Those Mean Republicans: Why can’t everyone be sensitive, fair, and just raise taxes?

As a country, we don’t need a Department of Education. We don’t need the EPA to be as large and aggressive as it is. We shouldn’t have a large IRS organization. In fact, there are many government departments and programs that should have never happened, and now that we can see the cost of these government expansion programs, it’s time to correct those mistakes by ending them.

The reason I find the book Atlas Shrugged so revealing is that is was written in the 50’s, well before the rest of America saw trouble. So the perspective has truth to it because the book reads like a book written today, including the name of the bills that have been passed in the news lately. So it goes to say that the solutions to most of America’s problems are in that novel. It is the great American novel and should be revered as high, as or higher than Gone with the Wind, or Tom Sawyer.

It is true that there will be massive unemployment when all those government departments are ended. Those jobs should have never been filled by a government agency to begin with, so the pain of the transition will be immediate, and hard to swallow. But we have to swallow it. There isn’t a choice.

We can’t solve these problems on a national level without solving our financial problems on a local level. That is how we fix America, at the local level. Once that process is started, then we can tackle the problems at a national level. This is why school levies are so important. Schools teach generations of future American’s, and I think they’ve done a terrible job, because there are a lot of “other” social issues that have been thrown into that teaching. That’s a whole different topic that I’ve covered in various articles, so I won’t repeat it now. But the bottom line is that the cost of education is just too expensive.

Here Doc Thompson explains how property taxes are divided up and what they get spent on, much of which goes to schools.

As S.B.5 is about to be passed, union members are proclaiming that they’ll never vote for a Republican again. I say to them, so what. Who cares? The Republicans have an obligation to get our costs under control. Democrats have shown they don’t have the stomach for serious and needed cuts. They have made themselves virtually irrelevant. And if the country turns its back on the Republicans, they’ll face a third-party, which will really mess things up. But the country will not go back to what it was. One of two things will happen. We will go bankrupt. Or we’ll get leaner and meaner. There is not an option that allows for things to be as they were. The ignorant notion of overturning S.B.5 will be in the hands of the unions. If we give Ohio the tools to succeed and they overturn it, the blood will be on them, because it can never be said that we didn’t do our best to solve our problems.

When you hear the school board in Lebanon speak, or the unions of Lakota, they clearly don’t understand that money is not an infinite source. They truly believe, as Michael Moore does, that there is “plenty of cash out there. All we have to do is get it away from those that are sitting on it.” The fact that there are Americans who think such things are proof that our education system is completely broken and useless, because people aren’t learning what they should be.

If you’ve ever been on a camping trip, or a long motorcycle trip, you learn how to pack only what you need. I’ve been on such trips with people who don’t know how to pack correctly, and half-way through the trip they are complaining about being tired, or that the weight of their packing is hurting them. One of the great benefits in learning the skills of using only what you need is so that those same skills can be used in other parts of your life. The people who would be complaining on a hard camping trip are the same people who think government is in the business of creating jobs, and that’s why these people are miserable, because such thoughts go against nature.

How can you begin to explain anything to people like this?

It will be a painful process, but anybody who took a public sector job knew the risks, just like the person that is told not to pack too much in a backpack, but doesn’t listen and soon finds themselves in pain. They were warned.

The private sector will replace those jobs in time, but we have to deregulate our society so that those that create will create those jobs. Government only knows how to feed. Someone has to do the creating, and creators do not take government jobs. Those two things just don’t go together.

I can understand why public sector employees would be upset. They actually believed everything could continue and their good, well-paying jobs could continue forever. That’s what they were told anyway, just like the car salesman that sells a car he knows is prone to breakdowns, but says all the right things so the new owner doesn’t discover all those faults till later…..much later.

Look at these people. It must be terrible to not understand how things work. This video is from March 30th 2011.

Of course those people in public jobs are going to want to increase taxes to continue to fund their mistakes. But that’s not an option either, because taxes are a form of regulation, and regulation destroys creativity. And without creativity you have nothing, no jobs, no tax base, and no country.

So go ahead and get mad at the Republicans because they have to shut down the government. Get mad at the Republicans because they are passing S.B.5. Get mad at them for considering eliminating entire branches of government. Fantasize that Democrats will give all those things back to you. Because what they will give you if that happens is a third world country. America will no longer be a place where you can even hope to get a good paying job, let alone have a soft, union job full of benefits. You’ll elect yourself into the course we are currently on, if we don’t get control of it.

Here is your typical critic from the left.

So I’ll warn you now, don’t pack too heavy. Be ready for the long haul. Don’t look to government to create a job. Get out-of-the-way of those who create, and get ready to ask those people for a job, because that’s the only way. Wall Street is an easy villain for the weak. But without Wall Street, there is no creation, and ultimately no jobs. The motto that “we’re going to keep dancing as long as there’s music” is over. Because the music stopped, yet the people with their hand out are still dancing and showing that all along they never could hear anyway. If you want to know the truth, read a book, and I don’t mean the Communist Manifesto or The Coming Insurrection. Those are pamphlets for children. Drop the talking points designed my mindless, illiterate fools, because they did read those two pamphlets which are being accepted as a reality to our national demise.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior