Rich Hoffman and Realistic Solutions: The Many Reasons for S.B.5

The following comment is from a reader of the Cincinnati Enquirer responding to an interview I gave.


10:12 PM on February 28, 2011
More kids in the district, less state funding and no levies to go along with it – that’s the problem. I have no issue with Lakota doing pay to play. I agree with that.

Rich Hoffman – how about you provide some realistic solutions instead of merely stating “it’s the teachers.” Aside from further cuts to staff, what would you like to see? What would be sufficient for you to agree to a levy increase? When all of the kids are hearded back into a one room schoolhouse and the heat came in the form of a fireplace?

You see the above problem…increase number of kids in the district, less funding from the state. So what’s your solution if the levy isn’t the answer? Simply saying cutting staff won’t solve the problem as state minimums will still be required.

I’ve spent thousands and thousands of words spelling it out solutions. What has to happen is the school board needs some real teeth, the teachers union needs to have less power than management, and real education reforms need to be put in place. When those things happen, budgets can be managed, kids can get a better education, and the reality of the situation can be seen clearly.


What follows in these various radio broadcasts below is a large amount of information that anyone wanting to understand S.B.5 and how it affects the economy, politics, and each and every life of Ohioans, feel free to listen to your heart’s content. As the protests escalated in Columbus on March 1, 2011 chanting “KILL THE BILL,” in reference to S.B.5 I was on with Doc Thompson of 700 WLW speaking about the merits to the bill that get lost in the emotion of the debate.

Also just prior to the March on Columbus one of the organizers came on to Doc Thompson’s show to plead their side of the argument. He made some great comments and I enjoyed hearing them. They represent a majority of what the protesters think based on what they let out to the public.

Bill Cunningham had one several guests that provided potent information that every voter in Ohio should hear.

Given this large amount of information, where is the same information against the S.B.5 bill? Where is the compelling case as to why collective bargaining should continue? These radio broadcasts show all sides of the story yet where has the other side explained why it’s fair that tax payers continue to pay large amounts of tax and have virtually no control over how budgets are controlled because of collective bargaining?

Do those unions and their members have any facts besides the emotional appeal of chanting and carrying signs?


This is how the OEA responds to S.B.5.  This is how their lobby works.  Study the words carefully and consider what they mean.  This is how the OEA has done business for years, and this is why we have the financial implosion that we all suffer from.

Subject: Lobby Day March 2nd and growing momentum with the Educator
>>> Connector
>>> Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 11:04:14 -0600 (CST)
>>> From: OEA ACE’s Action Center>
>>> Reply-To: OEA ACE’s Action Center>
>>> Organization: Ohio Education Association
>>> To:
>>> Dear C******E,
>>> Keeping the pressure on our elected officials means reaching them every
>>> day in different ways. If you haven’t called or emailed this week,
>>> please do so today; if you have, please reach out to your colleagues,
>>> friends and neighbors to ask them to join you in standing up for our
>>> communities and against Senate Bill 5.
>>> *Our key, upcoming actions to oppose Senate Bill 5 and make your voice
>>> heard are:*
>>>   1. *Call and email your State Senator, using our Educator Connector
>>>      line (888-907-7309)* and ACEs email tool
>>>      <>. If
>>>      you’ve already called and emailed this week, please ask 3 of your
>>>      colleagues and friends to join you. In the past two days, we’ve
>>>      had 6 times the calls as any previous 48 hours, and we need to
>>>      keep that advocacy growing. This is the fastest and easiest way to
>>>      make your voice heard directly to your State Senator. Senators are
>>>      reporting that they’ve noticed a marked increase in calls from
>>>      educators, and we need to keep the pressure up.
>>>   2. *Join us for our Educator Lobby Day on Wednesday, March 2^nd ,
>>>      *where you get a chance to meet and talk with your State Senators
>>>      and Representatives.**This is not a coalition rally but rather an
>>>      OEA event where you will get to hear from our Governmental
>>>      Services staff beginning at 9:00 a.m. before heading over to the
>>>      Statehouse. Our Educator Lobby Days are a great way to talk with
>>>      your elected officials about a range of issues, including Senate
>>>      Bill 5. RSVP here to let us know you are coming
>>>      <> and so
>>>      that we can be prepared to help you make the most of your Lobby
>>> Day.
>>>   3. *Community Coalition Rally Against SB5 on Tuesday, March 1^st .
>>>      *The Insurance, Commerce & Labor committee has not yet released
>>>      official word if there will be a hearing or vote on Senate Bill 5
>>>      on Tuesday, but our labor and community coalition has scheduled a
>>>      rally. Once we receive the official schedule from the committee,
>>>      we will be sure to send you an updated Action Alert with more
>>>      details.  All members are encouraged to attend Wednesday’s OEA
>>>      Educator Lobby Day regardless of what happens Tuesday. The Rally
>>>      will begin at 10:00 a.m. and the OEA building will be open at 8:30
>>>      a.m.
>>> Please continue reaching out to your colleagues, as well as your friends
>>> and neighbors in the community. Some enterprising OEA members are even
>>> talking with the owners and employees of the small businesses they
>>> frequent, telling them about how Senate Bill 5 would harm the community
>>> and asking them to take action, too. The more people you raise this
>>> issue with and move to take action, the larger our movement grows.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior