The filth of socialized medicine

Here about the future of Obamacare from a person who already experienced it in the UK.

Becoming American

As many of you know, I was born and raised in the UK. I have seen the NHS (National Health Service) indeed I was born in one of these glorious socialist hospitals.

As many of you also know, I absolutely and emphatically deplore anything socialist, including said healthcare system. As Ringo star once said ‘Everything the government touches turns to crap’ and this can be said of the healthcare system in Britain.

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While the US system might not be perfect (and I draw it down to government interference to begin with) we can all agree that it has the best services to offer. The US outspends every other nation on the planet for healthcare, and it really does show in its services. We have more beds, more equipment and more staff.

Some of my friends and family in England will argue with me about this, saying that the US healthcare…

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Hunting RINOs In West Chester, Ohio: Why nobody should vote for Stoker or Wong

I nearly fell off my motorcycle traveling down RT 747 the other day laughing when I saw that West Chester trustee Cathy Stoker had the term “fiscal conservative” over her name on a campaign sign for reelection.  Then her partner in crime, Lee Wong had a sign very nearby that had the picture of an elephant on it displaying that Wong was a Republican.  They are the kind of Republicans that progressives dream of, Republicans like those portrayed in the HBO series shown below–Republicans that are really Democrats shaped by 100 years of European progressivism.  (Hint–its only a matter of time before Tea Party types get their own representation on shows like the HBO series.  Stay tuned to The Blaze on The Dish Network to see what is coming for tomorrow)  Those two politicians are extremely funny, misleading, and is the perfect definition of the term “RINO” (Republican in name only) which has emerged over the last couple of years to describe machine politic Republicans who have captured the party over the years and represent a progressive position that is quite to the left of the political center from the World War II generation.  Stoker is listed as a Democrat in past elections, but her campaign sign clearly attempts to avoid that association.  These RINO types like Stoker and Wong, are naturally trying to appeal to the strong Republican base which resides in West Chester, Ohio but they are far from traditional conservatives.

It wasn’t long ago that Senator Bill Coley at an event with John Kasich confided in me his frustration with the term RINO.  Coley attempted to attach pay to performance for teachers in Ohio, but the idea hasn’t taken leaving him to openly support school levies—which is why he was trying to convince me he wasn’t a RINO.  Deals and compromise are part of American politics, according to RINOs—which is how they ended up moved off from their original conservative positions.  Currently Ohio governor John Kasich is seeking a way to bypass the Ohio legislature so that he can expand Medicaid.  Kasich wants to use the poor through Obamacare as a vehicle to win votes for his 2016 run as president.  And West Chester congressman John Boehner is looking for anyway he can to cut a deal with President Obama and Harry Reid so he can resume his golf game without feeling guilty about the government shut-down.

Even though all the politicians mentioned are all Republican, they are not all conservatives, at least not when it counts.  Stoker and Wong support openly many of the United Nations Agenda 21 methods of micromanaging communities by global influence and expanding Medicaid is the support of Obamacare in an indirect fashion—which might as well be considered open communism of the medical industry.  Kasich stands for nothing if he’ll buy into that concept just to win an extra 2 to 3% of the vote over Democratic challengers.  If Boehner wants to cut a deal with Obama, he has already lost, as Obama has displayed a willingness to lie, cheat and steal in order to achieve his political aims, which are not good for the Republic of The United States.  These kinds of people are why Tea Party patriots have begun calling them RINOs, which that same establishment has declared war against, so to preserve their cancerous hold on the name of the Republican Party.  The RINOs are fighting for the right to use the Republican name to get elected into a government jobs with great pay, prestige, and social benefits.  They perform the task with the same looseness that the socialist leaning West Chester trustee Lee Wong uses an elephant on his campaign sign to pretend he’s an actual conservative.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON WONG AND STOKER.

The Republican establishment is vowing to strike back against the resurgence of conservatism as many of them know that if the party returns back to the right—where it belongs, they will be left out of the political loop, so they are fighting for their very lives, as reported by the Associated Press below.

The AP reported:

From county chairmen to national party luminaries, veteran Republicans across the country are accusing tea party lawmakers of staining the GOP with their refusal to bend in the budget impasse in Washington.

The Republican establishment also is signaling a willingness to strike back at the tea party in next fall’s elections.

“It’s time for someone to act like a grown-up in this process,” former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu argues, faulting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and tea party Republicans in the House as much as President Barack Obama for taking an uncompromising stance.

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is just as pointed, saying this about the tea party-fueled refusal to support spending measures that include money for Obama’s health care law: “It never had a chance.”

The anger emanating from Republicans like Sununu and Barbour comes just three years after the GOP embraced the insurgent political group and rode its wave of new energy to return to power in the House.

