Most Public School Teachers are Communists: Their fat asses reveal all that they have been trying to hide

I personally am happy and was delighted to hear that the Kentucky Teacher’s Union has called for a delay of school openings, which essentially should be starting about now. The amount of uncertainty and planning that this has caused so many is truly tragic, yet I find it funny because these actions are solidifying everything I have said about the teaching profession in general for so many years. And in spite of themselves, the teacher’s unions all across America are essentially doing just as those in Kentucky are, they are doing exactly as I have always said they would and what their true intentions are as teachers truly were. Precisely at the start of this whole Covid-19 mess I said that the two things that were going to be tough to do was to wrestle away the emergency powers from all the state governors and to convince the teachers to go back to work. After all, they have been off work now for most of 2020, and they get paid from our tax money anyway. So why would they want to go back to work, what incentive is in it for them? Well, people are actually stupid enough to believe that they really love our children, that they would want to go back to work to help teach our nation. Nope, that’s not what they are all about. Even though we can all name people who are “teachers” in the government schools, their ethics as people prohibit them from doing anything positive. Ultimately there is a reason that they pick that profession even if they hide their maliciousness even from themselves, their actions always give them away.

Most of the time, the definition of a liberal is a person guided through life by the limits of their existence and they use those limits to essentially hide their own laziness. You find them in government disproportionately frequently because rules and regulations are more defined in those fields which are attractive to the liberal because it is easy to hide the desire to achieve very little in life behind the bureaucracy of government nonsense. A liberal will spend a lot of time and energy explaining why something can’t be done as opposed to creating solutions to achieve an objective. That is because liberalism by its nature is a below the line way of looking at the world. Liberals love rules and regulations because it gives them an excuse to do very little in life, and still get paid for it. And that is ultimately why teacher unions are against any kind of performance review. The teachers as members may not agree with the teacher unions, but ultimately the collective bargaining agreements put good money in their pockets for essentially being a part time job so they give up their desire to do a good job in exchange for maintaining the social norms of complacency which is exactly what the damaging product of educating then becomes to their poor students. Teachers teach kids to turn off their minds instead of igniting them for a bright future. No mind is happy liberal or conservative when it is taught not to solve problems and to accept the world as it is, and to live within the realm of nature. There is nothing more depressing to any human being than realizing that there is nothing you can do, that you just need to shut up, turn off your mind to solutions, and do what they tell you.

That is also why there aren’t many teachers teaching that are over 30 years of age and who don’t look like spoiled potatoes. They do get depressed that the job of teaching is not what they thought it would be as little girls and boys. The system does not want to turn on the pilot light of children, it wants to douse them with water so the light goes off forever. The goal of teaching under the socialist union structure is to create a compliant, dead mind instead of one that challenges reality itself with positive solutions. So those teachers eat too many cakes, drink too much wine and by the time they are in their forties they are fat assed losers hateful toward anybody not caught in the rut they find themselves in, and they stay there because nobody would pay them so much money otherwise. You don’t see any fashion models marching in the recent protests in Chicago where the teacher’s union there is always looking for more money through strikes that its likely kids never learn anything in school. Parents never ask these questions because they want the free babysitting service and can’t afford themselves to question the system. They need the public schools so that they can work, then they wonder why their kids come home one day early in puberty going from looking like a nice kid to some pin cushion tattooed freak who is too lazy to work, wants constantly to live off government welfare and essentially do nothing in life but become an advocate for same sex marriage and saving the earth by killing themselves on it through abortion, hard drinking and drugs. That’s what kids learn in public school, they don’t learn to follow Elon Musk to Mars or how to use Thorium to power the next neighborhood off the grid of the local power company.

I always have seen public schools and their teachers as slowly killing kids. Critics will say its because I had a bad experience with school myself, which is partially true. But my bad experience wasn’t unique to me, it was that I entered my school days uniquely awake for a lot of reasons, and I never bit the hook. Instead I made a game out of fighting it. I wouldn’t learn until much later that most people in life who become anything significant did much the same thing, they rebelled from the government education systems and were largely self-taught. Government schools do not produce the next Einsteins and Edisons, or Walt Disney types. And so I would argue that they are worthless unless their ambition is to do so. Rather what public schools have become simply the island of lost boys in Pinocchio where the kids turn themselves to jack asses literally through the experience to find themselves in servitude to the state for the rest of their lives. The teachers turn off their own minds in exchange for the long summers off and good pay just as the system chews up kids with liberalism and teaches them to destroy themselves forever as their parents drop them off and run to work to have affairs with their co-workers and lie to themselves that everything they are doing is for their family, while they continue to live a complete lie and expect nobody to notice. But the size of their asses give it all away.

The longer this Covid fear goes on, the more people will realize how much better they are not sending their kids to the government schools, and it is my hope that kids will learn less about how not to do things in life and accept that their minds are not so tethered to failure, that the solutions to everything is within them, and that maybe more will rebel and become good people in the future as adults because at a critical time in their life, the teachers were not there to teach them how to be losers. And if anything good does come out of the 2020 disaster of government failure over Covid-19, it will be that kids were free of the government schools long enough to be less imprisoned. And people will learn that they don’t really need those government teachers, because they’ll learn to live without them forever.

I’m sure there are some reading this and thinking that what I am saying about teachers is over-the-top. Well, consider what “red for ed” means and you’ll see what I mean. Red is for communism and that is what teachers have always intended for our children. Only now, they are no longer afraid to conceal it. Its out of the box and they no longer care if you know. They have your money and your kids. They don’t need you and are very arrogant about it, even to the extent that they don’t see that they are damaging their brand as they speak by refusing to go back to work. Because they don’t connect performance to their paychecks just like any communist would refuse to see.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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