The Joe Biden Speech: A choice between reality and a production

I feel sorry for people who don’t know, I thought everyone did until I heard the reviews from Biden’s speech on Thursday where everyone was so shocked that he did so well. Watching it the first time, then watching it again, there is a lot of Hollywood magic going on with it that is never going to hold up on a live stage. They did their best to make him look good, they wrote his speech, they put the cameras in the right locations, and they edited the event to make it look live. But watching it, I don’t think Joe Biden was even reading the teleprompter live. It was a production, not a presidential announcement. It was a product of the puppet masters and not a man offering to lead from the White House. In many ways it was the starkest contrast to President Trump who doesn’t need the support cast and operates with strings on him for anybody to pull. I didn’t think much of it at the time because I thought the metaphors were clear to everyone, including the production team trying to get that many sentences out of Joe Biden before he started talking about kids rubbing the hair on his legs. They gave him a 20-minute script to read and they likely did it in several takes until they had the best one, and that is what we saw on television.

The giveaway to the whole event was the two medium shots they used before and after the speech to set up the event. Those were both live and the had Biden sort of lip sync his movements to match the video event. They were just far enough that even on a 4k television it would be difficult to make out the features of his face so long as he put his hands in the right place, which Biden was able to do well enough to sell to the public that it was a live broadcast. Biden was oddly in a room where nobody else was, the video board they had showed people clapping who were watching, but they were in a different location and would never know if who they were clapping for was live, or had been recorded two weeks ago. It wouldn’t matter to them. At the end of the speech of course they moved back to a medium shot where Biden’s wife and a few others came out from behind the stage to then help sell that everything was happening live. They waved to the clapping video images on the video monitor for a few minutes then went outside into the parking lot where the DNC had set it up like a drive-in theater to a live audience and fireworks.

OK, so if the point of the whole convention was to “socially distance” then why didn’t Biden give that speech outside to the crowd instead of having them watch the video monitor? As a presidential candidate shouldn’t he have been able to read a teleprompter outside to the crowd? Wouldn’t that have been just as effective? Of course, it would, however, the point of the social distancing, and using Covid-19 as cover for live interactions was to keep Biden on script. The social distancing was part of the illusion to help sell the scripted cut-aways, the medium shots and the lip syncing so that Biden could have that perfect speech and wow the media with a tightly controlled impression. It didn’t bother me in the least, I figured it was the only way they could get him to get through that speech, and its show business, and that is half the battle in running for president. There are a lot of Democrats who work in Hollywood who are out of work over Covid-19 so they helped make a video presentation that made Joe look decent. I suspect watching that clip a few times now of the speech that it is a combination of several takes and the editors put together a greatest hits of it and synced it together with computer technology and perhaps even a bit of CGI to match all the takes into one seamless transition, sort of like what movie productions have done on films like ‘Birdman’ and ‘1917.’

The real giveaway is that they gave the speech inside a building to absolutely no live audience when just a few feet away outside was a parking lot full of people waiting to hear the speech but being forced to watch it on a video monitor. I would have brough this up yesterday, but I continued to hear all during Friday that Biden did this great job on his speech and that he had nailed it like he was a gymnast or something. But he didn’t. It was all a fake to be honest, just like the Covid-19 Plandemic, and many other things that the Democrats are trying to tell us are important. It was a production, not reality. What’s even worse is that most of the media likely know that what I have said about the speech is true, and they made themselves part of the illusion by trying to sell it as reality. The speech itself isn’t the problem, it represents what Democrats are offering as a platform and if people want to vote for that, then there you go. But when you try to sell an illusion as a fact, well that crosses the line of ethics. People go to a magic show expecting to be tricked. When they go to a political event, they are looking for information to help them cast a vote or to gather more people to their way of thinking. This level of dishonesty is precisely why everything is at a perilous place these days, and people are literally ready to kill each other.

I would go so far to say that Democrat Convention planners have been wanting to use Covid-19 to pull off this very kind of stunt because they are well aware that Biden is failing in health and they just want to get him over the finish line. This plan has been in place most of the year and is why Kamala Harris dropped out in December so that she could be a trojan horse of socialism getting elected on Joe’s back. Joe just wants to win something in his life even if they must carry him over the finish line. He just hopes he can live long enough. What’s bad about it all is that they are not selling the actual product but are purposely using deceit to achieve their political objective. And just like they have been trying to sell Covid-19 as this deadly disease, they are trying to show that Biden is alive and well, and can still give a speech when both are extreme fictions not rooted in any kind of reality. And that ultimately is what they are selling in this election. Do you want to go back to sleep and watch the production they put on to work their menace behind illusions, or do you want out of the Matrix and to fight for your freedom to live, think, and plan? That is what this election is really about—it’s the reality versus the production. And after Biden’s speech, we can be sure of one thing, that he’s not about reality.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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