Sex Trade in Rio: The World and Motivations behind Eyes Wide Shut

Barrack Obama’s disappearance to South American in a time of extreme crises looks suspiciously contemptuous. His relationship with “big labor” and even the George Soro types in the world that are intent on remaking the world is deeply troubling to the minds of many Americans that are committed to honesty and fundamental American values.

I recently wrote an article criticizing the president on his trip listing all the troubles that are currently on the table and one of them was the NFL lockout. Well, of course this got a reaction, because how is the NFL lockout as important as the tsunami in Japan? Well, it’s not. But in the secret recesses of the human mind, it is. The NFL is the game of the American Economy. The “men of the mind” buy boxes and move and shake the world from those seats on Sunday afternoons while gladiators batter each other on the field of play yard by yard. Taking that game out of the public consciousness will have an impact on our national consciousness in a negative way.

Thinking of sports, each year there are stories of athletes that attempt a competitive edge by use of steroids, or some other method. Well, in business, the same holds true, or in any other endeavor.

A few years ago I wrote a book called The Symposium of Justice that explored through the eyes of a modern Zorro type character the sinister exploits of a secret world that attempts to gain such competitive advantage over others by appeasing “the gods” or “demons” or whatever you want to call them. These rituals, which I can testify to, have their sources in ancient sacrifices where humans were killed to appease those gods. Well, to the American, Christian mind, such things are preposterous and archaic ways of thinking. But those societies that participated in such brutality such as those in central America 1000 AD to 1500 AD particularly, Native American cultures, Mesopotamia, and head hunting cultures of New Guinea all had rituals to appease the hidden elements that exist all around us in a hope that such aid would help grow better crops, or bring water to the community.

I know a few people who are practicing shaman, one that lives in St. Louis and she invited my wife and me to a spiritual gathering recently. Below is a video from her friend Chief Golden Light/Eagle who comes often to Serpent Mound, Ohio for yearly ceremonies to explain some of the mysteries between human beings and the world around us. Now to the untrained ear stuck in the world of the here and now, some of this will sound strange. Remember, just because you don’t understand, does not mean these things don’t exist.

Similar powers are explored often in the culture of voodoo, which you can find easily in the south. In fact, it’s not difficult to find a practicing voodoo priest if you go Hilton Head Island or Savannah Georgia. Many are working as dish washers in the back rooms of restaurants and they live in small trailers or even tents just outside of town, but they can certainly conger up a voodoo doll or reach into the spirit realm for you for a small fee, and bring bad luck on an enemy, or even cause an enemy to get seriously sick.

This is why I find the film Eyes Wide Shut particularly fascinating. Stanley Kubrick, creator of 2001 A Space Odyssey and The Shining jumped into the world of the rich and powerful that attempt to use sex drugs and violence to curry favor with the spirit world. Now, Kubrick was no kook. He was a serious and very talented filmmaker and he spent many, many hours researching the shocking video you will see below. He actually did what the character Tom Cruise did in the film; he snuck into these secret societies and studied what was going on and why. He depicted this action in his film, and he did not live to see it delivered to theaters. Tom Cruise violently protected the final cut of the film with his reputation, which he paid for. The film was delivered to the public as Kubrick intended, but the professional lives of Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman were forever tarnished by the film, proving how deep the influence goes into even the very rich and powerful. In fact, Cruise and Kidman’s marriage didn’t last. They divorced shortly after the film was released. Cruise buried himself into scientology shortly thereafter and lost credibility with the public at large.

Here is an edited clip from the films ritual scene.

You can see the whole ritual scene at this link which I’ll avoid on this page because it contains graphic nudity. Now when you watch this remember that the women brought into this ceremony are common prostitutes bought though the sex trade industry and drugged with aphrodisiacs so they’d be prepared for the mass orgy.

Steve Spielberg even came in for the DVD release and helped maintain the integrity of the film, which appears to have cost him his career as well. Spielberg is only a fraction of what he used to be as a creative talent.

So what’s in the chant? You’d think by watching that clip that it is a demonic chant, but it’s not. Here’s the translation.
Romanian Chant (In the movie, it is played backwards. Here are the normal version, backwards version and translation)

Normal Version

Zisa Domnului catre ucenicii sai…Porunca noua dau voua…Domnului sa ne rugam pentru mila, viata, pacea, sanatatea, mantuirea, cercetarea, lasarea si iertarea pacatelor robilor lui Dumnezeu. Inchinatori, miluitori si binefacatori ai sfantului lacasului acestuia.

