Brainwashed: Glenn Beck’s revelation of what many of us have always known about public education

Over the last ten years I have been asked hundreds of times to run for a school board position, and even though I think most government problems can be solved from the local level, education is not one of them. I do know and have known many school board members and I think its great for people to run and win those seats, because it slows to some extent the inevitable. But government schools, all of them, have been flawed for too many years—and are well beyond repair. I would take the problem all the way back to Dewey. However, the real evidence of trouble has only just begun to be seen in the products themselves, the people functioning in our society from my age all the way down to the children just entering the school system of today, even in pre-school. And now we see what the strategy has always been. Thus, my position has been to defund public schools to bleed out the teacher union influence and start the process of complete reconstruction. If there has been anything good to come out of Covid-19 it has been the revelation to the masses of what public education has always been about, just as I have been saying coronavirus always was about. Public education isn’t about learning anything useful, its all about change state manipulation of the human mind into a socialist/communist supporter which brings us to our present moment, the 2020 election.

I think Betsy DeVos has done a great job as Secretary of Education. More people are talking about School Choice now than they ever have and of course there has been a contentious cost to it all. The teacher unions are not happy about it, and neither are the traditional politicians. And many of these problems are much older than the Black Lives Matters corporation that is designed exclusively to bring Marxism to America through the education system. Much of the results of decades of socialist strategies are discussed in the Glenn Beck Blaze TV segment included in this article, but the gist is this, President Trump has to be re-elected and Betsey DeVos has to have that mandate to take the federal government out of the local control of education. That starts by cutting funding to districts that support any kind of Marxist agenda and forcing competitive ideas to enter into the debate where parents can send their kids to the schools of their choice to break the union monopolies and restore education to what it should have always been, about learning. Not behavior control. Nothing Glenn Beck mentioned in his Blaze special surprised me, but for many, they are very shocked at what has been revealed as teachers were pressured to resume classes but pushed back using Covid-19 as an excuse not to work. That has opened people’s minds to the true intent of the teacher unions and let them see that what I have been saying for over 40 years has been true all along.

As a school board member there is little to no control that they can have over the district. The unions rule and sit in the nests of children’s minds demanding more and more federal money which keeps this massive machine running, that has a solitary goal of ruining children’s minds by teaching them Marxism off the fuel of infinite amounts of state and federal tax money, and we are expected to support this mess endlessly, and without question. Well, I have been questioning it for a very long time. When I first started this blog over ten years ago, I had some hope that a little public pushback might help correct the problem, but after I campaigned in an organized fashion to withhold future tax money from our local school and after a few defeated school levies the school did not change their behavior, they instead dug in and got worse, I gave up all hope that the system could be saved in any way. So working as a school board member was a useless enterprise, my goal would be to deny the funding and make the argument for the top end budget problems, which fed the teacher’s union itself as a political entity. As long as a public school had a teacher’s union, their goal would be all the things and more that Glenn Beck talked about in his special. A school board member was powerless to stop such a menace. The only way to stop them was to deny the funds that fuel them.

One of the many reasons that Jesus Christ was killed was that his teachings embodied wisdom, and did not need a church to be effective. It took a few hundred years and the needs of an empire to unite under some common flag, but Christianity figured out how to institutionalize Jesus Christ and to profit off it not just financially, but with political power. That is essentially what has happened to our public schools, yet the true essence of education is in decentralized opportunities to learn. The best education can be done in the middle of a field, or in the depths of a cave. It does not need a structured teaching environment because that’s not necessarily how people learn, obviously. If public education was so great, then why are there so many stupid people in the world today. Just look at the riots in the streets—and there you have your proof. Stupid people crippled by their public schools where some Marxist teacher has clipped the wings of intelligence forever leaving them dazed and confused as adults busting out windows and burning cars while they chant to defund the police—and actually believe that all those things together will make a better world. What all that adds up to are failures of the public education system that in many cases are purposeful.

It is good that people are now talking seriously about this. It took a long time and is yet another development that has occurred under the Trump White House. All Bush’s No Child Left Behind attempts did was feed the monster, it certainly didn’t starve it. It made it bigger, and empowered it to be even more of a Marxist activist. But now that parents have had to come to terms with what public education means to them, by the nature of the government shutdowns over Covid-19, there are honest debates occurring presently. Before anybody could even think of taking action against the public schools, they had to admit that there was a problem, and that process is finally happening. Its not enough to just say that kids need to go to school, its needed to discuss what kind of school that is, and only competition can improve the situation with school choice and a reduction of federal funding. Only then will education become what it needs to be, the federal government needs to get out of the business, because what they are making as a product is detrimental to the survival not only of our country, but of the human race. There are some really dumb people out there and they most of the time became that way because of labor unions and their grip on government schools. It’s not patriotic to be dumb. It’s a crisis, and to solve that problem, education needs to be taken away from the teachers and given back to the students.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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