We Bought an RV: Finding Trump’s “Silent Majority” where government isn’t

Its always been a thing for me, mobile living. For as long as I can remember, which is well back to 1 and 2 years of age, I have been attracted to the idea of a home on wheels. But life is what it is, and until recently, it just didn’t fit my lifestyle. I’ve either been too busy, or it was just not financially practical to even think about getting an RV. I’ve been all over the world and stayed in some of the very best hotels that anybody has ever made and that has left me hungry to see more of my own country, especially after the terrible way that Democrats have treated it during the 2020 elections. Presently, I don’t know if I ever want to travel out of the country again and yearn to see all the great things that are in America that I haven’t yet seen. And for many of those opportunities I now have grandchildren that I want to give those opportunities to so that has had me thinking of buying an RV for a while now. First on my mind was to save up and get a large Class A, which is more the way I like to live. The trailer RVs just didn’t have the kind of space inside that I expect. So that put the project off for a few years, until my wife and I recently went to Disney World.

That trip was a bit of a scouting trip and after doing the hotel experience there we quickly figured out that if we ever want to bring our larger family along, that the hotels just weren’t the way to go, it was not only too expensive, but getting food and a decent place to sleep just wasn’t’ practical. The hotels in Disney were just too busy for a large family and we came back from that trip looking for options. It was fun for the two of us, but coordinating a large family just wasn’t good for that kind of travel. Then a few months later Covid-19 came along. Regardless of the political motive the government mandated masks and rules of the house at a hotel were suddenly extremely unattractive so that opened my mind up to buying a smaller RV now and using it to get to some of the harder to reach places in the country, places that the larger Class As had a hard time getting to. But for my lifestyle, I need an office where I can work and communicate professionally, so I had to solve that problem as well.

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I went through a similar process about a decade ago when I bought a big cruiser motorcycle and started riding it all over the country packing a tent on the back and camping wherever I felt like when I got tired. It was a good way to see things and I enjoyed it and learned a lot about the motorcycle culture and what kind of Americans they really were. A few years ago while I was off to a very important meeting and couldn’t be late, I was hit by another driver and it totaled my beautiful motorcycle which disappointed me greatly. (I still made it to my meeting even with a broken wrist and a lot of blood on my clothes by the way) And I haven’t yet replaced that motorcycle but now my life is a lot more complicated. My family is a lot bigger and you can’t pack all of them on a motorcycle and ride around. So that drove me to return to that camping life again, but this time with air conditioning, refrigerators and all the comforts of home without the heat of humid nights and no way to lock up a tent. As my wife and I started shopping for RVs we quickly found out where all those silent majority Trump people were hiding. They were camping and buying RVs. And much to my surprise, I learned some new things about people in this process, and I found a much stronger heartbeat to America than I thought was possible.

The RV we ended up getting was perfect for us, the floorplan was great. It had all the big room of the Class A I wanted in the kitchen and dining area, but it was small enough to get down the sharpest switchback roads and most remote campsites. And it sleeps 8, which is something I personally need with my crew. We bought it at the end of May and much to my surprise, there was an all summer long backorder because a lot of people were thinking the same thing I was, they were tired of the overregulation of hotel travel and government mandates and they wanted free of them. So this year has been a record sales year for the RV market and I certainly understand it. We were going to buy one anyway but the timing of all the Covid nonsense certainly sealed the deal for us. I want to be off the grid, I want to see my country, but I don’t want to do it by a lot of stupid rules. I want the fewest burdens possible and I want to share all that with my family. With all that said, the people at Couch’s RV Nation in Trenton were great. I enjoyed working with them and I found more Trump supporters in this process than even I thought were out there. I was amazed at how many actually, not a statistic they are publishing on the news.

What I learned this summer as Covid-19 was used politically to ruin peoples lives and try to keep them from enjoying life was that people did what they always do, what I do especially, they find a way around the problem and that will destroy much of the travel industry as a result—due to government intrusion. But RV sales are way up, travel money will still be spent, just not where it traditionally was and that is the lesson that government should reach as a result of 2020. While much of the world is still shut down I was able to go to Wal-Mart and buy a very unique 30 amp converter because the free market still operates in spite of government efforts, and my life will go on without the government regulated structure of hotels, restaurants or even amusement parks. There are a lot of other things to do, and people are finding their way to them. People will go where the government isn’t, which is the story of the suburbs isn’t it? Protesters trying to attack Trump voters are trying to move out into the suburbs because people are just leaving the cities, and they are finding that the world is a lot bigger than Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. And that’s where you find the Trump voters, in RVs, in boats, at shooting ranges, rodeos—wherever the stench of progressive socialists aren’t. And that experience has calmed my mind down a lot about the nature of human beings. I have met some really good people in our RV buying experience and can see clearly that life on the road will be much of the same, which gives me a lot of optimism for the future.

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