If I was the Father of Kyle Rittenhouse: Mao’s Three Phase Theory in Kenosha

Actually, if I were the father of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17 year old charged with shooting three people in Kenosha, Wisconsin during a recent protest that he should have stayed home and not put himself 15 minutes to the south to help defend Kenosha from a Marxist mob of insurgents. Generally the rule in a somewhat civil society is that you defend your home, but you leave other places to the police. Kenosha was under attack from a kind of Democrat Marxist militia all its own and I truly understand the young Kyle’s desire to do something about it. The kid wants to be a cop and I understand that type of thinking very well. But, he brought a gun to the fight and he ended up killing two people in the process and now he has to go through all the legal trouble that comes with that kind of thing. And it would have been better not to do it. However, the logical argument could be said, and this is the true issue at hand, that good people can’t sit back and let bad people do all these bad things to us. Sure, the video of the shooting was obvious, Kyle was defending his own life and the guys that were shot deserved it. Yet, Kyle shouldn’t have let himself be lured like a moth to a flame so easily. Experience and more years on his life will teach him that. There is a time and place for this kind of fighting, and this wasn’t it.

The unspoken problem though is that Democrats are using these Black Lives Matter Marxists in the way of Mao Tse Tung’s little red book when the communists took over China and what was going on in Kenosha is precisely part of a Marxist plan to destabilize local politics so to change behavior in the Midwest. For those who haven’t read Mao’s book these Democrats organizing these riots are using the Three Phase Theory of Revolutionary War as utilized by the Chinese dictator, the 1st is to organize and consolidate base areas, such as progressives in high concentrations in places like Kenosha and St. Louis. Every time the police make a mistake the regional destabilizing base groups can then expound on the situation with change agency radicalism. Its an old trick. The 2nd step is the progressive expansion by terror attacks on isolated enemy units, again such as a far-flung place in the Midwest like Kenosha. It lets places like Chicago nearby see that such terrorism is coming their way and it destabilizes the confidence of their political leadership, which is the point of the riots. The 3rd step of course is the complete destruction of the enemy in battle. Once their enemy has been softened up by terrorism, then that is the time to attack them, when their confidence is low and spirits have been drained away.

There are many freedom fighters coming to the aid of the now jailed Kyle Rittenhouse and I think the kid will find himself out of jail in the not so distant future, and he may even be one of those redeeming cop stories in a future presidential election. But he’s in for a rough few years and it could have all been avoided if he understood the true nature of the political game that is underfoot now. Nobody should yet be panicking about the riots, because as his father, I would have explained to the young Kyle, and others like him thinking the exact same thing, that these Marxist movements are stuck in step 2, and they are never going to get to step 3. So, don’t freak out and start going out there and killing a bunch of people, because they aren’t winning, and they aren’t going to win. Right now, President Trump winning is the best offense that can happen, so be cool and let the Marxists destroy themselves. Play the long game and smoke them out. We have our own rules of engagement, and Mao’s stupid Little Red Book isn’t going to work in the United States for lots of reasons. It may have worked in Europe, South Africa, all of Asia, Central America, lots of places, but its not going to work in America.

When Mao’s communism moved from the north across China in the wake of World War II the people were already defeated emotionally by the long war with Japan. So, it was easy for Mao’s dumb little book to take root, people were empty and looking to be filled with something, and Mao’s communism seemed like a good idea to a desperate people. That same attempt to make people desperate was attempted in the United States with the Covid virus and the government shutdowns. Its all in Mao’s book, so if you read these things, you will always know what the bad guys are up to. Its no secret. However, in America, which is where the plan started falling apart, people are used to free will. So when government shut down, people found other things to do. They didn’t just sit around and be miserable. They took action and stepped around government to continue their lives. And they bought a lot more guns since it was obvious that the government couldn’t be trusted with their protection. And they are willing to use them. Young people like Kyle Rittenhouse was acting on an impulse many of us are feeling. He didn’t yet develop the discipline to hold his fire for the right time. But much to the alarm of the Marxist insurgents, there are millions and millions of Americans who are ready to pick up their guns and take matters into their own hands right now. Defunding the police is the dumbest idea in the history of the world, because all that would do is free people to take matters into their own hands, like Rittenhouse did. And that part of the plan was never considered by Democrats who are now looking at the situation with great fear and anxiety of their own. Mao’s Little Red Book isn’t working in America and they aren’t sure why.

The truth is, there are too many guns in private ownership to allow for a mass spread of the second step of Mao’s Three Phase Theory, and as it currently stands, there are a lot more people like Kyle Rittenhouse out there with their hands on their triggers ready for a real fight in the streets and they are eager for the experience. The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because we all hope that Trump’s re-election can stave off the violence. We are letting the election process work. But if it lets us down, and there are no cops or courts to maintain law and order, well then there are going to be a lot more Kyle Rittenhouse types who will grab their guns and hit the streets and the Marxist losers won’t have a chance. They will be eliminated quickly and easily. That is their fate if they continue to use terrorism to force Marxism on innocent people. I would have told young Kyle Rittenhouse to go to his room and clean his guns, to be mindful of the circumstances and to let the system work. Then, if it doesn’t and those attackers come to his hometown, then be ready to go. But until then, hold his fire and enjoy being a kid for a little while longer, because it goes quickly. You don’t want to waste it in a jail cell.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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