We’re on an Island of Reason Surrounded by an Ocean of Corruption

30 billion dollars a week is spent on just interest toward the national debt and congress cannot make a decision to cut a fraction of that out of the Federal budget. Local school boards, county commissioners and city councils are making last-minute deals to get public worker increases in before S.B.5 becomes law. Darryl Parks of 700 WLW calls it correctly when he proclaims that those of us that find large government corruption wrong, are on an island surrounded by treacherous water we cannot drink, filled with creatures hidden from view that want to swallow us whole, and it is daunting that for as far as the eye can see, there is only an endless expanse of such peril.

Meanwhile, President Obama is going on vacation to Rio in South America while nothing less than the fate of the world hangs in balance.

Japan is in need of United States help from its catastrophic devastation at the hands of a tsunami.
• Congress, the Senate and the White House cannot agree on the proposed budget cuts and are only buying small increments to keep the government operating.
• Socialist labor unions are threatening order all over the United States.
• States and cities are going bankrupt all over the nation.
• The NFL is even shutting down over “collective bargaining!”
• The Middle East is undergoing destabilization.
• Fuel prices are rapidly increasing.
• Food prices are rapidly increasing.
• And the immigration violence on the border is terrible while the pacifists feed the discontent with rhetoric like this:

Those are the people in the water that are making up the policies we are all facing. Pacifists for profit is what they are, because in their pacifism, there is much profit among the corrupt politicians that are squandering away American resources for their own gain with little regard for the moments past their last meal just as a shark shows to the fish it has just eaten. The mindless, bloodthirsty shark has not a thought for tomorrow. It only eats, and eats, and eats for today.
Here Anthony Weiner shows his vast ignorance by grandstanding on such small issues as the defunding of NPR, missing completely why the funding was cut.

Weiner and company forget that even John Boehner is standing behind the cutting of the Joint Strike Fighter which has the engine built-in Boehner’s district at the GE facility. Everyone is making sacrifices, but those stories aren’t being reported, only the emotional ones that are equivalent to pouring blood in the water to attract the mindless sharks. All that kind of discussion is lost to the foolish sharks like Weiner and his friends that only look at the meal in front of them and circle the island of logic, hungry for more food to feed their mindless lives of living just one more day on the spoils of others.

Meanwhile, small little school districts like Lebanon rush to take care of their union friends while turning with the other hand to ask for more blood from the taxpayers to appease the sharks by tossing more food into the water to keep the beasts at bay.

Darryl Parks is right. We are all on a lonely island, the last sane vestibules of continuation that must fight an ocean of predator’s intent on immediate, selfish destruction in order to restore our nation to a life of thriving unification that can only occur when the predators no longer threaten our existence. We are truly engaged in a battle of the mindless sharks and the beings of reason for the advancement of civilization.

And Barak Obama is in Rio looking at string bikinis. Hey, I was happy to elect Alan Keys as the first African-American president, but nobody wanted to listen to him.

Allan Keys wouldn’t be in Rio right now if he were president. That much I can promise. Why didn’t Jessie Jackson and the African-American community support my man, Allan?

Because the sharks want their food to swim right into their mouths, they don’t want us on an island planning our escape, or the taming of their wild, bloodthirsty ways.

With Obama, the socialist minded, tribal leaders of the African-American community got what they wanted, a man who would turn his back on his nation, play golf, and go on vacation to South America while the world burns, and the sharks are free to eat.

Rich Hoffman