“Don’t Tread On Me”: The Red Pill Rebellion

Don't tread on me

On more than a few occasions during the last week, prior to the November elections, readers, friends and otherwise have expressed to me their concern that things would ever get better—that our current American society seems destined to slide into a communist rot driven by the old hippies of the “Flower Child” generation.  I can understand the concern as even forty and fifty-year-olds that didn’t come of age during the 60s but was still infected by communism, such as the current Obama administration, think like they do.  But not everyone does.  The trouble makers are easy to spot, they are usually academics raised on Marxism, socialism and progressive causes for the benefits of global communism.  The closer to modern education they are, the worse they are, and more statist their beliefs.  But along those same demographic age groups a ray of hope is emerging that will not tolerate the communist utopia that the modern political left dreams of—and the resistance won’t be pretty.

Many believe that the modern Tea Party was inspired by the Republican Party through the likes of Karl Rove to unify the senior citizens in their party.  Because of that and other reasons many Tea Party types are questioning whether the Tea Party should even keep such a name, because a whole new generation of rebel rousers, and freedom lovers is emerging that doesn’t feel driven by reverence for the American Revolution.  Instead, they were raised on Rambo movies, Asteroids video games, rock and roll, and large doses of capitalism provided by the Ronald Reagan presidency.  I have said often that many of the problems of the early 2000s are due to the failed statist policies of the “Flower Children.”  They are currently in charge right now in politics, business, entertainment, and education.  But behind them on the age bracket are the kind of people who listened with great reverence to the music of Metallica, Kiss, Judas Priest and many other heavy metal bands.  The “Flower Children” had Bob Dylan, the Beatles and other pacifists.  The 80s rebel rousers had songs like this one shown below by Metallica called “Don’t Tread On Me.”  Listen to the words carefully and watch the video.  It contains within it the future of America.

I’ve been a body-guard, a repo man, and a bouncer at times and before or after conflicts I would turn on this song by Metallica to charge myself up.  Even now, twenty years later, the song still has reverence for me, it was written well before there was a Tea Party or even a Barack Obama.  Back then, freedom was still an illusion and the national debt was manageable—yet Metallica saw the writing on the wall like the rest of the people from my generation do—and they are quite pissed off about it.  Metallica songs like this one are representative to how we feel, so any kind of communist utopia that Obama and the wealthy power-hungry billionaires like George Soros intend, will not make any real traction.  Instead, it will push my generation into open revolution as they will not yield to statism—once they finally admit to themselves that government is a problem.

I have a long time running joke in my family that my favorite people are those under the age of 12 and over the age of 65, everyone else in between is broken and not worth my time.  The reason is that the ages stated that I enjoy are human beings not functioning from a sexual nature.  Once the pituitary kicks in and young people become sexually interested, they go into a cloud of misdirected deceit for the next 50 years of their life, until their sexual nature kicks off again and they can resume logical thinking as senior citizens.  Most of the people who listen to Metallica along with me are from this broken age where their primary purpose is still power for the sake of sexual gratification—the ability to plant a seed or receive a seed which is the mating custom of human beings.  Most of our economy and our entire political structure is built around this ridiculous notion.  But once these people move into their senior citizen status, they will still have the music and philosophy of their youth, but not the sexual misconduct to motive their thoughts, much the way today’s communists and Marxists have risen to dominance no longer distracted by drugs and sexual orgies.  When the Metallica generation hits this period, there will not be unlimited compliance to statist policies.  There will be open rebellion, and the old hippies will have died off leaving this new rebellion to run everything—and their mode of philosophy will be capitalism—the kind they grew up with during the years of Ronald Reagan.

So fret not all who read this.  The statism of today will not last.  There isn’t money to support communism in America and there is not a will by the public to embrace it.  They’ve tasted freedom even if for a brief moment during a Metallica concert, or in a car driving down the highway at over 100 miles per hour with open containers of beer flowing freely between the occupants.  Freedom is something people are waiting for—because it is reflected in their art—the songs that are listed on their iPods—songs like Metallica’s “Don’t Tread On Me.”

