Communist Plank #16: The roots of NAMBLA in American society

To prove that America has long been infiltrated with communism as stated in the 1958 book The Naked Communist I am covering each of the 45 Planks of Communism cited there to provide the proof.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE LATEST INSTALLMENT.  When it is understood to what extent communism has been quietly placed into our culture during a very delicate time in American history, it can then be understood what is happening to the world in the modern age.  So let us explore the meaning of Plank # 16 shown below.


16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

Over the last 30 years American society has been under siege mysteriously by a rash of court cases driven by money grabbing lawyers hungry to charge $300-$500 per hour to their clients.  The lawyers learned their tactics during their law degrees by professors already trained in the ways of communism—only under different names.  Any doctrine that embraces collectivism over individuality has its roots in communist propaganda planted generations before even the law professors received their educations, so the concepts of communism were taught without naming the name allowing entire generations of young lawyers to advance communism thought thinking they were actually fighting for civil liberties.  This has resulted in court cases removing the Ten Commandments from public places, allowed defiling art to attack symbols of American heritage, and created many millions of pages of case-law in civil rights litigation that have shaped our society to such a radical position that children are presently suspended from school just for making the shape of a gun with their hands.  The meaning behind such measures is fear from law suits leaving public schools to over-react from fear of parasitic lawyers that might bring lawsuits should a school shooting erupt.  The communist intention of the law to begin with was to attack the concept of the Second Amendment so that children would grow up in a world not accepting the use of personal firearms.  The school was not devious in suspending the students for pretending to shoot other students in normal games of “cops and robbers” they were simply protecting themselves from the potential of future lawsuits.  But it was lawyers who created the case-law which provoked such a fear in the first place and the roots of that desire came from Communist Plank #16.

To prove the validity of the claim made by the book The Naked Communist one only need to look at the ability of the organization known as NAMBLA to rise to prominence and use the American courts through the ACLU.  NAMBLA is openly wrong, and unquestionably evil, yet it is advanced and defended publically as a way to attack the First Amendment by pretending to defend it.  NAMBLA is a byproduct of the International Lesbian and Gay Association which is supported by The United Nations and is protected by politicians like Hillary Clinton.  Working together, these organizations have openly attacked American tradition by seeking to twist The Bill of Rights legally to invoke public hatred for those same Rights.  This was the intention of communist infiltration of the legal system specifically targeting civil rights.



The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a pedophile and pederasty advocacy organization in the United States that works to abolish age of consent laws criminalizing adult sexual involvement with minors,[1][2] and for the release of all men who have been jailed for sexual contacts with minors that did not involve coercion.[1][3] Some reports state that the group no longer has regular national meetings, and that as of the late 1990s, to avoid local police infiltration, the organization discouraged the formation of local chapters.[3][4] Around 1995, an undercover detective discovered that there were 1,100 people on the rolls.[3] As of 2005, a newspaper report stated that NAMBLA was based in New York and San Francisco.[3]

In 1993, the International Lesbian and Gay Association achieved United Nations consultative status. NAMBLA’s membership in ILGA drew heavy criticism and caused the suspension of ILGA. Many gay organizations called for the ILGA to dissolve ties with NAMBLA. Republican Senator Jesse Helms proposed a bill to withhold $119 million in UN contributions until U.S. President Bill Clinton could certify that “no UN agency grants any official status, accreditation, or recognition to any organization which promotes, condones, or seeks the legalization of pedophilia, that is, the sexual abuse of children”. The bill was unanimously approved by Congress and signed into law by Clinton in April 1994.

