Trump’s Great Tax Cut Proposal: Being poor is a choice in America

I don’t have a lot of faith that the liberal Supreme Court Justice John Roberts will uphold President Trump’s Executive Orders signed Saturday (August 8, 2020,) especially the first one which provides a payroll tax holiday for all Americans earning less than $100K per year. I know, Roberts is supposed to be a Bush appointed conservative, but we all know by now that he is just another swamp monster liberal, so the challenge will be obvious. Roberts did support Obama’s DACA program without legislative input, so technically Trump’s orders shouldn’t be an issue, but with Roberts, he often votes against conservatives. Yet Trump had to do something, the Democrats in the House were purposely dragging the negotiations over Covid relief out playing politics and it was within Trump’s power to do something about it, so he did. Regardless of how Roberts or anybody else comes out on the matter, Trump played his hand well putting Democrats in a no win situation either way.

Yet during the press conference announcing these orders by the President he mentioned the term “tax inequality” which is normally something liberals refer to in order to illustrate how unfair it is for corporations and the very rich to use loopholes to get out of paying taxes. However, the real issue is that liberals believe we are all obligated to pay for the nonsense that liberals come up with that sets the amount of tax that needs to be collected to pay the bills, and even as high as it is now, the Nancy Pelosi controlled House of Representatives wanted another 3 trillion dollars of fluff and liberalism to add to the debt, which was preposterous. So my view on these things is always to challenge the overall number, not the ethics of the government desire, and in this case nobody has a right to impose on the rest of us, especially those of us who work hard and pay a lot in taxes to pay for terrible management by the government. And if we can’t easily un-elect these people, we need to reduce the amount of money we do give them, which makes President Trump’s payroll tax holiday very attractive as a proposal and possible permanent solution.

The real tax inequality is by those who do make quite a lot of income and are paying a lot of taxes, much more than most people who live in America and enjoy the roads and infrastructure as much as anybody, but because they don’t work as much, if at all, are not paying anywhere near as close to the amounts that the top 20% do. It is the top 20% and 15% who end up paying the most tax, way more than the top 1% that everyone is always saying need to pay their “fair share.” Well, who says what a “fair share” is? As we all know, it’s the same idiots who came up with the cost of the budget in the first place. The middle 20% and lower 20% pay a lot less in taxes and of course the poorest 20% only pay 2.8% of the total tax burden, but it is aimed at them most of the time that the liberal budget is inflated to exploit for political reasons leaving the rest of everyone else to pay for everything. That makes Trump’s proposal on tax reduction very attractive, and even necessary.

I don’t view any progressive tax system to contain within it a system of fairness. People who earn more have arrived at those levels largely because they are willing to work harder than other people, so there is nothing fair about a bunch of slugs sucking off the system while everyone else works hard to put money into that system. Getting a 6 month reprieve from that system is something everyone should appreciate, and given the total amount of tax revenue collected, especially with all the recent re-negotiated trade deals, the payroll tax is just a small part of the puzzle anyway. The government owes those still with jobs and those going back to their jobs with decent incomes a break for what they did to everyone over Covid-19. Somehow the government has to make things right to people and this gesture by the President is only the very tip of the tip of an iceberg in getting there.

The difference between the fourth 20% and the top 15% is between the income levels of $86K and $159K per year in average cash income. The Middle 20% is $52K per year with the second 20% is $32K, and the lowest is at $13K. The poor are obviously less than that. So the tax holiday Trump is proposing is targeting this group while the top 4% and 1% will find some of their loopholes closed to balance out the difference. But in proportion to the total needs of the budget, all this revenue is a small drop of water into an ocean of need. Technically the entire progressive tax system could be abandoned in favor of a sales tax and things would be fine. The purpose that liberals want a progressive tax system is to get skin off the backs of productivity and a commitment off the population in general for the policies they come up with. So in that way, just as property taxes often pay for public education, liberals attach all tax payers to the evils they come up with that suck from the budget making us all complicit, just like tax payer funded abortions, or grants for transgender studies. The most attractive aspect of Trump’s tax holiday is that it would give people a break from participating in so much evil.

The way I look at any tax contribution chart, especially this way of increments of 20% from lowest to highest on up to the top 15%, 4% and 1% is that the higher a tax payer is on that list, the more they are doing for the society and the economy in general. They are not equal to the lowest on the scale. Income levels should not be a penalty, they are a direct measurement of value. People who make more contribute more in risk, effort, and the general intellectual contributions of economic activity. Higher wage earners do more to advance an economy and deserve a break, because without them, there is nothing for the poor to do. Being poor is a choice, if you are making less than $20K per year it’s a decision, not a mandate. I’ve worked up to three jobs at the same time to make what my family needs and that opportunity is not based on skin color, or some heritage passed down through family connections. Its because I showed up to fill a job that was in need, everything from cleaning toilets to working at Wendy’s and McDonald’s as a grill cook. If a person isn’t afraid of hard work, anybody can make more than $20K per year. But liberals want to exploit their laziness, so they have built the progressive tax system to steal from those who work and give the benefits to those who don’t, and that is incredibly unfair. And for a change, President Trump is sticking up for those who do pay all the taxes and is working to create a system that has much less tax inequality for the first time since the stupid system was enacted in the first place.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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