The Patriotism of Saying NO: Avoiding the harm of corrosive, begging, levy supporters

The most ridiculous rhetoric that comes out of school levy proposals is that somehow it is considered a “patriotic duty” to vote mindlessly for tax increases.  Anyone who thinks this way needs to have their head examined.  I’m sure the Letter to the Editor writer from the Sunday October 6, 2013 edition of Today’s Pulse newspaper had good intentions when they suggested in the commentary below that over a 30 year span of time it is the community’s duty to continue voting yes on school levies because “it is what we do.”  The meaning is that a tax increase is an “investment” into the community and the reason is simply—because it just is.  The letter writer makes no attempt to understand why, she simply makes the assumption that it’s always been that way and it will always continue.  Read the letter for yourself.

Support levy, support community


As a Lakota graduate and an empty-nester parent of three Lakota graduate, I look at our community and see a wonderful place to raise and educate our children.  When I was in school in the 1970s, many senior citizens and empty-nesters supported the levies and my education.  It is what we do when we are invested in our community. 

Not all of us make use of our police, fire or park services, which are available to everyone, yet we support them financially because that is what you do in the community where you live.  Please don’t lose sight of the fact that even if you don’t have children currently in our district, our local schools are one of the best investments our community has.

Please take the time to research the upcoming school levy and you will see that Lakota continues to be a good steward of our tax dollars.   They have made severe cuts and have not had any new revenue since 2005.  Don’t you think as a member of this community; it is time to support our schools and our children?  Vote “yes” for the Lakota levy. 

Donna Beluse Leslie

Of course I disagreed with that levy supporter, and responded with the following letter.  School levy supporters are one of the most corrosive aspects of existence.  They are similar to rust on a car.  If left untended, they just continue to grow and eat away everything of any real structure.  Their belief system is not only flawed, but is dangerously ignorant.  I have learned that saying NO to school levies is not only healthy for a community, but is the best way to rid communities of the corrosive nature of levy supporters who are parasites on everything that is economically viable.

The Patriotism of Saying No

The best reason pro levy supporters can come up with as to why Lakota needs a tax increase is because it is the patriotic duty of a community to throw money away on a glorified babysitting service.  Never do such people consider the cost to a community of passing tax increases.   Pro tax people are like panhandlers who camp out on the way to sporting events and make you feel guilty for not throwing a few bucks at them knowing full well that you’ll need the money for beer and hot dogs once inside.  The guilt comes in thinking that you don’t deserve beer and hot dogs while the beggar is struggling outside.  The question never gets asked why the beggar is begging instead of doing something else—because guilt avoids the question.

The question at Lakota is why they are begging for money they don’t need.  Why with declining enrollment do they wish a long-term tax increase on a thriving community?  Why is it a duty to recklessly throw money at a school because someone is an alumnus under different conditions 30 years ago?  And why do the employees at Lakota expect to make over 60K per year on average when the average tax payer makes much less? 

Pro-levy people expect voters to not ask those questions, but simply vote in favor of tax increases based on speculative community patriotism that has no grounding in reality.  They simply want money thrown into their begging dish to avoid the hard job of contract negotiations with a union that is up in 2014.  And to avoid those hard decisions, Lakota wants to impose a damaging tax increase that will last for many, many years, drive away businesses and crush people barely hanging on. 

So much for community patriotism.


Rich Hoffman

Liberty Twp.

When pro levy supporters makes stupid statements such as—a community should vote in favor of a tax increase because they are investing in a community they are advocating the destruction of communities.  There are no communities that have survived for 40 to 50 years that increased taxes on themselves every 5 years and maintained the wealth and economic viability of their community.  In the same way, a car that is left to rust untreated will slowly erode away into garbage.  A community that blindly raises taxes on itself to sustain armies of government worker monopolies will also destroy itself.  So the best way to save a community is to keep the public schools from destroying it with selfishly high taxes driven by corrosive labor unions.

Saying NO is management of a community’s resources.  Saying Yes is simply caving into the radical, half-baked claims of voters with a shallow knowledge of history, and a distorted concept of economics.  They should not be allowed to destroy communities unchecked, and saying NO is the best defense against them.  There is no evidence anywhere that higher taxes lead to a prosperous community, and there is even less evidence that the same Yes votes cast in 1970 have the same value as Yes votes in 2013—the assumption is that the cost of per pupil education have gone up tremendously since then yet children are performing worse scholastically.  Only a complete idiot would continue to do something just because they made the same stupid mistake in the 70s, 80s, and 90s……….”because it is what we do,” “we” being a community.  To do such a thing is a receipt for social decline and a future ghetto swapping out residents of productive output with more parasites of government mooching that will replace the hard-working home owner with a government subsidized crack dealer.  The path to community decline is in voting Yes for school levies, not the other way around—and is the misleading utterance of the entire parasitic school levy supporter.  They all share the tendency to ignore the facts in favor of “feel good” assumptions that have no basis in reality except in their own imaginations driven by mid-life anxieties and guilt over their skills as parents.  The way to protect a community is to reject those types with NO votes and get them out of our community—because leaving them alone will lead to a destruction of everything we cherish.

Rich Hoffman

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