Democrats Don’t Even Understand we have a Republic, not a Democracy: That’s why they need Covid-19 and the ability to cheat to even think they have a chance

The biggest problem with the DNC convention was well articulated by the Obama speech, he nor they have any idea what kind of government we have. We don’t have a democracy in America, it’s a REPUBLIC. That is the first problem with their entire platform and the true menace behind their approach, they believe mass overwhelms logic, that peer pressure trumps logical debate, and that there if the masses want something, the masses get it. Obama’s entire speech was about victimization which is the core of all Democrat beliefs, and the reason why their convention is so bad. Now that the wound of socialism has removed the scab of democracy it is obvious to all what they are about, as Bernie Sanders reported in his triumphant speech about how he alone has moved the party more toward socialism and communism, which was always their intention, even going back to Woodrow Wilson, and FDR. Even NBC news caught the alarm of it all as they aren’t always sure what they signed up for, as their young cheerleader AOC seemed to endorse Sanders for president instead of understanding the procedural nomination process. Perhaps AOC should have said it differently, or perhaps she did it on purpose as more poking in the eye of the socialist stick.

My take on the DNC Convention is this, Democrats don’t know who they are and have been hiding that from the world all during the Trump run for President and eventual winning of the White House leaving them exposed philosophically. In an attempt to redefine themselves as the party that could get rid of President Trump procedurally, either through the courts or by legislative impeachment they attracted very sinister global powers who want to destroy America and reset the entire globe to a new normal that equally starts everyone at the same place economically and socially so that a new world power structure could be created. Those powers want a puppet president in America that they can easily control which is why the Democrats have been picking old beat up relics like Hillary Clinton and now Joe Biden, so that they could use them in the White House as the face, but behind the scenes those foreign powers would rule.

It just so happened that Event 201 was held in New York during October of 2019 and was about simulating a “pandemic” response to viral outbreaks. A few months later, the campaign was started through the media and all the approaches covered in Event 201 suddenly found their way into our way of life. Suddenly mask mandates were normal, social distancing and shelter in place along with a mass quarantining of the healthy to save the sick, and all the governments of the world adopted this at the same time and in the same way. After watching the DNC Convention it is obvious to me that Democrats were all too happy to play along with the Event 201 strategies because it might help them elect the clueless Joe Biden to the White House and give them the victory they were long struggling for. It was either that or fall out of power forever, so they had nothing to lose, and went with it.

Democrats needed the Event 201 actions toward a simulated pandemic to help them keep Biden viable in a direct run with President Trump, otherwise they had no chance. Meanwhile, Democrats working with the Trump Administration like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix would tag team the president through the media with people like Bill Gates to force him to react to headlines that they helped make up and keep him busy for a while as Democrats tried to put a stick up Biden’s back long enough to make it look like he could stand on his own. And they needed the Covid-19 pandemic to continue into the fall to give them a shot at winning the election. That’s how this dumb idea for the virtual convention came up, which would allow them to use their Hollywood talent to attempt to override the effects of Trump’s live performances. But it hasn’t worked and even when they put their stars on television which ended up looking like a series of YouTube videos, people like Obama didn’t even have a clear message beyond their diatribes of victimization which have long ago been dispelled in America. Its obvious, they have no other message of philosophy to offer voters.

To assume that voters are going to massively vote against their best interests is ridiculous. Democrats assume that they can make enough people feel guilty from some past racism or judgments of victimhood to win office seats. But in reality, people want jobs, money in their pockets with lower taxes, and they want to feel good about their country—none of which Democrats are offering. And that is why the show comes out flat with no balloons, no flashy signs, no audience clapping—nothing. So Democrats have no way to mask their message which was weak before they even had the Convention, which they knew would be the case. So they used the Covid-19 pandemic as planned by the Event 201 people to hide their campaign message and attempt to suppress Trump enough to win in 2020. When they saw that the impeachment attempt by the House in January of 2020 wasn’t going to work, they turned toward Covid-19 and the rest is history.

At this point I’m prepared to say that most of everything done to mitigate Covid-19 was pointless. Trump couldn’t have known that. In hindsight, its obvious. But Trump had to win an election and had to see what kind of cards were being dealt as it was happening. Yet everything done to mitigate Covid-19 was pretty much wrong, and many new it was wrong but they stuck with it because of their political desire to get to election season with Covid-19 measures still in place—to give Biden a chance to win, which is obvious with their DNC Convention. The mandatory masks were wrong, the social distancing was wrong, the shelter in place orders were wrong, most everything that they came up with at Event 201 was wrong, and untested, and the results are mass devastation and death. For instance, a big story yesterday was that after the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota where half a million people were together for over 14 days not social distancing, wearing masks, or even recognizing anything about Covid-19 as a possible danger, CNN talked about one guy who was at One-Eyed Jacks who tested positive for Covid-19—out of literally a half a million people. And its not that the guy was sick or anything, its just that he tested positive and will probably test negative in a few days. And that was a news story when before the event millions of people were going to die. But nobody did. Why do you think that is, well, because all the Covid countermeasures were dumb, unscientific, and politically driven, not driven to solve the problem? And when the election is over it will be the same story—everything we did for Covid-19 was for nothing. It probably killed more than it saved, and we will have to come to terms with the fact that a political party drove Covid-19 onto all our lives with great misery just so that the Democrats could have a chance to elect Joe Biden. Then the anger with that is after seeing what they put together for their Convention was that they couldn’t even make a good show of it. Which is a further dagger into anger justifying that nothing regarding Covid was worth the misery. Nothing at all.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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