IN 1994, ILGA expelled NAMBLA and two other groups (MARTIJN and Project Truth) because they were judged to be “groups whose predominant aim is to support or promote pedophilia.” Although ILGA removed NAMBLA, the UN reversed its decision to grant ILGA special consultative status. Repeated attempts by ILGA to reacquire special status with the UN were eventually successful in 2006.[23]

Gregory King of the Human Rights Campaign later said that “NAMBLA is not a gay organization … They are not part of our community and we thoroughly reject their efforts to insinuate that pedophilia is an issue related to gay and lesbian civil rights.”[24] NAMBLA responded by claiming that “man/boy love is by definition homosexual,” that “man/boy lovers are part of the gay movement and central to gay history and culture,” and that “homosexuals denying that it is ‘not gay’ to be attracted to adolescent boys are just as ludicrous as heterosexuals saying it’s ‘not heterosexual’ to be attracted to adolescent girls.”[24]

In 2000, a Boston couple, Robert and Barbara Curley, sued NAMBLA for the wrongful death of their son. According to the plaintiffs, Charles Jaynes and Salvatore Sicari, who were convicted of murdering the Curleys’ son Jeffrey, “stalked … tortured, murdered and mutilated [his] body on or about October 1, 1997. Upon information and belief immediately prior to said acts Charles Jaynes accessed NAMBLA’s website at the Boston Public Library.”[8] The lawsuit further alleged that “NAMBLA serves as a conduit for an underground network of pedophiles in the United States who use their NAMBLA association and contacts therein and the Internet to obtain and promote pedophile activity.”[8] Jaynes wrote in his diary, “This was a turning point in discovery of myself…. NAMBLA’s Bulletin helped me to become aware of my own sexuality and acceptance of it […].”[25]

Citing cases in which NAMBLA members have been convicted of sexual offenses against children, Larry Frisoli, the attorney representing the Curleys, argued that it is a “training ground” for adults who wish to seduce children, in which men exchange strategies on how to find and groom child sex partners. Frisoli also claimed that NAMBLA has sold at its website what he called “The Rape and Escape Manual” that detailed how to avoid being caught and prosecuted.[26] The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) stepped in to defend NAMBLA as a free speech matter and won a dismissal based on the fact that NAMBLA is organized as an unincorporated association, not a corporation. John Reinstein, the director of the ACLU Massachusetts, said that although NAMBLA “may extol conduct which is currently illegal”, there was nothing on its website that “advocated or incited the commission of any illegal acts, including murder or rape”.[27]

The Curleys continued the suit as a wrongful death action against individual NAMBLA members, some of whom were active in the group’s leadership. The targets of the wrongful death suits included David Thorstad, a co-founder of NAMBLA. The Curleys alleged that Jaynes and Sicari, who were convicted of the rape and murder of their son, were members.[citation needed] The lawsuit was dropped in April 2008 after a judge ruled that a key witness was not competent to testify.[28]

As a result of the existence of NAMBLA which started in 1978 there are countless rapists, pedophiles, and sexual deviants that have been allowed to openly express themselves which directly attacks the moral aptitude of America.  Communists knew that if the American people could no longer differentiate between right and wrong they would lose their way and fall to the collectivism of communism by default seeking safety in numbers.  The attack against American civil liberties through the mask of defense was to frighten, outrage, and move patriotic sentiment away from The Constitution, and toward social collectivism opening the psychological door to communism.

In this way lawyers have been used to destroy the American family through easy divorce legislation, cases where schools can infringe upon family through inference, and children are not even allowed to make certain shapes with their hands so to quell the sentiments of the collective society.  Individuality has been attacked for the “greater good,” and the cases that paved the way were those centering around NAMBLA—which were so extreme that once accepted, case-law allowed the book of interpretation to be opened widely so that right and wrong behavior were no longer applicable.

This has always been the intention of Communist Plank #16, and the result is all around American society today.  It is the cause as to why most people simply shake their head in bewilderment when they hear the latest atrocities on the nightly news and seek collective activities of association to protect their fragile minds from further imposition.  The intention of global communists during the 40s and 50s were to bring to the next century in America a nation that had no moral ground to stand upon allowing communism to penetrate the borders of capitalism and destroy it forever.  Capitalism is an economic system where the morally good tends to succeed over the bad, so judgments of value must be removed before communism can be accepted by mass society.  The intention of Plank #16 was to achieve this eradication of value so that communist driven economies could flourish in the open with no other options of acceptance available and the path to that behavior has been paved through the open attack of value through American civil liberties by organizations like NAMBLA.

Rich Hoffman

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