Good luck, GOP elitists.
Your whiny soft core conservatism may work out East but it won’t carry the Red States

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I have been to events with Republicans where 200 to 300 very high-profile “conservatives” gathered in one place, and I can report that only about 7 to 10 people in the entire room actually felt any real conviction for conservative values.  The rest of the Republicans were in the party to “cut a deal,” socialize, or sleep with their friend’s wife over wine provided by business donors hoping for some sort of regulatory relief.  They were in the party for what they could get out of it, not for the philosophic basis of the name “Republican.”  Naturally I have been invited into these circles because of my “skills” but when it was noticed that I was to the right of right, they realized I was one of the RINO hunters, and not a RINO—and it scared them.  Upon those discoveries, they attempt to play the same game that Senator Ted Cruz currently has to endure—and I suspect that the outcome will not fare well for them either.

To call yourself a conservative then behave like a liberal simply makes a person a liar.  In this year of 2013 Stoker and Wong have two challengers to their seats, and both are true conservatives the way I would term it, one is Matt King and the other is Mark Welch.  I personally know both men, and they are what the Republican Party should be moving to—away from the domination of RINOs who are only in politics to secure contracts for their business interests. More about Mark and Matt can be seen below in a quote from the Journal News:

Mark Welch, of West Chester Twp., said he’s running for a trustee spot in order to make the township more business friendly. The owner of Bajon Salon & Spa for 13 years, Welch said his business has had to work around the township’s strict zoning regulations.

“I got keenly more aware of community issues and it solidified my desire to do something for the community,” Welch said, of becoming a small business owner after a 20-year career in sales.

Welch said during an election two years ago he had submitted his ticket and planned to campaign, but bowed out at the last-minute because he didn’t want to take votes away from the other Republican candidate.

“I told them, ‘Two years from now, I will be back,’ ” Welch said.

Welch has since been serving on the township’s zoning revision committee and is a member of the West Chester-Liberty Chamber Alliance. Welch said it was after he placed a feather flag sign outside his business to promote the location that the township’s sign ordinance required him to remove it.

“It’s hard enough to stay in business these days … business are trying to create jobs and pay taxes and the zoning is saying, ‘Don’t promote yourself,’ ” Welch said.

Also vying for a spot as West Chester Twp. trustee is Matthew King, a Procter & Gamble IT contractor who moved to the township in 1998. King said he’s been drawn to politics since his teens.

“When I was high school I just thought Ronald Reagan was the coolest president ever and sort of got interested then,” King said.

King said he hadn’t considered running for public office until getting more involved in the community over the years.

“I’ve been around the area long enough to remember when a lot of the towns around were really thriving and I just want to make sure West Chester stays some place like that and doesn’t decline,” King said. “I’m concerned that our current board is a little too content.”

While many people outside the political machine feel honored to be invited to the kind of events where they can actually get to know powerful politicians, it doesn’t impress me, so I have no problem revealing the kind of behavior that goes on.  I simply don’t like people who don’t have strong convictions about things, so I don’t like many politicians.  When I attend social events where they are I know their primary interest is in how much money they can get out of me, and little else, so I am not enamored by pomp and circumstance.  The whole infatuation with the drama of any political class is left over psychological garbage donated to the human race from our European descendants—and should be shed away like the skin of a snake in favor of a healthier philosophy.

Last weekend a dear friend and frequent reader here talked about their long career in fighting against these types of people—RINOs who pretend that they are all about reforming schools, standing for fiscal conservatism, and defending liberty in The United States.  It is often emotionally draining to discover all too late that most everyone they ever knew were hypocrites using conservative politics to advance their financial power through career changes, or business connections.  Most people who are true to their philosophy find themselves suffering some sort of emotional breakdown when they realize that their friends are not actually friends, but parasites feeding of the social system of politics.  This person and I talked about the RINOs of yesterday’s politics and the RINOs of today, many of them I’m currently entangled with.  When I was asked how I dealt with the betrayal, the let downs, and the lack of any conviction from the RINOs in my life, I simply stated that I read a lot of books, play video games, and consume myself with my multiple hobbies.  I don’t need them in my life for anything, so I am not at any kind of disadvantage if they decide they want to disassociate with me.   And if they want to move into physical, or intellectual combat, they can be crushed easily—so they are of no worry—and that’s how they must be viewed.

RINOs are defeated by standing on convictions.  It is not the task of the masses to move to the political left to fit the career aims of John Kasich.   It is not the job of the conservative base to let John Boehner off the hook so he can resume his golf game and “man tan” regiments by cutting a deal with a communist president.  And it is not the job of conservatives to give socialists like Stoker and Wong more years to use the economy of West Chester as a platform to prop up Lakota schools, Agenda 21 sidewalk construction, and taking federal money to blow on pet projects of social malpractice.   It is not the job of people who are truly conservative to change their view and names of things to suit the people who wish to profit off politics.  It is their job to hunt tricksters down like the RINOs they are, and to kick them out of office putting an end to machine politics.  It is more important to have representatives in government than just a Republican as governor, or as Speaker of the House who will allow themselves to be drug kicking and screaming to the left using Overton Window tactics so to preserve their thirty year aims of being “career politicians.”

Rich Hoffman

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