9.0 Earthquake Hits Japan: Facing Tragedy with Honor

Like most everyone else I have been very interested in what happened when a 9.0 earthquake hit Japan over the weekend. It is still too soon to get our minds around this epic catastrophe. We’ve all seen the videos and there hasn’t ever been anything of this magnitude that has happened in front of cameras so that the world could watch in horror.

Such things have always happened though. The same force that created this earthquake created the mountains we climb, and the islands we visit are created with violent volcanic activity. These events are just part of a living, violent earth that could care less for the lives of the human beings that have set up small little colonies upon its surface like pimples on a teenagers face. Such tragedies are natural occurrences and they always will be.

But I have to commend the Japanese for their tenacity in the face of this catastrophic occurrence. They seem to have the emotional capacity to deal with this event much better then the rest of the neurotic world, which seems unfair.

Once the reactors stop trying to blow up and spew radiation all over their nation, the Japanese people will bury their dead. Clean up the mess. Learn from the mistakes they made in construction and become a better civilization. They won’t spend much time shedding tears or pandering the international community for help. They’ll simply dust themselves off and get back to work.

And for that, I admire them greatly. That’s why they are a superpower with only a small island to work with.

Hint, take notes America. You won’t see the Japanese complaining like our people did during Hurricane Katrina and this earthquake was much, much worse.

Rich Hoffman