Be A Man: Don’t ever give up your man card

Of course since the election of 2020 I’ve personally reflected on all the things that are wrong with it, why the hatred of President Trump, and what the strategy is of the other side has been and continues to be.  Many things that we suspect and have talked about for years, and decades have an obvious conclusion that we can’t ignore.  In many cases prior to the election of President Trump we were in that slow boil of the frog metaphor that became so popular during the Tea Party days where the frog is in the pot of water having the temperature gradually increased, yet the frog doesn’t jump out because its so slow that it doesn’t notice until its cooked.  But with Trump and the great job he did as President the contrast of an America First agenda has revealed some very sobering facts.  The political left aren’t just ideologically motivated into a happy, healthy counter to Republican proposals in congress, they are out to destroy all of us and to remake us into the communists of Asia.  There is no doubt about it now especially after what we did learn from the behavior of all involved during the entire year of 2020.  We are meant to bend the knee to the communists of China and nothing else.  Our sovereignty as Americans is laughed at by the entire world as if they were in on a secret we are just becoming aware of and one of the biggest ways they’ve managed to implement the scam was by tricking us into accepting that masculinity is toxic and needs to be reformed.  However, reality shows clearly that the reason they think like that is to remove any opposition that they might face while taking over our country and turning it into a state of communist China.  They don’t want any opposition, so they have attacked masculinity as a means of conquering our country.

This point was driven home quite dramatically for me recently as I was at Liberty Center in Butler County, Ohio eating some Chinese food in the pouring rain sitting on a bench reading a book using the brim of my hat to shield the book and the food from the weather.  Sure, I could have been eating inside, but it was cold out and I tend to think better in adverse conditions.  I think its good to come out of your comfort zone at least once a day to stay sharp on ideas so when there is a chance to read a book, have some lunch and think under inclement weather conditions I see it as an opportunity.  I usually wear a lot of leather, so I don’t get wet, the rain runs off me easily leaving me quite comfortable.  That’s one way that I deal with stress and the week for many reasons was excessively harsh, so I was really enjoying myself reading my book and eating in the rain listening to the water run off my hat as the elements swirled around me.  But wouldn’t you know it, a car pulled up near my bench and a guy got out to make a short little step into a nearby store and he couldn’t get out of his car without opening an umbrella to shield him from the weather.  That guy reminded me of the problem where masculinity had been attacked and he was the product of it.  China would not be scared to attack America with men like that shown on the news.  In fact, they’d be encouraged by it.  After my meal I shot the video shown above.

The sexes have been defined by communists which is the same as saying liberals and we’ve allowed it to occur.  I see both sexes as valuable, I personally think women are more valuable than men and I treat them that way with great respect.  I show them far better respect than I do men, but I generally treat everyone well until they give me a reason not to.  And in my family my wife plays a very traditional role.  For our entire 30 plus year marriage she has never had to work at a career.  Whatever amount of money we needed for the family under some of the most adverse conditions, I went out and made.  And in trade when I get to my reading chair at the end of the day, she brings my food to me and makes sure I’m taken care of.  I fix the things that break around the house while she takes care of all the family arrangements and needs.  She’s ultra-feminine and likes it, and my role is ultra-masculine, and it works very well.  Neither of us have any tolerance for a bunch of progressive re-interpretation of how a family or a member of some sex should behave in the world.  The communists whether they came from Russia or now from China want to destroy the American family through divorce, pornography, and all these stupid woke rules that are suddenly all the rage.  As I said, we’ve been married for over 30 years.  Maybe 2 months of that entire time was easy, but most of the pressure has come from losers who can’t maintain a relationship for five minutes, so we are pretty resolute about these matters these days.  And I am firm that if anybody really wants to keep their country, then they better learn to work together and to support each other in what they are good at starting with this ruination of a culture surrounding us that sees masculinity as toxic. 

That guy getting out of that car afraid of the rain likely isn’t much good to anybody in his life, not his kids, certainly not his wife, his profession certainly not his country.  He may have gotten into the store without getting his hair wet, or his suit, but he lost his man card in the process and that seems to be a lot of our problems these days.  Men have been giving up their man cards too easily tricked, and in doing so leaving the Chinese communists laughing at us.  Then to justify their move of embarrassment they have been going further to the political left where all the sheep are and further advocating for more progressive government policies which was the intent all along.  They know they should not be using an umbrella while walking in the rain.  They know if there is a noise in the night that they should patrol their neighborhood at gunpoint to scout for danger.  They know their kids are looking for guidance in a dangerous world and that as men they have surrendered that guidance to the incompetent authority of government and its pathetic.  But at least their little clothes didn’t get wet while they were buying aftershave, so the razor doesn’t scuff the smooth skin of their face.  As if that’s what women really want—told to us by a liberal press, and by a liberal global network of countries who don’t want to look so wimpy and stupid next to an average American.  It became clear to me that we could go out and fix voter laws, we could go out as Republicans re-shaped by Trump and re-take the House and Senate, we can do a lot of things to fix our nation that involve policy.  But the first thing we need to do as men is to use masculinity to repeal these hostile communist forces, and a lot of that starts by not being afraid of the rain.  If its raining, don’t run for cover like some baby.  Don’t run from danger of any kind.  Face it down and manage it because the world is watching and they are most terrified of the kind of masculinity that they see from the free society of America, so give them a good look at what scares them most.  Don’t be a baby, be a man!

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Communists are Lazy: The little secret they try to hide from the world

I didn’t suddenly become obsessed with the word “communism.”  Communism has been with us for a great many years, and I have been grateful that over the last four years I have not had to think much about it.  Trump has done a great job and put China in a check position beating them at the trade wars and other policies that had been ripping off Americans for years. During the Tea Party years, I was in fact very concerned about communism and how they had infiltrated the teacher unions of our education system, and all labor unions in general.  But with Trump’s America First agenda, he had put communism on its heels and on the defensive for the first real time in my lifetime.  Even doing a better job at it than Ronald Reagan during the Cold War with Russia.  However, I have been on something of a journey over these past few years as I enjoyed Trump’s presidency.  First, I was able to do something I had wanted to do for a very long time, visit the British Museum and study the spots where Karl Marx did his work on his books.  I didn’t do that because I like Marx, but to answer several questions that I had about the matter, such as why did Marx spend all his time in the British Museum library leaving his kids and wife at home struggling with poverty?  And why did London so openly let Marx do his communist work in their city when he had been exiled elsewhere.  The answer actually was very disappointing, and it told me a lot about the kind of people who push communism, but as I expected, it gave insight into how to beat them at their own game, which is why now that there is a Biden administration that is pushing Chinese communism as a global takeover of the American way of life, it has become relevant.

I’ve written a few books, and I’ve been writing another one, one I’ve been talking about for a while called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business: A Skelton Key to Western Civilization.  It was about to go to print when Amazon’s AWS business cut Parler out of their servers and the great purge of conservatives went full communist book burning.  Much of my book’s business plan involved Amazon but their actions certainly changed that.  So I am restructuring to find a way to put the book out that doesn’t involve Amazon, the largest bookseller in the world.  Not an easy problem to deal with.  But it’s coming along.  I may lose a few months, but that’s OK.  The difference in writing a book and not just filming a video or writing a blog article is that a book needs to work at many significant levels of understanding to be worthy of such an undertaking.  It’s not a problem for me to write 100,000 words.  I could do that in a day or two, but what needs to happen is that the book needs to be special, something that goes behind thoughts and observances.  And to do the research for the book I have been traveling, which is how I found myself in the British Museum trailing Marx and his habits thinking about him walking those streets, talking to people at the local pubs, riding trains and what going to the grocery looked like for his poor and sad wife with his kids literally dying of poverty.  I had observed that Marx and his theories have deeply affected corporate structure, which I had seen a lot of, and I needed to understand it so I could write my book on western strategy in the way of business and in politics that would be something significant in the way I consider books significant in my life such as The Art of War and The Book of Five Rings.  I felt the West needed its own book on strategy because in the vacuum of not having such a book European Marxism had infected most corporate cultures and that through China and the rest of Asia had stepped into Buddhist culture and had found a home there in religion and business.  We have seen this attack of Marxism and outright communism in Lean Manufacturing where group consensus building was prioritized over the efforts of individualized leadership. 

I’m not giving away anything that will erode the value of that new book of mine to announce why I have now looked at communism as the new great threat resurrected from the past that we must concern ourselves with.  I don’t know that anybody has ever really defined why communism was evil or a menace to our civilization.   We only pointed out that it was.  Without giving the answer properly it has left it open for communists coming out of our colleges, going into our corporate climates, and emerging in politics to absorb the trends creating a mixed society of misery and discomfort for all.  Yet the purpose of a book is to define those abstract concepts which in defense of Western Civilization must happen.  Especially since we don’t have Trump fighting the good fight from the White House presently.  Those fights will need to be fought by others now and to win a fight, everyone must understand the objectives.  With that in mind the reason communism is so dangerous, as its creative Karl Marx personified extravagantly is that it is the philosophy for the lazy.  Karl Marx was the kind of person who would rather hide in a library than to deal with the realities of existence, so his philosophy of Marxism reflects that as it merged into communism.  Lazy people love communism, including the Chinese, the heads of big corporations, and the leaders of political parties.  Not because they as leaders aren’t ambitious, but because they are too lazy to deal with the immense variables that come from a democratic society where everyone has a different point of view about just about everything.  As a manager seeking to make the best enterprise out of their business or their country, it would be easier if everyone just thought the same thing and lived in the same house, made the same level of money because the results would be predictable. 

I have far different ideas about how management structures should be organized and that’s why I’m writing a book on that specific topic, and I mean for it to be a guidebook for Western Civilization.  For many years we’ve heard bitch after bitch about the downfall of Western Civilization, how America will be the next Rome brought down by the barbarian hoards.  But I don’t see that happening because the barbarians of communism around the world have one big fatal flaw, they are lazy and looking to hide their lackluster ambitions behind the communism philosophy that lets them hide behind others for output.  Lean Manufacturing as we inherited it from Asia has huge traces of Marxism in it and that has greatly held back the potential of all Western countries who have adopted that madness for consensus building rather than the proper management of individualized resources who are loose on their feet, piratical in their love of profit, but otherwise difficult to point in a direction that any organization needs for success.  So by seeking that answer it uncovered the big secret as to why globalists want communism for their take overs of the world, or why nations like China are trying to shove it onto the rest of the world.  Because it lowers the bar to the level communists are comfortable with, because essentially, they are too lazy to compete. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Why the Super Rich Love Communism: They took over our government a long time ago

Its not as if there were a century of buildup to this communist plot, so none of this happening now should come as a surprise to anybody.  But that’s what it is and its what a band of unelected wealthy people have joined together to give the world so to usher in the New World Order that conspiracy theorists have been talking about for years.  Climatically, its that old communism that has been in charge of most of the world for all of Warren Buffett’s life, and certainly Bill Gates, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and all the big tech millennials.  Like their influence in global politics, they have kept the name and goals of their communist movement quiet so to spring it on us at just the right time.  For them, that time would have been in 2016 when nobody took Donald Trump as a serious threat from the established side of politics, and it would have been Hillary Clinton who pulled the rip cord on all out communism.  This time around these billionaires left nothing to chance, even though Trump won 10 million more voters this time around as opposed to when he won in 2016, the global communist insurgents simply bought the election results so that they could control all three branches of American government, the Legislative of course, the Executive, and through threats and intimidation, the Judicial.  Additionally, the media was bought and paid for too, so from there perspective, the election of 2020 was a game over situation.  There was nowhere for dissent to go but into their waiting arms like broken horses looking for a master to ride them to their deaths. 

Yet the mystery that emerges is why would the billionaire class align themselves to anti-capitalist communists?  Well, the answer was found in the Carroll Quigley book Tragedy and Hope which I’m referring to a lot these days because of its relevance.   I could also point to all of Jim Marrs books which are categorized as severe conspiracy theory, even though most of what he has written about is turning out to be true except for the proof of an Alien Agenda.  Those books are fun to read and think about, but nothing says global conspiracy than an author who was so arrogant that he told the plot himself in a massive book to prove how smart he was, and that one of our presidents emulated religiously, Bill Clinton.  When people use the lazy word, “globalists” they are referring to people like Quigley and the communists who are looking for global domination as the way to bring peace to the world, as they see it of course.

The fear that always comes up on the conspiracy theory front is that we must accept a reality that exists outside of our constitutional republic.  Our government was not built to protect itself from such foreign invaders as those who are domestic and foreign at the same time operating above global governments where they treat our republic like a state government for which they heavily influence with financing.  And once they have conquered the federal and state governments of the United States, there is nothing to protect the people of America from hostile communist takeover.  The billionaires picked communism just as most corporations do because its easy for a top manager to use in order to get everyone to do what they want them to do.  From their perspective we are looked upon as pawns in a great chess game, not people with individual rights.  And in chess you know how the game works.  You don’t want the chess pieces doing all kinds of crazy things, they are meant to be used to protect the king and the queen, not to have independence from the game.  Communism fits this mode nicely for them because it simplifies the rules for those who want to rule from a global elite status, a club that requires you to be a billionaire and to accept the unspoken rules.  Trump made this group angry as a fellow billionaire because he used his status to become president, which delayed their long-laid plans, and they are furious with him over it, which explains the barrage of antagonism they have employed to destroy him over the last four years.  The government of America was simply acting as pawns on behalf of this elected billionaire class of people, and that is why we have this helpless feeling in the wake of Trump.  Trump was elected to bring republican government back without having to have a civil war with violence.  Now that we have seen these villains come out of their hiding places, now we have a dilemma. 

I’ve always been skeptical of communism, but I have trusted our government to keep these powers in check.  I would read Jim Marr’s conspiracy books like a kid would read a comic book, for entertainment and fun things to think about.  I say fun because to accept those proposals as a reality would require very serious conduct to correct, and that’s why we had elections.  So, in trust of that system, those were the rules.  But now we see that the worst-case scenario is the situation and that forces us to take things to another step.  Yielding to these people is not an option, but to what degree we must take action, that is the current debate which is evolving as we speak.  But before we can do that, we must know what we are dealing with, and now we do.  It’s a billionaire class of insurgents who are using their wealth to bypass our global governments and to instill communism to unite the world under an easy management system for them to deal with.  Communism has never been successful, especially for the people downstream of it.  But for the very top, the absolute authority it gives them over what they consider to be the “pawns” of life is beneficial to them.  The Trump presidency forced them to reveal it, which we should be grateful of.  Because prior to 2020, we had no way of knowing who was playing the real chess game because we were led to believe it was our own government representing us as a republic, not as an insurgent class operating outside the rules of our Constitution not just for a few years, but decades, really planting the seeds for a century to implement.  They were patient the way chess players often are.  And they carried it out with their fortunes passed from one generation to another to have their grandchildren implement, or in George Soros’ case, (first generation because he’s as old as dirt). 

However, to answer the question for this purpose, now you know and can use that knowledge to help solve the problem.  It is good to read books on conspiracy to know what questions to ask, but nothing is better than actual perspective from one of them, which is what Carroll Quigley’s book represents.  From him you get the Georgetown perspective of academia who are all for this billionaire class taking over America with communism.  They have been teaching it to us and our kids for a very long time, without mentioning the “C’ word of course.  But now the masks are off, and we can see what they are, and now is the time for us to do something about it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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There’s Something Fishy About the Tech Companies: If you want to be free of them, leave them behind

If you’ve ever spent some time around fishermen, or at bait shops, then it wouldn’t take much to understand how the tech companies have been talking about us in their cubicles of Silicone Valley.  In those bait shops you’ll hear stories about how this kind of bait will catch this kind of fish and that kind of bait will catch another kind of fish.  Companies like Facebook and Twitter with the oversight of Google put a lot of bait in the water to get us to bite on the hook with free accounts, then started to reel us in not so suddenly that the line might break, but to wear us out until we couldn’t fight it anymore to be caught as their prize in a political conquest toward communism that has long been their dreams.  Where guns and the toppling of governments failed to work in the past, this time they used social media and the relatively new invention of the Internet to fish for complete control over each one of us, which describes most of the events of the year 2020.  It was all about fishing, not actual fish, but Americans by tech companies who would then throw their captured fish into the pond of China for their use and the payday was a good one for them. 

Its not by accident that virtually at the same time all the tech companies aligned perfectly with government to pull free speech away from so many people who were part of the Trump political movement.  Its also not by accident that suddenly censorship is the leading trend of the day, as if it was a good day.  Even Etsy is in on the scam.  Those invisible terms of service agreements that most of us just sign blindly has given tyrannical authority of most online vendors to suddenly be the arbiters of free speech, and if they want to stay relevant, then they better sign up for the new cancel culture rules.  If an item doesn’t fall within the accepted political rules, such as something that might be interpreted as too violent, then its out.  The justification that they use is that after the Capitol riots, we must express ourselves as a more civil society, civility interpreted by them of course.  For many, this is all very scary.  The violation of trust that the fish feel for being snagged by some baited lure is of course for them, terrifying.  But in my mind, it is best not to bite on those lures.  Get smart and stay away from being caught all together. 

A long time ago I ran around with some very rich people and I became involved in some of their activities.  I even partnered with a few only to have one of them go bad on me, and it ended up costing me a virtual fortune.  When I sat down in that guy’s office to plead with him to not go bad, he told me simply, “he who has the gold rules.”  Meaning, he had the gold, I had only hope, ambition, and the promise of hard work.  Because he controlled the gold, he controlled the situation.  I wanted to kill him right on the spot, but he was right.  I took the lesson as a young person and learned from it.  What I learned was probably worth more than any amount of money that I could have made with that guy, so in some ways, he did me a favor that no college on earth was teaching.  And I would say the same here, the free accounts that we all had with Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook were not free.  We were simply the fish in the fish tank swimming around to look pretty for their portfolios.  When they decided to sell us, or snag us out of the tank, there was nowhere to go.  If they wanted us, they could get us any time they wanted.  They gave us the illusion of free speech the way that someone who has an aquarium for all their caught fish might decorate it to look like a natural habitat.  But in reality, its all an illusion, we belong to them so long as we use their service.      

It might sound harsh, but I would say don’t cry over the lack of free speech at the big tech companies or their unfair alliance with big government here in the United States, or the country of China or their masters the wealthy billionaires who are really trying to form their own international government that rules all the governments of all countries, they are all just out there fishing with each other.  To them we are just fish swimming around in a pond that we thought was a vast ocean, but in reality it was all just a pond that they controlled.   And the game to them is what lure they will use to catch us when they want to at will.  That is why I am harsh about not crying when the tech companies catch us with their lures.  Learn not to bite on their free stuff.  Learn to make your own stuff that they don’t control.  Be careful of anything that is free, or in the case of Parler, they were paying for their service, the web hosting that Amazon offered.  But the terms of their use were changed by a company eager to please social justice reforms and communist agenda strategies for an emerging market in China.  Don’t put yourself in a position to be a victim to being sold out.  The illusion that they are in control is only that way because you are swimming in their fish tank by their terms for the easy food they occasionally toss in for your convenience.  But they feed their fish to make you fat and docile so that when they need to, they can get you to easily bite on the bait they throw at you whenever they want. 

The next steps in the MAGA movement is to make our own social media where we control the servers.  We should also go several steps further, we need our own news, our own book publishing, our own production of music, movies, and television studios.  We should even create our own streaming service.  I know that sounds like a lot, but once Trump is free of the day-to-day activity of the White House, that is the next logical step for him and those who want to help him with these kinds of things.  Because ultimately, we don’t need to swim in the little ponds of Twitter and Facebook.  We should be swimming in that big, vast ocean.  If you really want to live free, then be free.  Don’t depend on government or their alliances with communist sympathizers and companies wanting stability at all cost to manage the masses through that means.  But more than anything, don’t cry to them or grovel.  Vote with your feet and take your business and the dollars they seek somewhere else.  Ruin them from the inside out and show them that its you who holds the real gold that they want, and make it so that at will you can take it from them leaving them in the dust, or on the hook for the next big catch.  Turn the tables on them, don’t be a victim of them.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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A National Debt of $30 Trillion: An attack meant to crush us as a nation

So, with the new Covid relief bill, now signed with all the pork that is in it, the national debt will shoot up to $30 trillion, which is unfathomably reckless, and much of it will have occurred under President Trump’s watch, which was just another trap intended to give politicians looser purse strings in the future.  Meanwhile the enemies of western civilization are looking to completely crush America with blinding debt to destroy our society.  They can’t beat us in the marketplace, they can’t beat us with the military, so they have turned to debt to be the invader, and it has been doing its crushing work.  That leaves the obvious questions that has been asked, and will continue to be, if President Trump created so much debt to get the economy rolling again, then why is he so great?  Why are budget hawks from the Tea Party willing to give Trump a pass but not Obama?  Really anything over the $20 trillions is dangerous since it is much higher than our nation’s GDP, so what and why is the difference.  Well, the answer is actually pretty easy, but it takes a Trump to pull off the upset, which has been the case over these last four years.  And without turning loose the free market as Trump has, there is no chance in catching that national debt, so this idea of government recognizing this fact and that they have conspired to work against Trump to push the national debt up over the $30 trillion mark tells us really who the enemies are domestically for the behavior has rooted them out from the woodworks and displayed their evil for all to see.

I have not worried about the national debt up to this point because with Trump the debt was more investment than just raw spending, the way a socialist like Barack Obama spent money.  Under Trump there has been around $15 trillion of additional wealth created through just the stock market, which compounds out into society in all kinds of interesting ways, so the money to pay back the debt has been established.  It would take around two years of another Trump administration to get the debt clock running backwards.  But an interruption in administrative policy was always the risk.  And obviously even Republicans are wary of the responsibility.  Too many of them have taken money from China, or let the enemy have too many goods on them that they don’t feel free to act appropriately to deal with all that new wealth and turn back the debt clock.  When I say goods in this instance we know now that China has sent in many honeypot spies to infiltrate politicians everywhere and they are compromised accordingly, which gives China and other foreign entities complete control over their lives, which allows for extortion, or investment into their campaigns depending on behavior.  China wants America in debt so they can crush us.  And they don’t like Trump’s plan of paying for the debt with growth they will never be able to catch with their own GDP.

All during the Christmas week of 2020, as talk of removing Trump from office was at a fever pitch, and the FBI was giving press conferences on shootings and RV bombings on Christmas Day to keep our minds from learning the details of just how extensive the cheating network against the president was, to cheat and steal an American election, the media talk was about how China would overcome our economy in GDP within the decade—which is pure propaganda.  For that to happen, Trump would have to be out of office and a Chinese stooge like Beijing Biden would have to be in office to continue the rubber stamp accounting that got us into trouble to begin with.  For the money to keep coming to the political class, what we call these days “The Swamp” America’s economy has to tank and the politicians have to help it along recklessly as they have been doing and are now caught in gross over reach as was the evidence of the latest Covid bill that Trump refused to sign due to the small amount on the relief checks that the government was going to issue the people—a measly $600 dollars.  Thankfully Trump did not fall in that trap and is waiting out the clock before signing, because the plan is to blame the bill later on Trump, just as the last relief bill was established.  When Tea Party types point to the debt and complain, the swamp creatures plan to point at the outgoing Trump and to say “see, it was your guy.”  When in fact they are using the China virus as the means to drive the panic driven debt that was intended to empty our treasury with growth debt for which China would be there to buy up and control us even more. 

I don’t think Trump will be out of office still, and if he does, there won’t be a clean Biden transition.  The evidence on voter fraud is just too great.  So, nobody can say what that will do to continuity of the Executive Branch, since nobody has even seen such a thing before.  I think we will operate as two nations in a civil war for quite some time, which may be great.  It may halt spending all together because nobody wants to make a move against the other.  If the spending can be stopped and the growth that Trump started can manifest, then I see a rollback of the debt clock within a few years.  Trump has always had a plan to deal with it, which has caused the panic we have seen in 2020, especially with Covid.  Our economy was attacked to sink Trump at the ballot box, but that didn’t turn out as they wanted.  There are now so many loose ends that the fingerprints of the enemy are clearly seen which wasn’t the plan.  But China as a communist country had no other means to harm their rival and try to boost up themselves because their entire plan for boosting their GDP is to steal wealth from America and repackage it into China.  That is why they have put so much effort into crushing our economy directly through debt, but in why they have committed so many resources to infiltrating our political class to weaken them any way possible. 

Truthfully, we can’t afford to not have Trump in the White House, because the Swamp knows it has already signed up for a debt forgiveness plan that would involve giving up American sovereignty and surrendering to government control by the United Nations as the debt will be called and we’ll have no choice in the matter.  Due to our own mismanagement and without a way to convert the wealth that was stolen from us and putting it back into the economy under an Adam Smith freedom movement, the plan is to freeze us as a nation under the crushing debt and to gain control of us all.  As Trump has been playing a dangerous game, it really comes down to someone like him, a free person who understands money, who can pull off the upset.  But its also another reason why the Swamp cannot allow him to be president again and actually fix the debt problem.  Because a collapse of the American economy is the only way China achieves their goals.  So, with all that in mind the enemies of America are easy to see, they are the ones who want to continue spending money with these big trillion-dollar bills that no politician ever plans to pay back.  And they want Trump out of the way so they can blame the debt on him as they use these new standards to approve even bigger and more disastrous bills that will crush us as a country and turn everything over to China, who now is controlling the United Nations.  And at that point, they think it will be all over. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Understanding Natural Law: There is no place for communism, socialism or Marxism in the world

Not to make things overly simplified but what it all comes down to, it is about natural law and understanding it which makes up the divisions about everything in any culture.  If it is said today socially that we are a “divided nation” it is because the people of that society have different understandings of natural law.  The means for which people measure political affiliation is purposely disjointed, America has endured over 100 years of attack by foreign powers, by countries, banks, political idealists seeking desperately to hold on to their passive aggressive monarchies, their dictatorships, their centrally managed societies which give a few power at the top subjugating people under them in every way possible, just as the idea has recently been introduced to America through Covid-19.  We don’t have a political spectrum in America where the radical left are Antifa and the radical right are racist fascists like the Nazis.  Looked at that way everyone between that spectrum is a radical leftist, and to this day a vast majority of people have been deceived from birth into believing such a thing.  Yet, as I have said time and time again, the more people learn about life and about themselves, the more to the political right their personal ideologies move which was certainly the case in the United States during the formation of the country.  Because back then it was generally agreed upon what natural law was and the roots of it could be found in the pages of the Bible of Christian text.  But the aim of socialists, Marxists, Maoists, communists, progressives, all the same thing essentially by different names was to erase natural law from our institutions and our lives and replace it with the laws of whimsical men and women until a takeover of our great nation was fulfilled.  They didn’t think it would happen fast, but now that more than a century has transpired, the footprints of their movement are obvious to our eyes today, after the first four years of the Trump presidency. 

