Root For America: Statements from Wayne Allyn Root on Bill Cunningham’s 700 WLW Show

The Bill Cunningham Show as it is today, and probably always was—is an act.  Similar to how Cunningham runs his afternoon television show which has replaced the Jerry Springer Show as tabloid television of a salacious nature, the radio show that made him famous is also only a show.  Cunningham has made a good living off pandering to various demographic types.  Cunningham’s WLW conservative radio talk show is geared toward small government types.  His television show is geared toward the typical school levy supporter and welfare recipient.  But occasionally, Cunningham has on a good guest that says some really wonderful things.  One such instance was the recent visit by Wayne Allyn Root representing his website, Root For  Root is to the left of my political position, but nobody of any intelligence can argue with what he said during his appearance on 700 WLW recently.  Have a listen.

Even though Cunningham waffles back and forth and stays in the current political center about where Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly is, broadcasts like that one are useful.  The people to the left of O’Reilly and Cunningham are worlds away from where Root and I are.  People like Obama and his kind might as well live on the tumbling asteroid of Pluto out on the edge of the earth’s solar system.  Obama is not even close to being on the same planet of political ideology as most of America, particularly in the middle of the country from rural Pennsylvania to the mountains of Reno, Nevada.  The only people who think the way Obama does are the conquered people who live in the big cities and are addicted to social government services, or people who work for the government.  Most everyone else thinks and feels as Root does—they just don’t feel comfortable vocalizing it.

I agree with what Root said, but more than anything he was spot on in blaming most of America’s current problems on the failed public education system.  He was right, there are too many liberal teachers ran by big labor unions with progressive political goals as their primary objective.  It has been dangerous to allow those types of people to teach our generations of children, and the severity of that danger is evident in our present society.  Education must be completely re-invented; it is a dismal failure in present form.  It has delivered to a massive population all the wrong ideals, values, and political sentiments, and our nation is showing the damage.  It is their fault primarily that nearly half the nation lives on Pluto with Obama while people like Root and I stand on the kind of ground which founded the freest country on earth in human history.

Wayne Allyn Root did not exaggerate about his comments on the state of America.  The trouble is that most people don’t hear those types of comments often enough.  Too many people are content to watch Cunningham’s afternoon television show, and skip the radio audience which broadcasts segments like the one with Root.  Political diatribes with fierce conviction are seldom heard on television shows away from the cable channels—and that has allowed large portions of the nation to be pulled out into space away from the firm grounding of the American Constitution.  But because of media like this website, those epic broadcasts can be shared with those who were watching television instead of listening to the radio.  So dear reader, I would suggest you sent this to them, and enlighten them to the ways of the world from those who are sane and defending the world from those who aren’t.

Rich Hoffman

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