Government Lied to you About Masks during Covid: The trick to keep coronavirus around longer to help Joe Biden in the election

Most everything about Covid-19, especially the mask mandates, were created as policy by a global oriented political class who in America call themselves socialists/Democrats, to give Joe Biden the contents of his speech at the DNC. I am prepared to say, as I have been asserting, but now have irrefutable evidence that social distancing, shelter in place and the detrimental mandatory mask mandates were completely wrong for containing Covid-19 but were purely political in their implementation. Covid-19 was a viral attack on our political way of life only, and a desperate desire to end the Trump presidency as the last shot they had left after everything else they have tried over the last four years in what many call the Deep State. Skeptics might want to argue that no established power has that kind of power, but history will show that they clearly did and they used it so that Joe Biden could give the speech he did on August 20th 2020. But it does really all come down to the mask mandates, the change agency that they were designed to implement socially, which have nothing at all to do with safety, only the perception of safety


I have found a way to deal with the mask issue, I hate them with a passion. I think it’s the single dumbest thing I’ve ever seen a government do which is to issue a mask mandate for free people living in the world and the general campaign of wearing them to save others, not yourself. If there was ever a disguised socialist plea, it was the mask mandates, to try and train people to think of others before they think of themselves and to then get them thinking that way for everything, which Democrats think will lead to the kind of socialism Joe Biden represents in this new Bernie Sanders takeover of the party. My rebellion of the masks is to wear silk bandanas which cowboys have always worn to protect themselves from the harsh elements on the open plains. If I must wear something to act professionally or to go to a restaurant, then I’m going to dress the way I have always wanted. Why not if the world is going to go mad. My outfits are typically north of $500-$1000 so I’m sure as hell not going to put on some stupid paper mask that is drenched in spit from a day of breathing. My silk bandanas are nice and light and dry out quickly and are comfortable. I may wear them from now on well after this mandated mask nonsense is over politically, because I like the look and feel and it helps cheat facial recognition software which is a nice bonus. But the standard N95 masks and the general surgical masks were never going to be a part of my life and they never will. I’m not dealing with that crap around my ears all day pressing those damn things up against my lips. I do know quite a lot about science, and it is never a good idea to stifle your access to oxygen and to increase the amounts of CO2 that returns back to your mouth on air intake. My silk bandanas keep the material off my face, my mouth is free of any obstruction and the silk is soft on my nose. It’s the most comfortable mask possible which is why cowboys wore them. It might look a little over the top, but in this insane world, who gives a crap? I don’t.

Much of what Judy Mikovits wrote in her third book ‘The Case Against Masks’ I already knew or expected, but hearing from her and her co-author Kent Heckenlively validated my suspicions about masks from the beginning and show without a shadow of a doubt that the desire for mask mandates were always purely political. These two authors are a couple of the most banned people on the internet, but I wouldn’t stop with them. Anybody like them who is questioning the “expert science” offered by Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, Google, Facebook and the communist loving World Health Organization has been similarly banned, which is precisely why I trust them over the political mechanisms mentioned. This new book is not very long, but it has enough information about masks and why they don’t work to fill the mind of a reader with a proper defense to launch a proper argument. For me the biggest takeaway that I didn’t know about Covid-19 was that the half-life of it in sunlight is 2 minutes, meaning direct sun kills the virus. That means that the masks are the completely wrong tactic for defeating the virus. The more sun people are exposed to, the better way to kill the virus.

There are many facts like that in ‘The Case Against Masks’ but for me, that was the silver bullet. Forget about hydroxychloroquine, the ultraviolent light from the sun is the best defense against Covid-19. By wearing a mask you are only trapping the virus against your face and keeping the sun from getting to it making you more of a contamination risk, not less. But the “science” of the Democrats don’t want people to know that, because they need the virus to be around for the election so that Biden can make his case for mandatory masks and use the torpedoed economy as a way to hopefully remove Trump from office. And the proof of the Mikovits position against masks could be seen in two mass events in South Dakota where direct sunlight without masks impeading ultraviolent light provided examples of virus containment and killed any spreading. The first was the 4th of July fireworks at Mt. Rushmore where Trump gave a speech to a crowd not socially distancing from each other and not wearing masks. The second was the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where half a million people did the same, yet Covid-19 did not spread. That is because the sunlight killed it.

And that has been the logical conclusion all along, yet scientists and government hid that little fact from the media and people in general so that they could keep the pandemic alive long enough to hopefully get Joe Biden elected. We have all be wearing these stupid masks all this time for absolutely no reason, but only to help Joe Biden with his election attempts. That’s all the masks have meant and what the real reason for mandating them has been. In the way that only government can, they have compelled us against our will by extorting our employment options with penalty in order to help Democrats do better in the upcoming election by prolonging a virus outbreak that they helped plan, and they held back knowledge of the real science for purely political reasons. The masks have been a scam at best, and a political weapon intent for Democrats. Where people have rebelled against masks, Covid conditions have improved. And that should tell you everything you need to know.

There is a panic out there because people are tired of the masks and they are not wearing them, and the case counts are diving quickly. Its still only August so for the Democrats that is too early. In many ways they struggled to keep the story alive until the DNC Convention. But by Election Day, the Covid counts will be virtually gone because as people get sick of the masks and stop wearing them, and sunlight gets to people’s faces once again, there is no way for the virus to live on a host unless it is shielded from the sun by a mask—which was always the point of mandating the masks—not to keep people safe, but to allow the virus to live longer and do the most political damage against Trump that they could. And for many people, they will have a hard time believing that a political party can be that evil. But believe me, they can be, and they are.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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