Yes, DeWine has to be Impeached: The Governor broke the law costing billions of dollars and ruined lives, now he has to pay

It doesn’t matter that Mike DeWine is a nice guy. A lot of people are nice. What does matter is that Mike DeWine broke the law and abused his authority as a governor. His reaction to Covid-19 was wrong, and while it is easier to say so now in hindsight, the fact remains that Governor DeWine and the rest of government starting with the CDC were dead wrong in how they dealt with a virus released from China for purely political and economic reasons. I mean, I knew better and I had access to the same information that DeWine had. I could see what was going on, why didn’t he? Sure it was a scary time, nobody knew how serious Covid-19 was. I suppose people like me could have been wrong. I’m not often wrong, but it could happen, maybe. I understand being cautious, but DeWine let a liberal activist get into his head and he violated the Constitution to make Ohio safe from the perspective of Amy Acton, and she led him astray and as a result he damaged the lives of many millions of people and cost irreparable damage to our economy. Who has insurance on damage created by politicians? We have insurance for things like tornados and earthquakes, but what is there to cover the costs of bad politicians who screw up terribly and as a result destroy all our lives. Impeachment is the only way to correct the massive damage Mike DeWine caused by sidestepping the legislature and forcing Ohio to live under oppressive, unconstitutional mandates for an undetermined period of time, and it has to stop.

The radio broadcast between Bill Cunningham and John Becker was fantastic. Cunningham, a former Democrat was having a hard time getting his mind around why Ohio Republicans have to take a stand against DeWine. The timing may not be convenient, but when will it ever be. Justice is always in need even if chaos is ruling our lives—it should be obvious to everyone that evil is using chaos to hide its action and to avoid justice. I am glad to hear that House representatives in Ohio such as John Becker, Nino Vitale and Paul Zeltwanger with others have taken a stand to bring justice to DeWine. What’s the point in having a Republican as governor if he acts like a Democrat? The correct thing to do would be to primary him out for the next election and get a real Republican to take over, and this impeachment process might take a while, so we might as well start now. That is where Cunningham’s past Democrat tendencies come to the surface, when justice is needed he’s willing to wait for things to calm down. But the strategy of Democrats is to keep chaos always brewing. Democrats as a result never purge their losers from their party, but Republicans do, and that is what is going on with this impeachment vote against Governor DeWine by fellow Republicans. If they didn’t work to impeach Mike DeWine, who abused his authority so extremely, they would lose all credibility as advocates of justice, so they really have no choice.

If I went out tomorrow and killed people I think are ruining the lives of other people, it might be the right thing to do, and that might only be my point of view—but it would be against the law, without due process, and certainly unconstitutional. Mike DeWine may have thought he was saving lives, even as he was killing them, he may have thought his role as a governor was to protect those most vulnerable, even though it certainly doesn’t say that anywhere in the Ohio Constitution, he may have thought that the best path was to ignore the other houses of congress and to act as a dictator going it alone by shutting down the entire state and destroying the economy hiding from a virus the media said was scary. Nobody knew if it was or not, but the media told us it was, and so did some activist doctors who were far more interested in global warming. There was no justification for Mike DeWine’s actions in Ohio that caused so much destruction. Even killers have good intentions from their point of view. Maybe they’ll say that they thought God wanted them to do it, but maybe it was really the devil. Either way, someone must pay when it goes bad.

Now that we’re several months into Covid-19 we can see that the government was terribly wrong in how to deal with the China coronavirus. Trump has made the adjustment now that it’s obvious that the main point of Covid-19 was to try to change the direction of the upcoming election. We know now that Covid-19 dies in sunlight within 2 minutes and that the best way to avoid getting the virus, even if it was truly deadly, is to go outside. All the social distancing, all the mask mandates, most everything that the CDC recommended turned out to make the virus worse, not to lessen its effects. I tend to think that they knew that from the outset because they were political—and DeWine got caught following them blindly, and that is purely his fault because he did push all help away, which made it much worse for everyone in Ohio. It doesn’t matter how popular a politician is, if they are wrong, they are wrong. Eventually history will catch up. But we can’t avoid justice just because polling says that a politician is supported by the masses. The masses currently don’t understand the details on Covid-19, but they will. And when they do, they’ll understand why DeWine has to be impeached, or at least the process needs to begin. Its not about good intentions, it’s the hell that they paved which we all have to deal with in the aftermath.

The cost of DeWine’s mistakes in Ohio are well into the billions of dollars, and the people who did die of Covid-19 if we can ever trust the measurements are much less than the people who have suffered from their lost jobs and the psychological effects of the shutdowns created by DeWine. It will take many years to recover what was lost, and we have to show voters that justice is there for them. That at least the legislative body will act on their behalf even if they must act against a member of their own party. As the months come, more and more people will learn what I’ve said here about Covid-19, and they will become very angry as the realization becomes clearer. We didn’t need to lose our jobs, we didn’t need to lose our favorite restaurants, we didn’t need to wear all the stupid masks—we didn’t need to do any of it. Covid-19 was all about social control to steer us all to adopt global warming measures and Mike DeWine played his part, knowingly or not. Without question Amy Acton knew, but DeWine seemed clueless. But he himself said that the buck stops with him. Well, she’s gone now, and has been for a while. And she worked for him. So by his own admission, he was completely responsible for the entire mess government created with Covid-19. And DeWine must pay one way or another. We of course can find another Republican to run Ohio, but we can’t take back the damage and embarrassment that DeWine has caused and that ultimately is for our legislature to correct no matter how inconvenient it may be.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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