In the video above I gave what I think is a pretty good modern interpretation of what natural law is, for those who have lost touch to it.  People who are very religious, as the Trump legal team obviously is, have a trust in natural law that is naturally conducive to their studies of the Bible.  Its easy for them because they have already put their trust in the faith that it takes to be a religious subject.  Very religious people have already taken the step to accept the Bible’s definition for natural law by just accepting that things are what they are and that’s all there is to it.  However, and this is largely how the Marxist infiltration started in American colleges starting with 100 people in the 1905 group the ISS, (intercollegiate socialist society) which slow brewed socialism in various institutions over a long period of time.  For those who claim to be “smart people” or intellectual leaders of some kind, blind trust in faithful religions just wasn’t acceptable so they rejected the natural law of our Christian society and started leaning toward the laws of man for their political ideology.  And we’ve seen the result as frogs slowly being cooked after all these years toward socialism and communism with the temperature slowly being turned up at our education institutions since that 1905 date.  What I share with them is that I don’t just blindly follow anything.  My life is not ruled by faith, but by reason and logic.  However, the easy way for looking at something is to either reject a premise like natural law because it requires faith to believe it, or scholastic evidence to reject it, as our colleges and public schools have done, especially under the guidance from communist inspired labor unions.  My argument however would be that everyone is wrong and that they should have pushed themselves for the answers intellectually, because the true answer to natural law requires a bigger view of existence than what has been known two thousand years in the past. 

I would state emphatically that natural law is present in the positioning of Jupiter in our solar system, which has allowed earth to happen with life on it as the big planet has acted as a vacuum cleaner in space to suck away gravitationally all the asteroids that might have destroyed the earth over the last 30,000 years of human development.  Asteroids do get through and strike the earth, but at a much less rate than if Jupiter wasn’t where it was in our solar system.  Perhaps Jupiter has given the human race just enough time to evolve into a thinking species that could escape earth and flee to space for its continued survival before the next asteroid does get by Jupiter and strikes the earth.  We could also look at our own immune systems and say that the plight of our white blood cells is to fight off invaders in the form of disease.  Or on a more grand scale, perhaps that is the point of our entire universe, to act within a body of many universes according to the many thoughts of multiverse quantum understanding in advanced physics where there are more than 10 dimensions that are interacting with us all the time.  The “creator” may well be the body we all fight to keep alive just as our own bodies have many such cells keeping us alive, and within them, perhaps an infinite parade of fighters and seekers of justice to do their part to make our body good and whole.  Natural law may very well postulate that the purpose of our very existence all across our known universe is to keep that cell healthy and doing the good work of justice within the very body of God, for which he, she, or it is just one massive body of billions all fighting it out on a cosmic plane inconceivable to our point of view, but that natural law agrees on any scale is the right thing to do.  Therefore, the United States was formed to make our universe healthy and whole for the purpose of justice in a multiverse of teaming life. 

And from that perspective, the morality for the Constitution of the United States could and should be accepted even by those who struggle with faith in what they can’t see understanding that such laws permeate everything that existence is built upon.  And for that reason, we should fight for it.  The thoughts of Marxism that have corrupted our minds for so many years are those very viruses we are meant to fight to do our part to keep life happy and thriving even if its just here on earth in our countries and homes, or whether we are on the other side of the universe millions of years from now, which to the universe might only be a second of cosmic time, the rules still apply and the work we do today is just as relevant as the world of tomorrow.  And knowing all that, we cannot afford to be a divided species, nor can we be accepting of other ideas as if the world were big enough for all thoughts and feelings co-existing.  A virus wants to kill the body and that is what communism, socialism, and Marxism have wanted from the beginning and there is no co-habitation with them.  The only law that matters in the world, or in the universe is natural law, our idea of God simplified for our very minds through the invention of the Bible so many years ago.  But we know more now than we did then, and natural law is just as relevant as it was for the traditional Bible thumpers.  It wasn’t that faith was the prerequisite for understanding the magic of America’s constitution, or Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, but it was in the scale for which these things were measured.  And when that scale has matured, the key to life and happiness is always within the beauty of natural law.

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Cody Wilson is Back: The Feds raid Polymer 80 as they boot-lick Beijing Biden

For perspective, this article reflects that the only government I recognize is the one by Donald Trump as President and understands that the maligned elements that have committed crimes to overthrow his administration, which was the will of the people in two elections mandates re-gaining control of an otherwise out of control government.  Hostile forces have penetrated our political process and pushed us all into an uncomfortable reality, so the views in this topic understand the problem and how to fix it.  With that in mind, it is the Second Amendment which provides us the tools to Constitutional edit our government in the appropriate ways needed for stable management of our country’s affairs, so given what we know now about the events of 2020, politically and socially, it is quite clear that we should all be doing whatever we can do to correct this situation.  And with that in mind, buying a gun, making a gun, and learning to use a gun is a patriotic duty.  Everyone should be doing it with a mind of taking our country back from a lawless confederation of apathy, corruption, and foreign infiltration into our highest domestic offices, particularly at the Department of Justice and the FBI.  There is more than enough evidence of their corruption, so the burden falls on us to take their power away from them, and of course, they won’t give it back willingly, so it is there that we must contemplate the next steps. 

Obviously you can’t have a just society if criminal enterprises are running your government and that is certainly the case as the ATF looking to lick the boots of an anti-gun Beijing Biden administration raided a ghost gunner manufacturer recently by the name of Polymer 80.  As I explained in the video above, Polymer 80 is one of the good guys out there making essentially gun kits with AR 80% lowers that can be purchased and assembled at your home.  The legal argument is that the gun parts made do not make a gun a gun.  It is made into a gun by the action of the buyer.  But now that the government run by the same deep state that conducted a outright coup against President Trump during his entire first four years in office, putting their finger to the political winds are now looking to Beijing Biden to remove the Second Amendment from American society so that an all out switch from capitalism to communism can occur by our debt holders, the Chinese, and the many politicians hungry to make such a deal for a magnificent payday for them.  Selling out a country is big business for liars, cheaters and thieves, but first guns must be removed from a free people so that they can more easily be conquered.

The problem for the government is that no matter how many laws they make on gun shows, on FBI background checks, and mental sustainability of gun owners, that if private people can make their own guns in their garages and basements that cannot be serial number tracked, than any efforts that the government might undergo to control guns in America flies out the window, which is how it should be.  A government that will cheat in elections, that will attempt to overthrow elected officials, not just with Trump, but at several city council seats around the country and members of various state legislatures, when a government will interfere with the vote of a free people they show themselves incapable of approving or disproving whether or not individuals can own firearms or of what type.  The criminals don’t get to pick the modes of defense that an innocent victim utilizes to protect themselves from tyranny. From that perspective, Polymer 80 was doing a great service to the public which is why the ATF was inspired to raid their facility and take a shot across the bow of the “ghost gunner” movement. 

Likely the real target of the raid was Cody Wilson at Defense Distributed, to let him know that the federal government was going to come after him and try to bust him again for manufacturing what they call the Ghost Gunner 3, which is a milling machine that is small in size that can cut an AR 80% lower out of a block of material.  It can also cut the frame of a Glock and an AK47 once you download the blueprints online.  From there you buy all the individual parts from gun suppliers to make the rest of the gun which can all be purchased or made un-serialized and from there, a ghost gun is made for defense of our country.  The government has tried and failed in many court cases to take down Defense Distributed and to wipe out Cody Wilson himself as he is something of an anarchist international hero.  But the government has not been able to do so under any merits of a case.  Cody’s defense of his actions and of his company are that he’s only in the information business and that is protected under free speech.  Unable to get to Cody Wilson, the ATF wanted to pave the way for a Biden administration war against guns picked the easier target of Polymer 80 to begin their campaign.

Its good to see Cody Wilson back in action at Defense Distributed.  As many know who have followed me for a while, Cody was busted for sex with an underage girl back in 2018.  I give more details in the video, but the essence of it is that the federal government entrapped Wilson because they couldn’t beat him in court, so they watched him and watched him and watched him with lots of legal and illegal surveillance waiting for Cody to stumble a bit and from there a girl lied about her age, had sex with Wilson, and the feds arrested the Defense Distributed creator spectacularly and wanted to throw him in jail for a long time.  After a few years of hard legal work, Wilson made a plea deal to be registered as a sex offender, but gaining the ability to get back to Defense Distributed, which was a good idea and one that puts a lot of energy back into preserving the ghost gunner market.  The injustice is clear as we can see from political comparisons.  For instance, the Hunter Biden laptop is out there, people have seen the contents of sex with underage girls and that Beijing Biden knew about what his son was doing, yet Hunter isn’t being labeled as a sex offender.  But Cody Wilson is. 

Messing around with any young girls is dangerous, and Wilson knew the risks, Hunter Biden exploited his power and position to abuse girls, but the game is dangerous in any fashion and not worth the headache.  Cody Wilson thought the girl was 18 and I believe him.  He’s not the same as Hunter Biden.  Girls lie about their age all the time so that they can get access to older men who are hungry to have youth in their lives.  Hunter Biden knew his girls were too young, and we have evidence that such things are common among members in our government.  Yet they weaponized it in relation to Cody Wilson to pick and choose law enforcement depending on where people stood politically.  And since the government couldn’t beat Cody Wilson in court, they picked a law out of thin air and used that to bust the Ghost Gunner.  But that’s how these dirty dogs play, so its good to know.  And its also good to know that Cody Wilson is out of jail, out of trouble, and back as the leader of Defense Distributed.  People understand what happened, which is why they need to make ghost gunner guns, and not sit around waiting for that same corrupt government to tell them what they can have or can’t.  The criminals are not people like Cody Wilson, but it’s in the government that attacks innocent people for ultimate controls over social order, and that is the case we have before us.

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How China Fights: Looking at the means of attack that aren’t so obvious

To fight the enemy, you must understand who the enemy is and what means they are using to attack you.  That is certainly the case with how China is attacking America currently and has for so many years.  In the video above, I am using a micro analogy, to the macro strategy.  You simply take this example and apply it to many industries across many platforms and you’ll see clearly what they have been up to and how they arrived to the present time so well equipped to use our own people against us in government for their long diabolical plot to take over the world.  China does not want to fight any of us directly, that is not how they do anything.  Rather, they want control of the propaganda machines itself which in America we call the entertainment industry.  This was a target the Chinese established years ago as their goal and we have been watching it develop quietly until of course they now run most of the media directly or indirectly in America as a result.  I would propose that it all started with the purchase of several Hollywood movie studios, most notably, Legendary Studios after the 2014 release of the new generation of Godzilla movies. 

In the video above I told a brief story about how the Chinese communists invaded China in the wake of World War II, after General Chennault’s Flying Tigers was decommissioned into the Pacific theater to combat the Japanese, oddly.  General Stilwell back then seemed oddly inclined to only provide Chennault with enough resources to make a good showing in the war.  The Flying Tigers were in fact over performing which seemed to greatly irritate the regional commander.  Further, many of Chennault’s best pilots were taken from him, like Tex Avery and sent to carrier deployment while a rag tag team of the AVG continued to fight the Japanese over China.  By the end of the war China was left in ruins as the American forces were pulled out paving the way for Mao Zedong to move out of the north, from Russia with love, to fill the power void thus ushering in communism to their entire Asian region.  Back home in America Chennault warned about the threat communism poised in the region he fought so hard to protect, and he was proven right with the Korean War and the Vietnamese War followed by China moving from a third world country to becoming one of the world’s superpowers.   In hindsight, it was obvious that Chennault’s observations that America had no interest in stopping communism in China was more than apathy.  It was a strategy and he had played his part in helping it along.  The Japanese and Americans were thrown together to start a war and wear out each other while the real power forces of communism would be poised to take over, which is precisely what happened. 

China is at it again using media, executive investment, and seductress spies to infiltrate our culture in America and undo us from within as they sit poised to sweep in on the backs of the wreckage to take over with full fledged communism.  We saw the results of this strategy during 2020 when big tech companies like Google and Facebook went full communism in censoring the press and shockingly the press was in on the efforts fully, which if anybody were paying attention they would have noticed when the Wanda Group purchased Legendary Studios after the string of hits they had, finalized after Godzilla did respectable box office numbers.  After a string of big hits, especially the Batman films of Christopher Nolan the Chinese acquired the studio to fulfill their need of controlling the message of communism in America through Hollywood.  It wouldn’t be their only big studio purchase, but it shows their strategy of taking control of Hollywood products and the American media in general.  The next film under Legendary Studios, Kong: Skull Island was essentially a film about communist propaganda and the next film after that, Godzilla, King of the Monsters was even worse.  Legendary Studios lost their market, the movies were good monster movies with great effects, but the heart was gone and movie audiences could sense that something was wrong, so the films were rejected at the box office.

