Warrior of the Week: Doc Thompson

The Warrior of the Week is Doc Thompson. I could have made him that for any week prior to this week, because his work is exhaustive. For those of you that don’t know him, he’s the radio personality at 700 WLW from 9 to noon. He also still does his radio show in Richmond Virginia on 1140 WRVA from 3 to 6 PM. That’s two 3 hour radio programs which requires at least 6 to 7 hours of show prep each, reading newspapers, interviewing people, watching the news and taking notes and running things together with the program director, so just those two shows are big deals by themselves. But Doc doesn’t stop there.

He is also heavily involved in Tea Party business. He attends budget meetings at night for city government. He’s been active in learning about School Choice and has come to our meetings. He is extremely active, plus he answers over 200-400 emails a day, many of which he answers with care.

This coming week in addition to everything else he is hosting the Glenn Beck radio program on Tuesday March 8, 2011, 9-noon and Thursday March 10, 2011, 9-noon he can and should be thanked for his fair coverage of the S.B.5 Bill that passed the senate this past week. There were some powerful forces lining up to stop that bill. Some old school Republicans from the “machine politics” were leaning heavy on some of the Senate Republicans to turn away from S.B.5, and if Doc had not dedicated 9 or more hours to the topic over the week leading up to vote, I believe the bill would have failed in the senate.

That’s not to say that Doc Thompson was all one-sided. Doc gave coverage to both sides equally and asked the hard questions so the public could hear the debate, which is a valuable service to all of Ohio. It is not a question that the power of The Big One was being listened to in the offices of those elected officials in Columbus and Doc’s voice was carried clearly over the raving mob outside the State House windows. He was also able to land key interviews that not even the radio legend Bill Cunningham was able to obtain from Senator Shannon Jones. This sample goes on for over an hour and a half, but has the interview with Senator Jones, then goes on for another hour of union caller after union caller attempting to plead their case. It’s fantastic radio. Have a listen.

During last week Doc had on a protestor from the University of Cincinnati to speak against S.B.5. He was a student at the school who organized a rally against S.B.5 prior to the vote. The reason it is a significant interview is that Doc was very kind and fair to the young man, but after asking a number of tough questions, the protestor revealed on the air around the 16:30 minute mark that he was a socialist.

Not to be taken lightly, right after the socialist student, Doc had on Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts almost seamlessly.

For that student to reveal that he was a socialist was important because the unions had been trying to defend themselves all week from radio personalities like Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh who were saying that the universities and union movements were swarming with socialist sympathizers. Even Newt Gingrich had received criticism for accusing President Obama for being a socialist. There are many people in our society that just aren’t ready to deal with the “socialist” word. Parents certainly don’t want to face the fact that they’ve spent much of their adult lives saving up small fortunes to send their kids to college only to be exposed them to socialist principles, so people who make such proclamations are called kooks.

But Doc didn’t call the kid a socialist. The kid called himself one, revealing what many of us already suspected. That kind of revelation on the air with half a million people listening over 38 states and part of Canada has an effect, and suddenly gives the protestors outside the State House a lot less credibility.

Doc could have taken the easy road, and just asked surface questions like the TV News would do, or newspaper interviews. But Doc let Ohio hear the truth behind the mobs from the lips of an organizer.

It is a pleasure to have Doc Thompson in Cincinnati. He is just getting started in this market, and if this is just a preview of what’s to come, I shudder to consider the implications of future influence as he continues to bring truth, justice and the American way to 700 WLW.

Rich Hoffman