Say NO To Perverts At Lakota: Sex, Sex, and More Sex–three times in four months during a levy campaign

Sex, and sex and more sex at Lakota schools with underage girls.  The reckless antics by Lakota employees continue even under the microscope of tax increase attempts going on the ballot.  For the third time in four months a full or part-time Lakota employee has been accused of having improper communications or contact with female students, as reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer.  The situation is so out of control that it is absolutely terrifying to consider how many of these employees have not yet been caught.

“In July, an Enquirer search of public records revealed that a full-time Lakota West math teacher – George Merk – had his teaching license suspended for 45 days during the summer break under an agreement with state education officials.

Merk admitted to state official’s improper behavior in communicating with some students but did not cross into physical contact.

And later in July, Robert E. Supinger, a long-term substitute teacher at Lakota West, was accused of kissing a student whom he also took to meet his parents.

Supinger was investigated by Lakota officials while he was teaching during the 2011-12 school year. Last July, state education officials revoked the 25-year-old Supinger’s teaching license; he is no longer allowed to teach in Ohio.”

If you are stupid………….and I mean really, really stupid, join the levy cheerleaders on the For Lakota website in supporting the child molesters who are employed by Lakota.   If you are smart, articulate and speak in complete sentences join the rest of the Lakota school district at the No Lakota Levy website where truth, justice and the American way are all that keep these parasites from having unfettered access to the wealth of Liberty Twp and West Chester property values.

And if you have a daughter and think they are safe at Lakota schools………… are stupid!

Really, stupid.



Rich Hoffman

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4 thoughts on “Say NO To Perverts At Lakota: Sex, Sex, and More Sex–three times in four months during a levy campaign

  1. Just a little more greasing of the skids for Communist Core. Hands on experience will make the sex with goats matinees and The Bluest Eye pill go down far easier.
    The conditioning is happening at breakneck speed now. The desensitization of the “act or acts” is imperative to have success followed by a narrative that excuses the accused in a “sensitive” way.

    Cloward-Piven baby

    The masks are fully off and the dancing around the beast staring everyone down is pathetic and dangerous beyond imagination. I guess for the “stupid” you speak of, awareness of the monster comes when the child no longer belongs to you the parent. That will happen. For them…..MUST happen.

    So painfully obvious now….even if you don’t have the eyes.


    1. Even the blind could see these terrible acts that are so prevalent in public education. Its a by-product of unionized educators who think they are invincible to any kind of judgement. This one makes me more angry because it was so reckless. And so many parents push their kids into extra-curricular activities thinking their kids are doing something good. If this guy would have sex with a 14 year old kid, he was allowing himself to think about it with most of the kids he was instructing. And that is pathetic. And nobody could tell me they didn’t know.


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