The Presidential Fool: The Office of Barack Obama

One thing regarding authority is that most of the time the people who end up in positions of authority are addicted to the power that comes from it and become corrupt in some way or another. There are people who are good at authority, and leadership, and there are people who are inclined to follow. So it is difficult to distinguish between competencies at a leadership level when most of the focus of authority is to obtain it. The specific skills of managing authority often become lost in analyses.

This is the problem with police officers. Many of the people drawn to the profession possess a deep down hunger for authority. Larger social goals are used as the mask for their agenda, but the face behind the mask is one yearning for authority. Since human beings are a group of people who are comfortable being compliant to the laws they create for themselves, police officers regardless of their qualifications are looked upon with respect because they are symbols of authority. But this is a defective strategy of figuring out who in our society is actually capable of handling the kind of authority that police officers have access to, because there are corrupt measures that enter into the equation. Some of those measures and examples of the problem with blind acceptance of authority can be heard in this report from Doc Thompson on 700 WLW.

With all that in mind I thought about what President Obama said about Gaddafi over the weekend by saying that “Gaddafi needs to step down. He has lost the confidence of his people who means he should turn over power.” Well, Obama has lost the confidence of his people, at least a majority of them. Doesn’t that mean he should step down too?



The question doesn’t get out because as American’s we accept blind authority. President Obama is considered American royalty so people aren’t comfortable breaking down the performance of a president too deeply, so the analysis either gets explored by radicals that distort the information, or it doesn’t get considered at all. I don’t have such a problem. So I’ll ask the question. Obama is a socialist even if he doesn’t call it that and America is supposed to be a capitalist nation. He is openly working with union leaders that want to overthrow the capitalist nature of America. That’s the first problem. The second is that he worked with congress to pass Obama Care with no regard for the Constitution he is sworn to protect. He and his staff figured they’d circumvent the system using the famous “commerce clause,” and “supremacy clause” which is just manipulation of the legal intent hoping that nobody with half a mind challenges them in court. Their intention was to get enough people addicted to Obama Care, as what has happened with Social Security that public opinion would affect the eventual Supreme Court ruling that will be coming in the years to come. Obama has openly worked with other subversive groups, such as the Net Neutrality issue, and the Department of Justice has become a complete joke under the Presidents administration. That’s just in two years.

But worse of all, in my view, was his “vacation” to Brazil during a time of crises. Anybody with half a management mind knows that leadership sometimes means changing your plans. I’ve done it when bad things happen where I work; I changed my plans to show leadership and support for the people who work for me. But Obama doesn’t have ANY management experience, not even of a video store, and it’s clear he doesn’t understand these basics. Instead he goes to socialist leaning countries and coddles with their leaders then declares war while on the road in a tent saying that the “World Community” supports it. He’s clearly a President that is over his head. He is slow to make decisions because he waits for someone to tell him what to think. He is a nightmare of leadership and because of our respect for authority, we’re stuck with him. If he had went to congress and said, let’s get rid of Gaddafi and save those rebels that are being brutally killed, most of congress would have signed up. It’s not decisive action that’s the problem here. It’s the hesitation for weeks, then the sudden boldness while on foreign soil that’s the problem. He behaves like a king and America does not want a European king. And for me, I want very little identification with Europe at all.

Obama should step down out of office and admit that he’s not “the guy.” It’s time for us all to admit that we hurriedly elected him because of his skin color so we could prove to the world that we were not a racist country, which we’re not. We have the most diversity of ANYONE in the world. Nobody even comes close to our cultural diversity in a nation, so criticism is not permitted. It was in our lack of confidence in ourselves that we put an inept president into office that is simply a puppet to socialist interests. There is no question to that now. Anyone that argues it doesn’t know anything about history or definitions.

I used to be ashamed of Bill Clinton and couldn’t imagine a worse president, but at least he had been a governor and knew some basic management skills.

I’m not crazy about either of the Bush’s. I think they wanted to be president for too many of the wrong reasons. The first clue that you have a bad president is that if a man gets a surge of power just by sitting in a chair, he’s the wrong guy. A president should not be enamored by power of any kind. In fact, the office of the president should be a step down to what they’ve accomplished in their private lives. The popular myth is that it’s the most powerful position in the world, but it’s really not. Ronald Reagan breezed through his presidency just on his ability to act and a single-minded ability to believe he was right and on the side of God. There are many, many, many more people in our nation more qualified for the presidency than Reagan was, but he could speak well. So he goes down in history as one of the greatest presidents in American history. His greatest gift was that he didn’t listen to everyone around him.  He knew what he wanted to do and he did it, which makes him distinctly American.  American’s are not naturally collaborative.  I know that might bust the bubble of many that think very highly of Ronald Reagan, but those are the facts.

My favorite president in recent history is Calvin Collage. That’s my idea of a manager president. Everyone else has fallen short, and that covers the entire span of the 20th century. Teddy Roosevelt was my next pick for a great president, but he became too much of a monarch lover by the end of his presidency and had the fatal flaw of craving power. He could not turn away from the power, so much so that he became a progressive in order to run against his friend President Taft. Many of the presidents have done their share of good things, but not enough. Not what we should expect out of an American president.

But Obama, he’s an absolute joke. He does not represent me as an American. I mean look at his website. What are we supposed to be “fired up” about? What change? And what are we organizing? He’s the president. His message is one for children in school and people without wit to know better.

If he believes Gaddafi should step down in Libya because he’s lost the confidence of the majority of the people, which I agree with him on that point, then Obama should step down voluntarily and admit that the job of the presidency is too big for him. Maybe he could try again in a few years after he works as a manager of a McDonalds and gets some experience under his belt. Because he is an absolute embarrassment that makes me look at the decadent days of Bill Clinton with yearning. The only reason he wouldn’t do it is because he’s in love with his authority, no different from the cop that flunks his test and doesn’t belong on the force because he’s not smart enough to be a cop. This President isn’t qualified to be a president. And the people of America respect authority too much to admit it to themselves.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior