Trump’s Chances of Winning: Visit your local Victory Center today

Shhhhhh, don’t tell anybody. There is a very good reason that Democrats are turning to violence and panic during the 2020 election season. They have tried literally everything in their wheelhouse including the outright threat of violence and still President Trump is projected to win around 362 Electoral votes based on a recent Helmut Norpoth model. Now of course the media and the Democrats know this, and so does the deep, deep, Deep State, but the networks live off advertising and they need to call the horse race as if everything will be close so that politicians will continue spending money on ads. But that Helmut Norpoth model is not a one off, it is like very close to how election night will manifest after all is said and done. The evidence of it is in how the DNC had to blame Covid-19 for why they had to “socially distance” and have all their speeches carefully choreographed at their national convention. Because they have no real audience, the polls the media have been talking about showing Biden in the lead are purely for theatrical reasons, to keep ad buys occurring in the horse race, but the reality is that they don’t have any enthusiasm which is why they keep blowing on the fires of Antifa and Black Lives Matters to provoke riots and terror on the streets, because that’s literally all they have left.

But you have to understand that you can’t just sit back and hope everything holds, you do need to fight back not just with a vote on election night, but in the events leading up to it. And for that reason Trump election stations are opening up all over the country where you can get yard signs and other election gear to help make sure that Helmut Norpoth model holds true. And as I visited the opening of the Trump Headquarters in West Chester it was obvious to me that everything was well on track. There was a lot of enthusiasm for Trump in Butler County, Ohio. I would go so far to say there was plenty of unimpeded swagger that saw easily behind all the liberal nonsense that has been presented either through Covid-19 or the racial violence. A lot of Democrats are setting themselves up for a very disappointing November 4th. They’ve gone all in on this election and they simply don’t have the cards and they knew they didn’t when they made their bets. They are purely trying to bluff their way through this election and the people I talked to at the Trump Headquarters knew it and could smell the blood in the water.

You have to understand that an incumbent president has only lost twice to a challenger in America’s young history, once to President Reagan where Jimmy Carter was a one termer because of the terrible economy and the massive debacle in Iran. Then there was George Bush senior who lost to Bill Clinton. I remember both of those times well, especially the Bush election. I was a defector of the Republican Party that time and voted for Ross Perot. Not only that, but I campaigned for Perot and was “heavily” involved in that election even going to Dallas, Texas for a grand fortissimo which I’ll never forget so I know why Bush lost to a split Republican vote. That is how Clinton won with a minority of American support. Bush was a Deep Stator who didn’t get it and was a globalist even back then. The Republican Party like many today thought Ronald Reagan was bad for the brand, so after only one term of Bush, many Republicans like me were looking for a better fiscal representative and we found it in Perot.

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Trump hasn’t done anything to make himself a one term president, which has left Democrats to threaten literal violence to scare away voters, and that is something that should anger everyone, that they respect us all that much to actually think that is a viable method of behaving. I personally think Trump can do better than the 362 he is projected to win; I think California is up for grabs and maybe even New York. The governors of those states have really put the clamps down on their people with Covid-19 purely to try and make Trump look bad and hurt the economy to give Democrats a better chance at winning elections, and there is a lot of anger out there. A LOT. People want to punch back and Democrats have not been able to hang any of it on Trump, leaving them holding the hot potato even though the nightly news has tried to hide it. People see and they understand.

Literally, the only way that Democrats can win anything is by either cheating with mail-in ballots or they scare away Republican voters from even trying to vote. That is their only method which is why they are showing so much desperation, because they are literally aware that if things continue as they are and they lose, they will be knocked on their heels for a very long time—which is where we come in. Times like this require action and the least you can do dear reader is to go to your local Trump headquarters in your town and pick up some yard signs and find out what you can do to help. I was very inspired by the rage I saw at the one in West Chester. I talked to a lot of old friends and made some new ones and believe me, they are ready for a fight if it ever came down to it, which is why I’m publishing these little inside the baseball analytics. The Democrats are kicking their own ass so there is no reason to go hang their hides on a flag poll and dance on their ripped out hearts—not yet anyway. But what they do need to see is how hopeless their situation is and to see Trump signs everywhere, to see people wearing MAGA hats and t-shirts and to get the full brunt of a country who has rejected socialism in everyway that it can be rejected now that Democrats are no longer trying to hide it, to express their opinions.

Don’t be a victim, we all know the various forms of media are liberal. It doesn’t matter that Google, Facebook and YouTube are tied to the mainstream media types who are trying to make Biden look like a giant among politicians. Don’t worry about the stories of Twitter removing conservative voices, or YouTube removing negative comments about Biden or the liberal terrorism of Covid-19 from the internet, it doesn’t matter. Democrats have invested heavily in all these media controls only to find out that people don’t give a shit and don’t listen to them. What they do listen to is what’s in their own pocketbook. Remember, you are in control—not them. They are the ones who should be scared, not you. So don’t be. Go get yourself a Trump sign and stick it in your yard to make sure everyone knows how useless the Democrat’s plight truly is. I filled my yard with them and within days most everyone on my street did the same. Be a leader and ride this wave in the historic way that it is, and show everyone that life will be better on the other side, if only they have the courage to stick with their guts and to support Trump and other Republicans in 2020.

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