How Trump Wins the Election on November 3rd 2020: Fight now with votes so you don’t have to fight later with guns

During the 2016 election season I was so sure Donald Trump was going to win that I even stopped working on this blog for a period of time. My point in all this was to open people’s minds to the possibility of what a world outside the box of establishment might yield, and I felt I had done my part, and that Hillary Clinton didn’t have a chance. As things got nastier, I resumed my work to help where I could and give people reading that little bit of an extra push to voting for options instead of the old, tired swag of institutionalism. And now in 2020, I am so sure that Trump will win re-election that I’m surer of it this time, than last time. However, the new problems are not aspects that we can ignore, so I have no plans to discontinue my work on this blog site. Rather, more than ever, especially with the radicalism from the communist left that the world has been committed to for a long time, and many corporations pushing and shoving their way into relevancy, there needs to be a check of thought against their vile efforts. While I’ve seen the county by county voting maps of the future election projections, and its not even close, Trump wins by miles and miles in November—the problem is the Democrats know it too and are in a desperate state and are willing to literally do anything to change that trajectory of reality.

That means Trump needs to get back out there and fight like he did last time and to take this election beyond refute so that on the day after, the Democrats are literally so exhausted that they have to roll over and die. That should be our objective as supporters of President Trump, to literally drive the opposition into the ground and shove the breath out of them. As I have said, I don’t want continued violence that they have spawned, and I don’t want to have to kill anybody just to live a good life, so this election defeat has to be so beyond refute that their will to fight is eradicated from their thoughts forever. That is how we must fight to get Trump re-elected and to set forth candidates that can carry on what he has started well into the future. We have seen what the political left plans, there has been no holding back this time where we were shocked by the emails of John Podesta’s “spirit cooking” or whatever they called them in Wikileaks. Or to the extent that Hillary Clinton was a propped-up candidate being helped along by the Obama administration to keep in place all the communist diatribes that the former president had established. We know now how deep the Deep State has been and we have the responsibility to do something about it starting with Trump’s re-election. Even as I say that Trump is sure to win, take nothing for granted. Play this thing like we are all about to lose and enjoy the results of running up the score, because these bastards deserve everything they have coming.

Trump for his part needs to get back to his basic platform, and to stop playing like a victim. In the last campaign it was all about “lock her up,” and “you’d be in jail,” not all these Tweets about how unfair the system is. Most voters see Trump as in control of the system, not to be controlled by it. And the damage the Covid-19 doctors have done to him has to be reversed. During the whole coronavirus shutdowns people have gone from seeing Trump as the in-control CEO of a major company to a guy controlled by Dr. Fauci and the Scarf Lady and that the mighty American economy can be controlled by a tiny virus. Terrorists from here until the end of time will now attempt to use biological warfare to scare American society into change behavior into communism until we show we aren’t so easily terrified. Trump had to play it safe, he was being impeached by congress, he had just come out of several years of the Mueller Report because he fired an FBI Director in the corrupt James Comey, and several of Trump’s personal associates were being prosecuted for years in jail. Trump has spent much of the last three years on his heels reacting, not attacking. Many of us understand, but the message in 2020 is nowhere near as strong as in 2016 when Trump told the story of the snake on the campaign trail to packed audiences and that chants for “build the wall and Mexico will pay for it” were mainstream slogans.

Actually, Mexico has paid for the wall if you count the extra security, they have committed to border security, and limits to the drug trade—and tariff negotiations. I am satisfied with how Trump handled Mexico and has built as much wall as he had with an opposition congress. But we should have never rested in 2018 and given him Speaker Pelosi to deal with. We can’t just win back the White House this time, or the Senate—we have to have the House too. Because without it, we just paralyze President Trump with more of the same opposition radicalism. My way of thinking of this is that for the next few months you should fight for these things so that you don’t have to pick up a gun after the election and fight off the government that the communists and socialists of Seattle and Portland want. What happened to California over the last couple of decades can easily happen to the rest of America and that could force you dear reader into complete submission to them with nowhere to move to, or the requirement to pick up a gun and fight these bastards in the streets. I think many of you reading this would rather be watching Fox News at 6:30 PM with some carry-out food watching Trump attack the EU or the United Nations in some way or another instead of gathering your AR and meeting down the street with your friends and neighbors to attack a communist supply chain moving state resources into your community to tattoo everyone with the latest coronavirus vaccine update that Microsoft and Google plan to watch and monitor everything you do.

The fight is easier now than then so take advantage of it and help Trump get re-elected and help protect the Senate and re-take the House. If you want to avoid the kind of world that prevents Google and government from mandating that Microsoft tattoo you monitoring you for coronavirus as a condition for employment, or the radical ANTIFA thugs taking over all our cities threatening us with violence, then this election is a chance to stop all that. Its pretty simple, but you can’t trust the system by itself because the Democrats plan to cheat. They’ll do anything to win, so that demands we take the fight to them and keep them on their heels so that they can’t gather up the strength to achieve their objectives. Trump can start that process by attacking more, by keeping them twisted and reacting instead of what they have been doing which is plotting and scheming. The prevent defense that Trump, and the rest of us have been utilizing is a failed strategy. What we need to do is attack, going door to door, donating money, making phone calls, writing blogs, challenging Facebook and Google, whatever we do, we must attack so that lives can be saved later, and our country as a result.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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