I can speak for myself, that song reflects my thoughts.  I will not yield to communism, statism, socialism, or anything the Obama administration creates.  They do not represent me and I refuse their system of beliefs. I want nothing to do with Obama’s view of America, a socialist paradise born in the laboratory of college campuses in love with European hierarchy.  And the Tea Party is not so much about today’s senior citizens getting politically active.  It’s about them waking up and smelling the coffee and wanting to fix things because sexuality no longer clouds their minds as the logic of youth has returned to their creative minds.  At the roots of the Tea Party movement is a much harder core belief system that is angry and ready to direct their thoughts, and those intentions will not move toward communism, but away from it. An entire generation grew up on that song, and deep in their hearts they believe it.

There were not politicians like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz even a decade ago.  They are a new emergence and are of the same age as I am–products of the 1980s.  It would not surprise me if Senator Ted Cruz does not listen to Metallica on his iPod as he travels through the airport.  I would not be surprised if Rand Paul doesn’t still have the Metallica CD in his personal music library.  I would not be surprised to learn that they personally liked the song, “Don’t Tread On Me.”  The good news is that there are more of these types of people moving into political positions.  I can name three who are potentially going to be West Chester Trustees.  They could down 10 beers at Jags, put their fist through a window, and then balance a check book all within an hour of each other, and they are not that far off the kind of thinking that I have.  They are not statists, but good people who work hard, play hard, and don’t bow to anybody—and they are coming of age.

What’s at stake for the statists is the fantasy of compliance.  They will have their victories in this time and place because what we are seeing are the fantasies of the “Flower Children”—a world of forced peace holding hands under the power of government imposition by the leadership of the political left.  But tomorrow, they will see their influence erode away into silliness.  If and when the bullets start flying, people like me won’t be calling 911.  I’ll shoot back—with a much bigger gun, and I’ll crank up “Don’t Tread On Me” while doing it.  But compliance to statism is not an option.  It’s not going to happen under any conditions.

So the answer to the question of whether or not things get better—it eventually will.  It will get worse because the left is in charge, and they will fall flat on their face with intrusive social policies, bankruptcy, and a weakened society that is tired of a leftist flat line human existence.  Once the left fails completely—and they are currently–my generation will be there with Metallica blowing wind into our sails, and we are the calm generation.  The generation that comes after us is even less interested in communism, socialism, social sharing, and all the “Flower Child” passivity of the 60s.  They are playing Grand Theft Auto and first person shooters till the small hours of the morning and listening to music that is even angrier than Metallica.  So as you listen to the song “Don’t Tread On Me” by Metallica think of the world that is coming, not the one that’s currently here.  As a friend of mine asked me late last week, “is there hope.”  And, “what should be the new name of the Tea Party?”  The answer to both is, yes there is hope, defiance is alive in the hearts of millions and they are very close to going over the edge presently.  For me, I would call this new rebellion not after the patriots of yesteryear, but after the mythology of the present—I would say that what is happening is part of the Red Pill Rebellion.  Over two years ago I spoke about the red pill versus the blue pill as articulated by the film, The Matrix.  Our modern age is all about waking up to the truth that has always been there, yet was covered up by an entire society addicted to their blue pills of illusion.  More and more people are starting to take the red pill of truth, and they aren’t happy to see what has happened to the world while they slept.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.

I will enjoy tearing apart the world that the “Flower Children” made for us, the idiots who supported school levies, the advocates of The Great Society, and the nut jobs who brought America socialism through Social Security.  The world of Barack Obama deserves to perish in its thinly disguised exploitation of the human race in the name of fairness for the ultimate aim of government expansion and control over every human being.  I will laugh as each of their statist policies perishes, and I will laugh with each tear they shed in the coming years.  I despise them, and will enjoy watching the framework of their social destruction dismantle under their own power, and when they turn to others to rob them of resources to maintain their illusion, I will proclaim with any force necessary, “DON’T TREAD ON ME.”  And I will enjoy it thoroughly.

Yes, there is hope, and I would call it The Red Pill Rebellion, and it is growing in force, and effectiveness, partly by default, and partly by momentum.  20 years ago I predicted this age that we are currently in, and it occurred right on time, just as I always said it would.  With the same boldness, I predict the age of The Red Pill Rebellion, and the result of that time is a nightmare to the statists.  Trust me…………….

Rich Hoffman


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