The Government Shut Down: Why federal land should be privatized

The government shut down has revealed an aspect of American culture that is beyond dispute.  The number of government parks and monuments that have been cut off from tourism is astonishing, and underlines why all federal land should be privatized under the free market system.  No government should have the ability to extort national landmarks or historic places as a way to increase their budgetary needs through monopolistic extortion.  No property should be federal land, and operated under the monopoly of government control and authority.  All land in America should be under private ownership.

Under private ownership there would be no ability for the government to shut down.  Parks would operate on a profit basis and would be open “for profit.”  By shutting down parks and tourist attractions operated by the federal government a giant underline has been proposed as to why this arrangement has been allowed to take place at all.  Government should not have the ability to stop access to land that is so-called collectively owned by all Americans.  Since government has stopped access, the best alternative is that all that land should be privately owned.  The cost of service would increase, but at least the pretense of politeness would be eradicated, and efficiency would be implemented where it is currently nonexistent.

Of course the reason the government owns so much property in America is the pinnacle problem of growing statism, where the state believes it has more authority than individual lives—which is an anti-American concept to begin with.  I considered this problem the other night while visiting Kings Island during one of my favorite times of year, the weekend Haunts that are dedicated to Halloween type activities in one of the largest amusement parks in the world.  I love going to Kings Island in the cool fall evenings where the park is open till 1 AM.

I was thinking about the government shut down as I stood under the Eiffel Tower listening to a very intense rock band group called Blood Drums.   The time was 11:30 PM, there were fog machines everywhere pumping large volumes of cloudy mist all over the entire park.  People all around me were enjoying the music and eating snacks from the various venders and the park was operating all its major rides till well after midnight as the moon peeked over the ominous nighttime clouds.   Government was totally incapable of providing anything close to the kind of experience found at Kings Island that I was enjoying.  If government operated Kings Island, the park would have closed at 6 PM, because government does not care about profit since it exists off the looted efforts of the wealth they confiscate.  They do not strive to be profitable, efficient, or even relevant.  They simply take what they want with the mass mobs of the very stupid at their back.  Government could not operate Kings Island, only private ownership.

The greatest park in the world is Disney World in Florida.  No federally operated facility is more efficient, or does more for science, technology, or the preservation of environmental resources than does Epcot Center or Animal Kingdom.  The Disney Parks are almost always open and occasionally they even stay open all night.  They can do this because they operate under the free enterprise system.  With that said, I have mentioned a time or two the McDonald’s that I love in Orlando located just to the south of Universal Studios.  I am most proud to be an American when leaving one of the Disney Parks late at night—around 11 PM after being there since 9 AM where I can stop by this particular McDonald’s which is open 24 hours a day and eat a Big Mac in their dining room till 2 or 3 AM.  I can do this because the free enterprise system has shown McDonald’s and the Disney Parks that there is a need for such things, so they operate their business options in such a way to facilitate the needs of “individuals.”

What is going on with the government shutdown is extortion.  The statists of government are declaring that either tax payers further fund the ridiculous demands of a monopolistic enterprise called the federal government and all their land grabbing tendencies, or Americans will be cut off from their national treasures.  The inefficiencies of government workers is never questioned, or their operating hours.  The only thing discussed is the fact that the federal government has the power to deny access to things that are……………….American and they are dead wrong.

On a visit to the Smithsonian, and the Achieves on the Mall in Washington D.C., I had an altercation with the security at both places because of the video I was taking.  The pin headed, cock-suckers who had the worthless task of standing around looking stupid all day drove me absolutely insane with their level of regulation, which was senseless.  Government museums and parks have way, way too many rules.  Whenever I have camped in a State or National Park I have always made a point to break their rules intentionally just to cleanse myself of their brain-dead mediocrity.  At the Smithsonian and the Archives the employees were over-staffed and had little to do.  They were just there to be there—hired by a faceless, statist government so that the employees could be counted as a “job created.”   Their usefulness was marginal at best, and I let them know it.

I have personally no tolerance for extortion, and closing down national landmarks because of fiscal issues in the federal government.  Government should not maintain property, or have the authority to shut down anything.  Private enterprise should have that option, and their hours and content should be regulated by their customer base—and nothing else.  The best that America has to offer is not in anything that has the word “federal” in front of it, so it should not be the template for future activity.  Private enterprise is the way to go 100% of the time.  Disney World is clean and well maintained not because of a federal law mandating it, but because they want to take care of their customer base.  And Kings Island at 12:00 AM was clean and tidy even with a ruckus crowd of teen age kids running around in the dark away from their parents.  The Kings Island staff could have waited till the park closed to clean everything up, but they still had people going around the park keeping everything tidy even when they really could have skimmed the task.  It’s the little things that make average things exceptional, and that is seldom if ever seen in a federally controlled property.

So why does the government control so much land if they are so inept?  The answer is in the merits of the government shut down.  And it is simply pathetic!

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