ANTIFA at Sturgis: Their protest lasted about 5 seconds, and Bikers are coming for Democraps who cheat and attack Trump

In case you haven’t heard, ANTIFA tried to crash the Sturgis Bike Rally and it last about 5 seconds.  Here is the raw video in case they don’t show it on any other media outlets.  This is what is in store for the Anti-Trump forces in America who are trying to take over our way of life.  If they want a fight, it won’t even be close.

If Democrats try to cheat in this election, God help them.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Millie Weaver Arrested: The Deep State, taxpayer funded terrorism of IIA that threatens us all

No, the big story of the FBI lawyer who is going to give up the goods on others in the intelligence agency who were spying on the incoming Trump administration is not the biggest story of the weekend. Not even close, although whatever happens with the investigation led by Attorney General Barr will make any potential Biden presidency completely negated because of the circumstances of his involvement with the Obama administration into manipulated FISA warrants in the first place to destroy President Trump before he won the election and after. The fury of the information selling community and what we have seen out of them since the impeachment attempt against Trump in January is a war like panic which culminated on the evening of Friday August 14, 2020 in Ohio when police came to arrest Millie Weaver and her husband Gavin Wince at their home shortly after the trailer for a self-produced documentary about the nature of how IIAs work and the commercial side of information technology that has been sold to enemies of the state for the purpose of Social Media Psychological Warfare. Sure, the confession of Kevin Clinesmith—the FBI attorney who altered a CIA email to use in an application for FISA to continue surveillance of the Trump campaign is the first block to really fall, and is proof that Millie Weaver was on to something. But if you watch her video, shown below, you’ll see dear reader what I have been saying for many years, especially as the proof of it is playing out all around us, particularly the conditional elements that are behind the Covid-19 scam. I can’t promise that this video will still be up by the time you can see it, but here it is in case you are one of the lucky ones.

Millie has always done good work as an Infowars reporter and she has been a supporter of President Trump from the beginning. I used to see her at Trump rallies in Ohio and I personally like her. She’s a straight shooter who is a little bit too awake, like the rest of us, but what sets her apart is her nose for reporting which goes well beyond anything a hired journalist would be allowed to perform. I can’t say that everything in her video is 100% true because its coming from essentially two whistleblowing witnesses who are looking for a bit of fame and fortune of their own as they are now turning away from contract work that they had been doing for IIA terrorism (Interactive Internet Activities) which is the primary strategy of what Millie was calling the Shadow Net, which is the true purpose of the Deep State. Without President Trump we wouldn’t even know about people like Kevin Clinesmith in the FBI but obviously the problem goes much deeper. I knew of the technology and strategies talked about in the Weaver documentary, but I didn’t know the name IIA. Yet it makes sense, it is the purpose of companies like Facebook and Google, to collect data on you, turn it all over to a massive artificial intelligence program and what comes out of the other end is a profile of predictability on you specifically which can then be used to sell you shoes, change your voting habits, or destroy the country for which you live. Whatever the Deep State decides they want to do with the information.

I was looking forward to watching her documentary which had to be uploaded Friday as I watched previews of it on her Twitter channel, but I was not surprised to learn that a grand jury had indicted her for theft and that the police showed up to her home to arrest her. It was nearly the same precise method of legal harassment that was used on Judy Mikovits who was the whistleblower on the “plandemic” Covid-19. False charges based on the theft of intellectual material owned by the Deep State which they were calling theft, even though their mode of collecting it should be illegal, yet it’s not yet because the technology is so new that nobody yet knows or understands how dangerous it really is. Yet we see its effectiveness all around us with the race riots and public reaction to Covid-19. These enemies of us all are using IIA strategies to topple the American election and they are trying to blame it on countries who are powerless to defend themselves in any court of public opinion. This is a new kind of attack that is happening right in front of our faces, yet we are not trained to think of them as an enemy. If this were a science fiction movie, what the IIA threat is to us would pale in comparison to say something like Skynet from the Terminator movies. Only they don’t come to physically kill you, they destroy your reputation, they steer you into insanity, ruin your health, they essentially harvest your live body to serve their diabolical needs by manipulating every connection you have to reality, your home life, your work life, even your dreams by planting seeds in your mind that your subconscious then fester into growth that become the nightmares of your deep sleep.

And why doesn’t anybody in government stop them—well, the money coming from them is good, and its better to make friends with such a powerful enemy—in their minds. Through the IIA terrorism strategies of social media psychological warfare they know everything about you, everyone you know and they are willing to use that information to extort you into compliance. So far, not many people have fought back because essentially, they can’t afford to. If you are having an affair, they’ll expose it to the public. If you looked at gay porn, they will know it and find a way to leak it to the world. If you are having marital trouble in another way, they’ll find a way to tempt your spouse with an online match who will just so happen to show up at the same grocery store and herd them together just like farmers would a cow they wanted to see give birth with a bull put in a ring and exposed to the opportunity. They do the same to your kids, your parents, friends, employers, your neighbors—everyone. Facebook and Google have been collecting and selling that data for a long time now, and the real version of the fantasy Skynet is before us. But they don’t need a Terminator, they let people destroy themselves under their guidance. That is a much cleaner way to kill, and they certainly do. The proof is quite clear if you can manage to be one of the few free people in the world who can see it.

Sure, I’m happy that Kevin Clinesmith is blowing the door off the FBI investigation, but we are really talking about small potatoes here. I would dare say that even the presidential election coming up is small potatoes because what we are dealing with is a real threat to our very existence that obviously has the power to arrest Millie Weaver before she could manage to upload a documentary to the internet. After all, all this technology was invented not for us to enjoy ourselves and to order things on Amazon. They allow us to use their technology so that they can study our behavior, collect information about us and sell that information to whoever wants to buy it, anywhere in the world. They don’t care about the American Constitution or about any of our lives. They have long already sold out the United States and are well downstream from any sentiment toward the flag. They are our real enemies and only because we elected Trump the first time are we even seeing their fingerprints caught in activism because of a little resistance. There was never a movie or book about this level of artificial intelligence guided by people for the purpose of creating a hidden national enemy that was more online than in a physical country. And they are so audacious in keeping their arrangement that they arrested Millie Weaver in the middle of the day at her home in front of her children within moments of her uploading that video, which shows everyone how closely they watch everything and mean to control us all for their strategies and profit.

Yes, you can fight them, its not a hopeless situation. Just make sure not to give them anything to use against you and be ready to expose them wherever they are. Don’t let them take your freedom, stand up for yourself and get wise to the situation. And for now, make sure to re-elect President Trump. He and Attorney General Barr are the best means to ending this Deep State menace without actual gunfire. I’m hoping so anyway, because if those losers had come to my house the way they did Millie–well they have a profile on me already so they know what would have happened to them. It is still very possible to turn the information they have on you into a weapon of its own, and to give them the nightmares for a change. Because they damn well deserve it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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