The Greatest Risk of Election Tampering is from Democrats: Don’t let them make you afraid of their terrorism

Several people I know who work hard every day for the Trump campaign have let me know that during their door to door work that many people, most support the re-election of President Trump, but they do not want yard signs because they fear Antifa or some Black Lives Matters Marxists will vandalize their homes and accost them out in the world. They generally fear phones too, that once a polling worker identifies them as a Trump supporter that their name will appear on a list and they will be doxed by radical antagonizers intent to do them harm for even thinking of voting for the President. It’s not Russia that we have to fear tampering with our elections, it’s the Democratic Party, just as it was in 2016 who are the real villains, along with their partners Facebook, Google and failed billionaires like Bloomberg and Soros who want nothing more than to turn us all into socialists obeying a government they have bought and paid for—and control. When we talk about the silent majority, they are certainly numerous, and scared. They are keeping their opinions to themselves because they don’t want to get egged in the face and attacked by a mob of lunatics who want to destroy the world of opinion so that Biden and the pot smoking Harris can win the White House and give them the loot of the nation they have obtained through a rigged election.

My take on it is this, I’m functioning under the American Constitution and so long as our society is playing by “those” rules, and there are courts where people swear to tell the hole truth and nothing but the truth on a Bible” then I’ll behave civilly and won’t make belts out of the hide of attackers. But the moment “they” abandon Constitutional Law and attack my right to free speech and attempt to shape my opinion with threats of violence, well, that is a fight that they will not survive, and I’m fine with that. If that’s how they want to play, then so be it. I’ll feel sorry for their mommies later. But until then, we still have a free and open election and I will broadcast my opinions openly, which I have as indicated by the photo of my house frontage. It felt good to put those signs out and the moment I did, there were five or so other homes on my street who did the same thing, obviously all of them at least supporting Trump. There are a lot of people who are just afraid to let their voices be known, except when it comes time to pull the lever on Election Day. That is precisely why Democrats don’t want in-person voting. They know they can’t win with a straight election.

That is also why they feel they have the right to make threats of violence and to scare people into voting for Democrats, because just like the mob, they resort to that ancient intimidation tactic of literal death if you don’t go their way and support their power structure. With all the freedoms we have guaranteed by our Constitution, it’s a shame that many have not yet used that power to ensure free and open elections rather than be intimidated by the press and field agents into literal abuse if we don’t do what they say. Yet that is what the door to door people for the Trump campaign are reporting, that most people are afraid to wear their hats in public, they don’t want yard signs, and they don’t want to answer the phone and be put on an attack list. Democrats have been successful in scaring voters into submission, but they have not been successful in changing their minds. Instead, like teenagers trying to sneak away a smoke in their bedrooms without their parents knowing about it, Republicans are keeping their opinions quiet so to avoid fighting altogether and hope that their vote will be enough to hire a representative in government to do their fighting for them.

My kind of fighting isn’t as a mob in the street where you get all messy, I would rather make it so the terrorists just never go home to wherever they consider home to be. To the people connected to them, they would just disappear, so I am not at all adverse to that kind of Mad Max life, which we have seen a little bit of in 2020 with the terrible government reaction to Covid-19 and the economic lockdowns that will cripple all our lives for many years to come. I’d rather have the fight and beat the enemy with direct conflict. Its more honest, and if Democrats aren’t going to play by the rules, then let’s beat them at their own game. That’s how I see things and am actually looking a bit forward to those opportunities. Getting rid of them as domestic terrorists I think is the only real way to bring peace and justice to our society once and for all anyway. But most Republicans are not like that, they are good Christians who will turn the other cheek just as Jesus did, and they elect representatives in a “republic” to look after their affairs. They want politicians to do their fighting for them which is why we have Trump. And those people are still in the clear majority. So if honest elections are still a thing, I’m happy to play by those rules, so I put out my yard signs and will help with the Trump campaign, and other Republicans as much as possible under a banner of freedom and rule of law.

But the thing that bothers me greatly is that people are afraid of being attacked by Democrats in any fashion. That should never be a consideration. I’ve been involved in politics for a very long time, most of my adult life, and I’ve never been around anybody ever who thought about taking down the signs of the opposition party or attacking others for their beliefs. In fact, one of the most contentious situations I’ve ever been in happened on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati in 1992 when I was campaigning for Ross Perot and there were rival advocates for Bill Clinton there passing out signs trying to outdo my team during the lunch hour. So I hired a Penthouse Magazine model who I was friends with to strip down almost nude and pass out Perot literature which worked. We passed out 10,000 flyers that day and likely earned many thousands of votes for Perot in Hamilton County. At the end of the day, the Clinton people passed out 2000. I took them to a late lunch and tried to sell them on Perot. I managed to get one of the guys to get a date with my Penthouse friend and guess what, he became a Perot supporter and went on to do great work in the Montgomery area right up until the election. But it never occurred to me to kill him, or sabotage him, or destroy their signs in any way. Politics should never come to that if you really believe in your message.

And that’s just it, Democrats know their message is malicious, they know they intend to overthrow the American Constitution and any resemblance of rule of law. They want to defeat us all through chaos, so what they want is a fight, and its time we give it to them. I would say that the least you could do is put out a yard sign and stand by your beliefs. Don’t let them make you afraid. The best way to beat them is with a fair election, because if they do get a toe hold, we will then have to beat them with superior violence, and that is not the way to a civil society. I might personally enjoy that kind of world, but I wouldn’t want to see it at the expense of rule of law. Now at least, we still have some civility to fight with, and we should all use it while we still can, before we have to break out the guns and the fists and the tears of many moms out there who will wonder whatever happened to their little liberal babies grown up into tattooed freaks and agents of Marxism.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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