China was growing tired of accepting the ten or so movies that American studios were trying to show to their 1.40 billion people, so their strategy was to control the films being made in America, or at least controlling their content.  That was the obvious problem with the Disney studios who began trying to cater their Marvel and Star Wars films to that market’s sensibilities.  Most notably was the scene from the Star Wars film The Last Jedi where a black guy and an Asian went to a casino planet and saved some animals and talked about the evils of both sides in arms trading.  It baffled long time Star Wars fans but was a clear appeasement of the Chinese censors to win over the communists to showing more Star Wars films to the people of China.  Of course, American audiences rejected the new Star Wars films largely and the brand damage done to Disney was immense.  In trying to reach the communist market, Disney had destroyed itself in the capitalist markets.  They couldn’t bring everyone together with a common love of a movie, but instead, China deepened its strategy of taking over American media by convincing them to chase after China’s vast population, even though only a small percentage could actually go and see the movies that were allowed to be shown in China.

Now this all might seem pretty harmless, what does war have to do with making movies?  Well, for the communists its all about setting up market collapses of industry, getting American titans of industry to over-invest, or be crushed by a compromised status such as some honey pot getting scandalous information on a powerful figure then China buys up propaganda assets on the cheap then uses those assets to convince Americans to kill their economy with green technology, or in attacking the traditional roles of men in society, or confusing the hell out of women while talking about the great merits of a collective communist society to set everyone up for an eventual Chinese take over of all markets, not just movies, but car manufacturing, aerospace, even zoning administrations and state and federal government positions.  China knows and has done this for a long time, if they can control the message, they can control the people.  The tactics were used by Mao Zedong after World War II, even during to help propagate the conflict with the right power players to get them to wear each other out opening the door for new powers to take over when strategically possible.  And China has been doing just that to America for decades and most notably with the purchase of Hollywood assets like Legendary Studios.  As a long time lover of King Kong, I could barely sit through Kong: Skull Island where the primitives on the island were now the heroes and collectivism was the way to stay alive, not one man against the beast to win the love of the damsel in distress.  The attack may seem subtle, but as I demonstrated here, it is extremely obvious, especially in hindsight.

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A Government that Murders its own People in America: Every official who denied hydroxychloroquine is guilty

So, let’s revisit what I said about Covid 19 in the beginning, as I stated in the video above, so that we can understand why any regulator of use of hydroxychloroquine has committed murder on innocent people.  I was right then and I’m more correct now that we’ve seen to what excessive attempt so many people were willing to put it all out on the line to overthrow President Trump in the 2020 election.  They were willing to kill people as innocent casualties in their war for control globally of the American White House.  To call it a domestic and foreign attack is an understatement as we have never seen such a large scale military operation as we have seen in the election overthrow in America, not even D-Day would be a comparison.  Not this time were military vehicles used for an attack, but people did die, and the attackers were willing to kill people to get what they wanted.  The people were not military troops.  No army on earth would attack the American military, so no foreign invasion would come as a direct attack.  The Chinese do not attack strength with strength, especially since they knew they were weaker from the start.  You attack weakness, the innocent people of America and the western world with an invisible enemy, Covid-19.  And you take advantage of their good, blind, trust to infiltrate them behind enemy lines and destroy their culture from within.  Then you use that same cover of terror to change election laws to give the ability to cheat on a mass scale and end populism in North America by hiding it behind the terror of literal death.  And to get that death people had to get the disease and die so to scare everyone else into compliance. 

That’s why everyone who deprived knowledge of a treatment, like hydroxychloroquine mixed with zinc to work against Covid-19 and boost the human immune system are guilty of murder and crimes against humanity.  It was a government coordinated purge and every governor who has participated in the Covid murders is guilty and should be tried for treason for what they knew was a plot against America by United Nations insurgents intent to inflict great terror on innocent people.  Let’s not dull the taste of the stale bread with loads of butter, we need to call it what it was.  Murder and an attack on American sovereignty by hostile forces.  Anyone who knew or plotted a ban on any talk of hydroxychloroquine on Twitter, Google, Facebook or any other media platform is in on the crimes and need to be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law, otherwise they won’t learn their lesson and they’ll do it again.  Additionally, our weak response to the Covid-19 attack empowered those same villains who then went on to commit the biggest voter fraud case ever witnessed in human history.  Its easy now to see who the guilty people are, they are the ones who are now saying that there was no voter fraud, even as the evidence is emerging everywhere.  Everyone in denial are guilty, because they were the same advocates behind the government lockdowns over Covid-19 and lied to us about their intentions to save lives by adopting communist police state policies.  In order for those ill intentions to work, people had to believe there was no treatment.  That is why hydroxychloroquine was kept from people’s minds because the attackers needed to use death to drive society toward compliance. 

Every governor, every politician, every health “expert” who has been denying hydroxychloroquine as part of a solution is a murderer.  They killed people to advance a political agenda.  Before the massive voter fraud of 2020 and the loads of testimony we have been hearing which involved thousands of people coordinating the steal, its no longer a consideration of extremism to propose that health experts and politicians deliberately wanted to kill people with Covid-19 so that they could use that fear to move public opinion toward communism and away from personal freedom.  The lockdowns which have cost our economy trillions of dollars and massive debt were meant to attack our society and all our lives.  They didn’t care if they ruined businesses or destroyed our jobs.  They always planned to blame it on Trump, which we saw during the election.  And they used Covid-19 to hide their other crimes behind, like the theft of the election.  They went that far, don’t think that preserving life was on their minds at all.  Rather they wanted murder, suicide, and a nation left in ruins.  It was all part of a plan decades in the making that they unleashed in 2020 for purely political reasons, and yes, they planned for people to die to help drive the narrative.  With no deaths, they’d have no reason to advance the scandal in hopes of getting Trump out of power. 

When villains are so pervasive and out in the open about their crimes, taking an extreme position against them should be expected.  It is not our task to endorse murderers with silence.  It is our job to bring them to justice first with naming the beast, but second by following the legal proceedings that will halt their practice.  The first thing we must do is recognize that Covid-19 was a foreign invasion meant to topple American capitalism and tamper with an American president and overthrow the current government.   The second thing we then must do is identify the criminal medical malpractice of so many as purposeful murder by knowingly denying medicine to those crippled by Covid-19 as it was let out of China to start a planned process of death and economic destruction upon innocent collateral damage, people just minding their own business in the world.  It is not our task to turn away from such evil, but to speak out against it.  And if the villains want more, to give it to them in more ways than they can handle.  These criminals hiding behind an orthodox government are vile creatures who deserve a lot of pain and suffering for what they have done and there really isn’t a nice way to move on from this period without a major aftermath.  Every governor who has endorsed lockdowns, every financial mover like Bill Gates, every CDC bureaucrat, every health department official who knowingly played along with these methods are all guilty of support of murder or perpetuating it. Every cable news station who put the death ticker on their screens as a means to scare people into listening to them is guilty of terrorism.  Dr Dumbass himself—Dr Fauci is guilty of every perpetuated death advocated by Covid-19 to control government policy.  It was he and Dr. Scarf Lady who marched into the White House and told President Trump that he’d be responsible for millions of deaths if he didn’t shut down the country.  If there were no deaths to point to, there would have been no way to get the President’s ear, so it was planned from the beginning, the same day that Bill Gates stepped away from the board of directors at Microsoft, so he could lay low while the planned murders were executed and the economy was ruined.  And for what?  To have a coup in America and use deaths to scare people into believing in Covid-19 so that they could rig the upcoming election and keep Trump voters from showing up.  But Trump voters showed up anyway forcing Democrats to cheat more than they ever have before.  Only they got caught and revealed all these vile operations to us proving that murder all along was acceptable to them, if only they could overthrow America and be part of the next regime who would then control the law.  That is what we are dealing with.


