Justin Binik-Thomas For Deer Park School Board: Listen to him on the air with Matt Clark

If you live in the Deer Park school district then you know by now  you are lucky to have the opportunity to vote for Justin Binick-Thomas for school board.  Justin rightly believes that he can solve some of the education issues that are going on in Ohio from the inside and he’s putting his time and money where his mouth is.  Justin is a friend of mine, so I know he is beyond corruption, and I couldn’t think of a better mind than his to work on school board.  There will not be any sending Justin Binick-Thomas to a OSBA conference in Columbus and expecting him to become indoctrinated by the education empire of statism.  Rather, Justin’s heart is pure, and he is as righteous as anyone can expect.  This is why he was on the WAAM radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan over this past weekend to talk to another friend of mine, Matt Clark during the Clarkcast—saving the Republic one broadcast at a time.

It might be remembered that Justin is the guy at the center of the IRS scandal as he was targeted directly by the IRS as one of the founders of the Cincinnati Tea Party.  During the broadcast with Matt, Justin spoke a bit about the current status of that particular scandal which is ongoing.   Justin also spoke about the nature of Common Core and his thoughts about state dictated education practices versus those driven from the kind of school boards he is attempting to become a member of.

The way it was supposed to work is that good school boards had direct control over their costs, and the educational content.   Some school districts would naturally be better than others so families would be attracted to school districts that were of a higher quality than school districts that were poorly run.  The education system was conceived with competition in mind, and this was to reflect the capitalist nature of American education.  However, labor unions over the last 50 years have lobbied hard to remove competition from the education system, and following the socialist model of their founding sought to make all school districts equal no matter what their location which has culminated in complete state-run education dictated from WashingtonD.C. in the form of Common Core.

Justin’s attempt in running for school board is to reverse this corrosive trend and wrestle away from state control those items in education that belong under the control of communities.  Still school boards insist during each election that school levies should be passed so that they can manage their districts, but due to union control modern school boards have little power over anything but to raise money for their unions which have infected their districts like insects.  Justin will not be this kind of school board member.

Education as it is today is dictated by the state departments of education and school districts are left to deal with the aftermath of all the unfunded mandates.  Children are the direct victims of this policy and the danger of ruining the minds of entire generations with concepts of statism is alarmingly evident.  Justin is offering the people of Deer Park the kind of school board member who truly has the values of his community at heart, before the federal Department of Education was created in 1979, before President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” statism, and now Common Core—all attempts of by the federal government to control education with the same vigor they wish to control the environment, the economy, health care, and virtually every aspect of human life.  Justin Binik-Thomas is offering to be the kind of school board member that was often elected prior to those government intrusions, and that is a rare find.

A vote for Justin Binik-Thomas is the best thing you can do for your child if you live in the Deer Park school district and care about the education your child is getting.  I often say that modern schools are just glorified baby sitting services driven by union radicalism demanding extraordinary pay for the employees.  Justin is an old-fashioned candidate who has all the ability to retake American education one district at a time starting with his own.  A vote for Justin is a vote for goodness, intelligence, and a better America by inspiring children with a real education, instead of the crap they are given through modern state-run institutions.

Rich Hoffman


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