Lakota Employees Seeking A $117.50 Per Month Pay Raise: The hidden intention of the 2013 Levy

Even some of my most bizarre claims written about here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom will prove over time and lack of emotional investment to be correct.  Truth is often stranger than any fiction, and the blackness of the hearts behind politics are more sinister than a conscious mind can often allow itself to comprehend.  And this has never been more true than the Lakota levy of 2013 where the claim of necessity has been the safety of students from unforeseen dangers, assistance to the parents by returning some busing privileges, and a maintenance of real estate values to the Lakota community.  The reality is much, much grimmer than that, and once it is understood and accepted reveals the true intention of the proposed tax increase, which can be seen in the following chart.  Lakota employees stand to make after the acceptance of the tax increase at least $117.50 more per month with the proposed raises lined up for a 2014 teacher’s contract with the LEA.  As wages in the private sector have hovered around stagnation, and the economy through government tampering has flat lined, government workers here in the form of Lakota teachers and administrators seek to defy market value with forced tax increases to do nothing but pad their own pockets with looted money—stolen through coercion and deceits.Slide 4

The coercion and deceits are the emotional pleas and out-right lies about the status of the Lakota finances and the cause of educational failure.  Lakota uses children as emotional hostages to move voters into seeing their point of view.  As government workers they are using the same strategy that was so evident during the government shutdown where even the Great Smoky Mountains was shut down to inconvenience visitors into voting for politicians who will continue throwing money into a bottomless pit of inefficiency, and unregulated spending.  Even when Blount County police offered to keep the park open by doing the job of the park rangers, it was rejected for the same reason that Lakota would never allow a person like me to step in and run Lakota from the teaching side, or the finance side the way it should be properly.  The goal is never to solve the problem in government, but only to create more if the terms are not meant.  In Lakota’s situation, they propose less pain to the community if they get a tax increase, but the only thing that will change is that the employees will get a raise when their current wages are already too high and most of their positions are completely unneeded.  Most of the assistant positions at Lakota could be eliminated completely without having any impact on education.  Many jobs at the administrative level were created by government for the benefit of government.  Most of the employees at Lakota outside of direct supervision spend most of their day gossiping to one another and playing on the internet.  They don’t do much, yet they expect to get a raise in pay when they already average over 30% more in compensation than the average Lakota tax payer.

The Lakota levy is about nothing but money and they are more than willing to use the children of the community as strategic bargaining chips of pure extortion to protect themselves from more economic bad times ahead.  2014 will also bring additional costs to the average tax payer of Lakota through the Obamacare impact that will drive up insurance premiums from one of the largest socialist programs ever attempted against the American people with the most intrusive wealth redistribution scam ever conducted.  The exact cost of that intrusion will not be known until insurance companies figure out how much they are allowed to drive up their costs now that they are even more of an oligopoly than they were before, as the federal government has just guaranteed their existence and profitability.  Just for being born, every living, breathing citizen is now required to purchase the product of health insurance as choice has been removed.  (No wonder insurance companies supported Obama on this matter)  It is an arrangement by the federal government for the good of itself.  Similarly, Lakota is doing the same thing.  Every human being born is required by the federal government to get an education approved by the state.  For most children that means the public school that dominates the politics of their local community.  No matter how good the school is, or bad, there isn’t any choice in the matter.  If school is not attended, and taxes paid to it, coercion will be used to either jail the perpetrators, or seize the property for lack of payment.  The threat of coercion keeps everyone paying money through taxes even when they know it’s fundamentally wrong.  Lakota knows this, so they can get by with their exploitation of their students and the parents because government has given them a monopoly over the education process, so performance is never the issue.  Lakota is free to hire unneeded staff to “create jobs, or go on strike through their education union to drive up their wage rates.  But make no mistake about it, the Lakota levy is about nothing other than giving the employees at Lakota an average pay raise of $117.50 per month.

Most every tax payer in Lakota during 2014 will pay a lot more in either taxes or health insurance premiums—likely both.  Most families could easily be paying more than $150 per month in 2014 for the same level of insurance as they had in 2013 just because of the wealth redistribution plan enacted by the government against them and on top of that, Social Security is set to increase as well.  Then there is the Lakota levy where yet another inefficient government blob of incestuous public employees wish to raise taxes on the same tax base that is already hurting—and the only reason they are doing it is because the employees at Lakota want a pay raise, when most of the tax payers contributing to the school have no prospect of any kind of raise in the foreseeable future.  Some of them will likely lose their jobs once Obamacare kicks in.   Employers will not be able to afford carrying them any longer due to the cost increases.  But Lakota doesn’t care because whenever they get into trouble they can afford to carry all their employees even when declining enrollment states they should have a massive layoff.  Lakota can do this because the federal government has given them coercive power over property owners due to a monopoly status.  When Lakota needs more money they just propose a tax increase and promise that the children of the tax payers will not be harmed if the money is paid.

Meanwhile the umbrella of the federal government through now health care, through Social Security, and especially education hits the same tax payers year after year with cost increases where they nickel and dime every productive citizen until there isn’t anything left—and they don’t care whether or not the system is sustainable or not.  They are government, and they only want what they want and don’t care about the expense.  Lakota is a government entity—nothing more or less.  And they want their minimum pay raises of $117.50 per month and they could care less what it does to the rest of their community.  For that reason alone, every person of right mind should VOTE NO on the Lakota levy, and they should not feel ashamed in any way.  Saying NO is the only measure of fiscal restraint that there is against such a system that is parasitic in nature, and destructive in every way conceivable extending well beyond the wildest conspiracy theory.  Saying NO is a responsibility dedicated to good judgment in the face of an encroaching evil known as the federal government which looks to feed off the innocent for the benefit of its own growth and social imposition.

Rich Hoffman

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