Covid-19 is Over: The evidence of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Republican Convention of 2020

You can tell a lot about something by understanding the psychology of the way people write it. It is important to remember that most of the young reporters out there, working for The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, USA Today, CNN are young kids in their 20s and 30s with a very shallow depth of experience. Many of them are dried up creek beds who partied too much in college instead of the wit and wisdom of a deep ocean of knowledge, so they have a herkie jerky style about them that is easily detected in the way they use adverbs and adjectives in a sentence. And the best thing that reveals the psychology of an event like Covid-19 in 2020 is pressure that challenges the assumptions presented by the governments of the world, intellectual challenges that reveal the truth when the goal has been pandemonium and the end of the world as we know it. That pressure is coming from two main sources, first the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that was held at the beginning of August and has been over for weeks now where riders were exposed heavily to the sun for vast amounts of time in the thousands without social distancing nor wearing the stupid masks. The second has been the Trump administration where at the Republican Convention this year the pressure was to do a virtual event like the Democrats, but instead Trump held it mostly at the White House and with crowds of people watching without much social distancing and very little masks. Then to finish off the week Trump had a hanger rally where many thousands packed together close to watch him speak for essentially a 5th straight night and the pressure on liberals has been apocalyptic to say the least.

The statements politically from Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota and President Trump has been essentially, Covid-19 is over, get back to work. I don’t blame Trump for listening to the World Health experts initially. Nobody knew if Covid-19 was really a thing. I think he had the same suspicions as I did, but nobody could afford to take a chance if millions of lives were truly in danger. But after a few months he had it figured out that Covid-19 was purely political from day one. Sure, there was a coronavirus floating around like the common cold does, and like everything else, including poison ivy or bee stings, some people reacted badly to Covid-19 and died. But generally, the virus was a nothing burger—and in most cases a completely made up fiction that was purely political to serve the needs of Democrats who had a very weak platform and a terribly weak candidate in Joe Biden in an election year where literally the entire world wanted to get rid of Donald Trump from the presidency. Looking back on the history of the reporting on Covid-19 I seriously doubt the death reporting numbers that we do have on the subject, let alone all the other statistics. Most everything about Covid-19 has been false, and greatly inflated to tell a story about danger that might change the nature of the election, and in the process, they have destroyed millions of real lives and jobs costing all of us trillions of dollars. All to essentially get Joe Biden elected and to destroy Trump’s chances at a second term.

I have been using the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as my own kind of thermometer to check the real temperature of the effects of the virus and it proved what I had suspected all along, the intent behind the curtain was all show. As CNN reported and MSN which was then picked up by Reuters all written by little kids afraid of their own shadows who drink lattés like they are going out of style and live off yogurts due to their overly sensitive stomachs, out of a half a million people they could only find around 100 cases they could trace back to the Sturgis event across eight states. And even those cases could be considered anomalies. Ignoring all the government rules, Sturgis showed that all the concerns and panic about Covid-19 was complete bullshit exposing all the advocates of danger with naked revelations that was all too embarrassing for them. Sturgis has been over now for weeks, well more than the most rigorous 14 days of quarantine that the CDC had been recommending, so there was never going to be a mass spread from the event leaving health professionals embarrassed by their alarmism over the rally. Before Sturgis I had panicky people from the left sending me notes indicating that there would be massive stacks of body bags from the dead people at Sturgis and believe me, they believed every word of what they were saying. Of course, the mass deaths never happened and the people at Sturgis enjoyed their life and moved on.

One thing that was very curious was that after the CDC very quietly revised its guidelines suggesting that asymptomatic people may not need to be tested at all sent Disney’s Bob Iger into a tailspin of doomsday pandering. Iger is a Democrats after all and Disney has paid a heavy price for getting suckered into the whole Covid-19 thing. Movie productions have been shut down, park attendance has been horrendous. People don’t want to deal with the stupid masks in 90 degree heat and the thermo testing they do at the entry to the parks have been very intrusive, costing Disney a lot of money—just to maintain a political façade that people like Bob Iger and California’s Gavin Newsom are completely in on. Iger uncharacteristically was vocal about the CDC calling the decision “horrifying.” Yet Iger meant to imply that people would die from Covid-19 if everyone didn’t get tested as they have been, but his reaction is simply a shit shot from midcourt in hoping to keep the story alive for a while longer, until the election was over. As a liberal he wants Trump defeated and he has already baked in the cost to Disney as a company which should make the shareholders very concerned. If the world goes back to normal, which is without masks and social distancing, he has not positioned his company to thrive in that environment and it upsets him greatly, in a way that is horrifying to him. But certainly not to the rest of us. He gambled politically with Covid-19 and people like him are coming up embarrassingly wrong.

The biggest giveaways in all this reporting has come from the post-reporting of the Sturgis Rally where most of the participants completely ignored the government mandates. Those reporters were quick to point out that there were only 460,000 participants this year instead of the normal 500,000—attendance was down by 40,000 which meant that some people were scared away from the rally which the reporters considered a victory for the “state” position. It lets readers in on the intent of Covid-19 from the beginning which Democrats had been hoping for during this election year, it was in their power and ability to scare people away from voting for Trump and having a means to shut down economic activity and push the nation toward Chinese style communism. And many people like Bob Iger of Disney went all in on that investment and steered their companies toward that outcome which completely came unraveled by Sturgis riders and Trump supporters in August of 2020. Now there is a long dash toward November without a population terrified of Covid-19 exposing Joe Biden and all Democrats to a massive backlash and its too late for them to change direction for the eventual detriment that is to come. Isn’t all that very interesting, I think it is.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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