Backwards Version

Auov uad auon acnurop ias iicinecu ertac iulunmod asiz… Aiutseca iulusacal iulutnafs ia irotacafenib is irotiulim irotanihcni.
Uezenmud iul rolibor roletacap aeratrei is aerasal aeratecrec aeriutnam aetatanas aecap ataiv alim urtnep magur en as iulunmod. Auov uad auon acnurop ias iicinecu ertac iulunmod asiz…

Pray from India

Parithranaya Saadhunam Vinashaya cha dushkrithaam Dharmasamsthabanarth aya Sambhavami yuge yuge


And God told to his apprentices…I gave you a command…to pray to the Lord for the mercy, life, peace, health, salvation, the search, the leave and the forgiveness of the sins of God’s children. The ones that pray, they have mercy and they take good care of this holy place.

It would appear, much like in the Old Testament of the Bible that many who wish to social climb still believe that the spirit world will appease their earthly wishes if those that have command of the earth will make ritual sacrifices in the name of God’s children. Now those sacrifices aren’t necessarily to Yahweh but to what the Bible might refer to as“false gods.”
Whatever you believe, it is clear that there are many, who do believe such things, and they attempt to monopolize not just our physical laws in our state houses, and federal government, but they do play this game of spirit world appeasement. Whether or not it actually works is up to debate. But for such a long human tradition to endure for so long, results are believed to be promising, even among our current elite, which Kubrick studied in great detail.

My point in bringing this up is that it is obvious that there is more to the story of what is behind the obvious neglect by our elected officials to follow the laws of the Constitution. There are some, although in the minority, that are corrupt and evil to the absolute core of their being, and do believe that they will personally prosper by bringing decadence to the world. And that if anything is to be fixed, it will not be enough to fix only our understanding of the law as established in the Constitution, but we will have to have a spiritual awaking as well, one that does not subscribe to warped religious practices and a hunger for things done in secret in an attempt to get a spiritual advantage.

It is not farfetched to consider such things. Daily, millions of people read their horoscopes, which is a gateway acceptance to this type of ritualistic indulgence.

Case in point, the violence on the border of the United States and Mexico is clearly a situation that should provoke war. But instead we see appeasement so that drugs can continue to flow freely. We see the sex trade industry thriving out in the open even though consciously we all agree that it’s morally wrong.

Not only are drugs encouraged to continue to pour into our country to feed the weak among our fellow Americans with more mind numbing devices but the sex slavery is also endorsed.

The sex trade industry is an epic travesty upon the face of the world and progressives are naive to think of world peace when the hearts of man are corrupt with such black thoughts.

Yet this is how it’s sold to the public. Remember where the UN meets.

To make real and permanent repairs to the human condition, and the laws we live under, it is important to make the distinction into what it is we are actually trying to achieve. We can say with certainty that we want the nation restored, but there are those in the world that are first sexually promiscuous and crave power to have access to sexual deviancy, and those that believe that organizing sex practices are appealing to “the gods” and those gods will give them power and dominion over others.

So in our quests these accounts must be considered for what they’re worth, and if justice is sought, it must be sought for all, sex slaves and child trafficking included.

Consider just in the United States the porn industry generates billions and billions of dollars every year, 97 billion worldwide and that’s the money that is traceable that file SEC statements. That’s more money than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Netflix, Apple, combined. Just in the United States porn makes more money than Major League Baseball, the NHL and the NFL combined with revenues of NBC, CBS, and ABC.

The question you have to ask is………………………….why?

Now I know why President Obama is going to Rio. He’s going to save all the children from sex tourism that is so rampant there.

Oh……..sorry to get your hopes up. Everyone knows this is going on, just like the people in the room in Eyes Wide Shut, (hence the title) Obama won’t even bring it up because his bosses would chastise him for it. And we all know what happens to people who try to expose this terrible industry rooted in corrupt human sacrifice. Ask Stanley Kubrick, and Tom Cruise, when the name Cruise used to mean something, and Kubrick was still alive.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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    1. Thank you. You put that up fast! I was still making corrections. I hope it gets people thinking about this really tragic issue. Nobody wants to look at the dirt under the carpet.


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