world, everything our eyes and ears could see and hear and they had many people feeling that it was all hopeless, until this Republican Convention.

To say this is the best Republican Convention ever doesn’t go far enough to describe the situation. This is the first Republican Convention where the Party as we have known it wasn’t in charge. With Trump in the White House, those old insurgents who shaped the Party to reflect progressive (communist) values have been sifted out. The old political movers and shakers were not invited, mostly its been about the Trump family, old Tea Party supporters and regular people from all walks of life who have done all the talking. And they have more accurately represented the kind of people who want to vote Republican than at any time that I’ve ever seen, and that’s a good thing. The effectiveness of the show as Trump’s team presented it showed the true heart of America for really the first time in a four-day program like this which really put the Democrat effort to shame. I’m not saying that because I don’t like Democrats, which I don’t like them in any form, but because they did a terrible job with their convention just as they do a terrible job as governing, or anything regarding management. They have the wrong philosophy for life given to them by Karl Marx and it destroys everything their thoughts touch. The great things about America are still there, and it has shown brightly during the Republican Convention of 2020.

I would still urge everyone reading this, and those who have not yet read this, to stay vigilant and vote like your life depends on it, because it does. The only logical next step after this upcoming election is guns in the streets to fight them directly. Trump should win easily and we should hope so, because if he doesn’t the violence will increase dramatically from the left. They are desperate which was obvious from Hillary Clinton’s remarks after the first day. She knew how good the Republican Convention was and a panic started setting into Democrats as they all came to the same realization. America was not going to buy what they’ve been selling even with mobs of stupid kids running around in the streets yelling at people to scare them into voting for Democrats. Rather, people looked to be rebelling by not paying attention to Democrats and that was going to lead to high engagement voters in November against them, not for them. After the second night, which was even better for Republicans, the reaction by Democrats was even more apocalyptic. They are communists, not just liberals, and their century long plan to take over America was slipping away, and they could see it. After all that they’ve done, for the Trump team to produce something as good as the Republican Convention in the middle of their made up pandemic from the White House was nothing short of stunning and they will never recover from it.

The scary thing for Democrats is that there just aren’t enough wimps, losers, and compliance addicts in the Republican Party to allow communists to take over politics in America. Even with all the power they’ve managed, especially with the media, at this critical stage where all their puzzle pieces have come together, the stories, and attitudes of Republicans at the convention have shown that the spirit Democrats hoped to crush is still very much alive and well. A very traditional America is still there, it has just been hidden behind communists taking over the media. But at the convention people could see that they were not alone, and even Fox stayed with the night 2 broadcast most of the way through. They had been breaking away for pundit commentary, but the ratings were too good, so Fox stayed with most of the convention broadcast from start to finish which says everything. Where communism has been tried everywhere in the world they have never encountered free people like there are in America, who when given options, will not choose to follow them. Only by removing hope can communism spread like a virus. But the 2020 Republican Convention was all about hope which essentially undid everything the political left has been working on for generations. It all hit a wall halfway through the convention when speaker after speaker from all backgrounds and races looked to Republicanism for hope and freedom mixed with opportunities they could get from nowhere else in the world.

I would not doubt that Republicans have earned some new voters after this convention, perhaps 7% more. If they all show up to vote, Election Night will be a very dominating performance for Republicans. It is hard to imagine that the Trump team running things these days at the Republican convention could have done a better job. It was a deal killer for the Democrats for certain and the impact will be lasting. But, until there is no time on the clock don’t take a victory for granted. Go out and get some yard signs, help where you can, and make sure to vote. Protect the lead and run up the score. That is the best way to offset the obvious cheating attempts that Democrats will instigate. What they need on Election Night is a dominating victory over them, one that leaves them reeling in the grass like a snake with its head cut freshly off. A victory over Democrats will of course lead to more protests and violence from them after the election, but they will run out of gas quickly, much more so than if they were to win. A loss for them will take the air out of their communist dreams, and that would be a great thing, the best way forward for peace and justice. Which for them is now very obvious, they are going to lose, and lose badly.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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