Sheriff Jones Loses To Superintendent Mantia: Another Republican caves to political pressure

Of course Sheriff Jones fresh off his fundraiser duties for Cindy Carpenter is going to vote for the Lakota Levy.  He is part of the same generation that gave us all Medicare, huge national debts, and supports the kind of Republican that John Kasich is now, and the kind John Boehner has always been, soft compromising losers who allow themselves to be talked in to spending other people’s stolen tax money for the “greater good.”  Jones like those other Republicans has also recently caved on his position, where he stated he would not support a Lakota levy until there were police officers in the school hired to  protect students to avoid another Sandy Hook massacre—which Lakota has tried to exploit as a reason to support more tax increases.  Lakota blew off Jones and all his supposed power in politics to play their same hard-line yank to the left for all their opponents.  John Kasich lost to Obama going from a Tea Party governor, to a boot licking, money groveling advocate of Obamacare, in part because of Jones who worked the issue through his friend Bill Cunningham in the wake of the Senate Bill 5 debate, Boehner lost directly to Obama as a comfortable fat cat Washington insider caving on the government shutdown and presenting to the nation Obamacare, and Jones lost to Lakota, who blew him off with their open extortion tactic of not supporting Jones’ recommendation, and decided to not entertain the idea of hiring police for building security until they twisted more money out of the community with a tax increase.  So it comes as no surprise that Jones has come out in support of the Lakota levy.  In the past Sheriff Jones’ police officers watched openly the theft of many thousands of dollars of No Lakota Levy campaign signs, and did nothing about it.  After all, the police and teachers are basically all government union brothers and sisters, so they have each other’s back.

But there was a Letter to the Editor in this week’s Today’s Pulse which took the opposite position of Sheriff Jones regarding the Lakota levy and pointed out the game superintendent Mantia is really playing, which ultimately defeated Jones.  Jones drew a hard-line in the sand about security at Lakota, similar to Obama’s hard line with Syria, only to have Mantia ignore it in much the way that Obama’s was ignored.  In the end, it was Jones who ended up eating out of Mantia’s hand ignoring the obvious ploy of extortion which is revealed to anybody paying attention.  The letter writer below did notice.

Law enforcement people told the school district that seven additional security people are needed to protect Lakota from a tragedy like Newtown. Lakota has given no indication of taking action on this recommendation and is delaying hiring pending passage of the November levy. The cost for this added security is $350K per year.

At a special July 8th school board meeting that focused on putting the levy on the ballot, I spoke to the board and Dr. Mantia about the need to immediately take action on hiring the recommended seven people.  Stating that the student’s safety is a number one priority, Dr. Mantia said it was also essential to balance the budget.  When a school board member questioned her if there was a plan on how to proceed with the hiring, the superintendent did not answer his question.

There are two elements of increasing the security of Lakota’s facilities – changes to the building’s physical structure and a visible presence of security personnel. Common knowledge that someone may be present to stop a dangerous intruder is a very effective way to deter violence on Lakota’s campus. The potential of a counterforce presence can actually be more potent than other security measures like cameras or limited access entrances.

On May 29th, the board summarily approved $534K to blacktop parking lots and tennis courts.  At the September 30th meeting, the district had an excess of 90-days available operating cash (the district spends on average about $400K a day), and it projects that it will have almost $1.4 million in surplus for the 2013-2014 year.

The Lakota school board is pregnant with the knowledge that steps need to be and can be immediately taken to improve student’s safety. Delaying hiring security people so that it is dependent on the levy’s passage borders on extortion.

John Halase

West Chester

During the last school board meeting there was a presentation about Facilities and Security.  Some schools have their main office in the middle of the building instead of adjacent to the entry doors.  The plan is to convert classrooms by the doors to offices and force pass throughs to the office.  Lakota indicated that they already have cameras looking at the doors and buzzer access after students’ morning entry.  One school has a curved front, and they said that it would take extra work.  That is the scope of the $6.3M Mantia said would be spent on security.  What Lakota is really doing is taking extra class-rooms which are emptying because there are fewer students with the declining enrollment and hiding that fact from the public by using them for “pass throughs” for so-called security purposes—which is laughable.  When the subject of that declining enrollment was brought up, Mantia was sensitive to it.  She argued that the district cut 150 teachers and they are short-staffed.  (based on what?)  She said there isn’t a direct correlation between the number of students and the number of teachers needed.  This too is laughable.  Mantia as a former teacher obviously has been brain-washed to believe the old union talking points—when questioned about anything—blame it on being short-staffed.   This is how Lakota ended up with so many redundant administration positions.  CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE SOME OF THEM.

During the last decade when enrollment was going up, Lakota argued they needed more money because of the imposition that more students placed upon their employment base.  Now that the opposite is true, Mantia wishes to convince the tax payers that there is little to no correlation between the numbers of employees and student enrollment numbers.  Really?  That is like McDonald’s declaring that if they only had two customers a day, they’d need a full staff of 25 workers to cover those two people who might come in to order coffee.  It is preposterous.  Mantia is obviously all wrong about her thinking.   Instead of all her proposals for the over $13 million she wants to raise with this new tax increase, she should be looking at massive lay-offs and consolidating some of the empty buildings instead of dumping more money into buildings that only have unneeded employees in them and no students.

Now it is clear why Sheriff Jones is supporting the Lakota levy even though they snubbed him publically.  As a fellow government worker, he is in the same boat as Mantia.  If he were to ever lose support for his budget from the Butler County tax base, he’s facing many of the problems that Lakota is now.  So he really doesn’t have a choice but to support the same system which he also benefits from.  Mantia knew it at the start of his campaign, just like Obama knew that Boehner would cave once the debt ceiling hit.  Republicans do not have the will to cut up the government credit card and Obama played his hand with that knowledge on the government shut down debate.  Mantia knew that Jones did not have the political capital to stand apart from Lakota, so she played her hand against him, and still earned his endorsement.  Her token concession of turning some empty classrooms into “security” zones was enough to let Jones come away from his position of hiring live police officers for increased security, and earn his support.

The people who support the Lakota levy are the people who directly receive benefit from the service directly or indirectly.  Sheriff Jones receives benefit indirectly because so long as people support government schools, they are likely to continue supporting government police officers.  The other Lakota levy supporters like Mantia are voting in favor of their pay checks.  There isn’t anywhere else a person like her would make a quarter million dollars.  If she wasn’t in government she’d be lucky to make $9 dollars an hour in the private sector as her skills would be worthless as a token administrator.  Mantia also protects the teaching profession which gave her that looting opportunity so that future generations of teachers can do as she has and build high paying careers by playing the kind of games she did with Sheriff Jones, raking in a bounty that would make Caribbean pirates shy with bragging rights.  The other supporters are parents who want the services of a private education without having to actually pay for it, so they support the tax increase to feel like good parents when they are really just too busy to do the job themselves and expect the community to fund it for them.  They all have in common a love of social looting to serve their purposes.  They all support each other’s efforts even when they put on a show of discontent.  In the end, they are one and the same, part of the massive blob called collective government statists intent on the eradication of capitalism, and the new dawn of a socialist day where they will be exempt from the massive middle class and function as one of the social elite of public service.


Rich Hoffman

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