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CIVIL WAR: The United States of America versus The Socialist States of America

I’ve been a Lin Wood fan for a long time, the big time attorney in Georgia who most recently has been known for the massive law suit against CNN for Nick Sandman of Covington Catholic.  His position on this Election 2020 is something I share as he told Hugh Hewitt what he thought about what he has learned as he is now defending President Trump from the massive levels of fraud that has been uncovered giving Joe Biden a fake victory.  Its much more than being a sore loser, that would mean we accept the results were fair and square and that we agree to the circumstances of the election.  Lin Wood has made his position quite clear, he thinks there will be massive arrests and punishments based on what he knows now.  I have my doubts because the government isn’t going to put itself in jail.  I hope the bad guys go to jail, but I think we’ll have to fight them in the streets, perhaps even kill them.  I’m much less of a turn the other cheek kind of guy than Lin Wood is and there are many Christian members of the MEGA movement who would much prefer a prayer to God rather than grabbing guns and fists to seek a good thumping of the evil that is on full display.  But what we have in common is that we accept that a vast evil just attempted to invade our country through our government and media and that we consider the perpetrators “domestic enemies” as established by the U.S. Constitution.  There is no way to unify under these conditions, and yes, we do have a war on our hands.

The proof of cheating that is obvious to me is that President Trump won a tremendous amount of support, much more than any GOP president in history and we’re supposed to believe that Biden obtained millions more in addition.  That is what we would call in any business of analytics, a “statistical anomaly.”  Statistical anomalies do occur but not often in a predictable way and to get the amount of statistical anomalies that Joe Biden had to get to win this election is just outrageous, and nowhere near the realm of reality.  Most of this should be flushed out in the recounts, and in the Supreme Court.  But regardless of the outcome, both sides of a very divided country are ready to hit the streets and mean to conduct violence. 

As is obvious from the Trump MEGA response over the weekend to the “Stop the Steal” rallies in Washington D.C. and other places, they are certainly the less deadly of the two groups.  The forces that cheated in this recent election do mean to kill people if needed to protect the criminal class that make up that party. As is clear now the forces behind Joe Biden are outright big time white collar crime criminals attempting to supplant communism directly from China into our country.  It was an invasion, and the fight will likely go beyond the courts.  Accepting that invasion is not in my vocabulary, or many other people from the MEGA movement so things are likely to get very nasty.

As many know, I used to do a lot of media and talk radio.  I haven’t for a while partly because of the election of President Trump.  I figured I had my representative in the Executive Branch of our government and that I could largely do other things letting the Republic do its work.  To do media you had to deal with the wishy washy types who helped make this invasion of our country possible, those “we all need to come together types.”  The people who said that Democrats had a point of view too and that we should give them the time of day. That we should go to lunch with them, make friends with them, that we should value our relationships with them.  Well, now we know how dangerous that kind of thinking has been.  Why would we do that if we are going to have to beat the crap out of them or even kill them to save our country.  That’s what we are talking about here.  The political left isn’t the only side who can make lists intending to destroy people’s lives whether they mean to dox you and bring great harm to you or your family, or wreck your career and use the “PARTY” in power as a means to overcome your life in every way. 

I have a list of my own and there are a lot of people on it.  This Civil War isn’t the kind where General Grant sits on his horse on a big hill and calls out commands on a battlefield for troop movement.  This Civil War literally is everywhere and anywhere.  Right now its nonviolent.  But it could turn that way quickly.  Either way, its here.  It’s the United States of America against the Socialist States of America.  Its sovereignty against foreign invasion and it will take a long time to play out.  Its nationalism against globalism and those viewpoints won’t easily be reconciled, but they must be fought, yet only one side can win.  The two mentalities can’t live together as many have suggested over the years.  A Republican capitalist and a Democrat socialist cannot live and play together in the same government and that’s where we are at.

Speaking of troop movement for a moment, there is a lot to be happy about for Republicans.  Holding the Senate has already occurred for the most part and the recovery in the House has been so far very good and looks to get better before all is said and done. Without the cheating that went on in the Presidential election Republicans would be commanding all three houses of congress and Nancy Pelosi is poised to be a thing of the past.  But even if judicially the election fraud is not resolved quickly enough to keep Trump in the White House this year, he will begin running for president again and the MEGA movement will be quite strong to put tremendous pressure on the Democrats that taking a long view of things will likely end the war faster. 

We will have an opportunity to body slam in the media everything Commie Harris does, we’ll make fun of her daily slamming her Avon Lady looks and phony communication, and lying.  Biden won’t be able to open his mouth without having torrents of criticism leveled at him.  The other side did it to Trump, we’re planning to give it back many times over.  We’ll make it hard for them to get up in the morning and do anything.  Everyone involved in this invasion of our country is going to be scrutinized deeply and the crimes that have been left undone that have occurred against Trump over the last four years will continue to be untangled from the mess of Swamp politics.  There will be no “unity.”  The invaders figured out how to steal an election.  But they didn’t figure out what to do on the day after, or how to keep the power they stole.

Anybody who thought the very peaceful Tea Party movement was the limit of defense in America was sadly miscalculating.  I among many see the writing on the wall, the Democrats are losing power fast, and it showed in this election even with all the cheating they have openly participated in.  They can’t win unless they threaten violence and cheat.  But now, people are done being threatened by them.  If they go to the streets to fight and threaten us, then there will be blood spilled.  Given how things are going, Republicans will retake back the House in 2022 and in 2024 another Trump will likely be running. It may be President Trump again or a member of his family.  Either way, the socialism that is coming out of Joe Biden and the media culture is going to be rejected and fought openly.  The networks and corporate media are going to feel the financial hit.  Facebook and Twitter will be dealt with and the landscape will change politically very dramatically now that we know what we are dealing with. But accepting Democrats as equals or at the seat of power intent to overturn America from a capitalist country to a communist one, well that’s just not going to happen without lots of people getting hurt.  And that’s where things are at.  The bad guys in this plot are going to either be destroyed, or they are going to jail and will be prosecuted by justice.  But we aren’t going to share a country with them, and we sure as hell won’t be joining them.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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