Public Schools That Cheat To Pass Levies: Nothing is against the law when children are used for extortion

If anybody ever wanted proof that public schools are quite blatant in their willingness to break the law to pass school levies, just examine the latest article done by the Cincinnati Enquirer who did a good bit of reporting off a public record request.  They discovered that 49 of Southwest Ohio’s public school systems, nine use payroll deductions to raise campaign money which is illegal.  The guilty schools are Kings, Mason, Fairfield, Middletown, Loveland, Madeira, Mariemont, Reading and West Clermont.  Read some of the selected details of that article below or check the full story at the link.

The districts collect the employees’ voluntary contributions and forward the money to private campaign organizations.

It’s an illegal use of resources and personnel of publicly funded schools, asserts Christopher Finney, attorney and founding member of the Hamilton County-based Citizens Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST).

Finney cites Ohio Revised Code 3315.07, which states in part “no board of education shall use public funds to support or oppose the passage of a school levy or bond issue or to compensate any school district employee for time spent on any activity intended to influence the outcome of a school levy or bond issue.”

Finney says the practice is surprisingly blatant.

“It’s outrageous because typically the abuse of tax dollars to advance the cause of bigger government is usually more subtle,” he said.

Other schools such as Lebanon and Lakota are not on the list, but are very careful about what they do because both those communities have activists reporting the many indiscretions committed by the public institutions.  They watch closely what they get caught doing.  Their crimes are harder to discover by reporters on their lunch time investigations.  If activist elements were not present, Lakota and Lebanon would easily join the above list.

The importance of this information is the display of the willingness public schools exhibit to break the law to protect their extortive tax increase practices.  They know that a public records request will reveal their actions, yet they do it anyway—and they don’t care if they are caught.  Their disregard of the law is malicious and they do it because they are a monopoly operation, and know that their customers have nowhere else to go but to their door step.

Of course this leads to the next question—what do these same schools participate in that they wish to hide?  To what extent are they willing to protect their actions, and reputations for the things that would truly get them into trouble?  And how often does it occur?  Readers here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom have seen parades of foul information regarding public school behavior for over three years.  We have covered sex scandals, bullying cover-ups, corrosive labor practices, financial rackets, and many other destructive activities that are being taught to the next generation of children in the terribly deficient public schools run by government monopolies, and what they all have in common is the inbred deformity of mentality driven by a lack of competition.

Public schools do not worry about breaking the law because they are their own judge, jury, and executioners.  They own the legal process, they are deeply embedded in the political system through the financial contributions of their labor unions, and they know that if they get into trouble locally, that their nationwide network of union thugs will come to their rescue with mass mobs of burning pitchfork radicals demanding all to turn away from the crimes committed.  These parasites use society’s children to hide their crimes with open extortion and are the biggest menace to society in our modern age—and they get away with it because nobody stands up to them.

The law discussed above gets broken because nobody has the guts to hold them to it.  There are of course a few “fringe” people who do, people like me and the friends who contribute openly to these pages, but most just keep their opinions to themselves afraid that the thugs will show up in the middle of the night and vandalize their cars and home.  They fear the same radicals protesting their places of business and making an embarrassment out of their lives as every skeleton in their closet is exposed by the levy radicals attacking ruthlessly all who dare question their practices.  Most people want nothing to do with such radicalism, so they stay silent, and allow the illegal activities that use their children as extortion tokens for peace as they sit in front of the television and watch fictional characters stand for something—while they stand for nothing.

No wonder young people are so angry, and lack so much respect for their parents.

Rich Hoffman

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