50 Million American Tax Payers Carry The Entire World: Doc Thompson and Skip LeCombe light up the truth with The Blaze

It was good to see Doc Thompson again with his producer Skip LeCombe.  They invited me to a nice lunch today, and it was good to catch up on things as both of our lives have been terribly busy.  One of the reasons for me that I’ve been so busy, as is the case with Doc and Skip, is that we are part of the 50 million people who finance the entire world leaving the rest of planet earth to mooch or beg off the labor of our efforts.  Oh, I’m sorry dear reader; you probably don’t know what I’m talking about.  Well, then you should listen to this clip from Doc’s show on The Blaze Radio Network explaining how and why only about 50 million people in the entire world personally fund everything…………….and I mean everything.   Listen for yourself.

That is why I call Doc Thompson a friend.

To every arrogant barnacle that believes falsely that it is their military which protects the world, their economic engine that propels all free trade, and offers hopes of freedom to the unfortunate living under the thumb print of ruthless dictators and failed socialist experiments, it is not they who help the world, but the tax payer who does not have a government job, or takes money as a welfare recipient.  Only members of the free-market who directly pay taxes which then subsidize everything in the world are the true supports from which everything else would otherwise crumble economically.   For every government worker in any capacity they require a tax payer who works hard to cover the costs of their existence by looted money confiscated by the IRS.

If those 50 million tax payers stopped paying taxes and decided to take a government job, or worse yet, do nothing and sign up for one of the multiple government programs paying them to be unproductive like most of the other 50% of Americas currently are, and the rest of the billions in the world who depend on the economic engine of America to keep money flowing into their pockets—such as China, Europe and especially Russia, they would all tumble into chaos if the 50 million people Doc spoke about decided to stop showing up for work.

Schools would close, militaries would cease, every endeavor of mankind would stop if the very few 50 million taxpayers in America stopped carrying the billions of others on their backs to financial mediocrity.  The 50 million taxpayers of America who are now a dying breed are the engine of the world economy.  Without them, everything stops.  Everything.  There is no way for leftist pundits to spin this irony—as their hatred for the rich keeps them from seeing their own vulnerability.  It is the very few, people like Doc Thompson, whom I know personally works multiple jobs and is really plugged into his career 24 hours a day, which provides a vehicle for every welfare recipient on earth to live off of.  If Doc stopped going to work and joined ranks with the other government looters, where would the parasites be then?  Where would the entire world be economically?

There is no dispute.  The political left hopes that nobody notices this long-term scam which has been enacted upon America for the thieving benefit of the entire world.  They hope that eventually destiny will not catch up with them.  But it will.  America is very close now to losing forever a majority of its taxpaying adults to the ranks of government moochers.  Every year, there are declines in the 50 million member number.  So far, the revenue losses have been offset with new taxes for the rich and corporate rates that are incredibly high.  Slowly, high taxes are forcing members of the tax paying 50 million hiding from government theft by moving out of America and taking their companies with them to avoid the high corporate tax rates.   In the not too distant future there just won’t be enough of them to pay for the needs of the rest of the world.

I does not matter if you agree or not with me or Doc Thompson.  The proof is all around us.  Think about it.  How long does anybody think it can continue?

How long?

If you haven’t taken the time to listen to Doc’s broadcast above, you need to do that now.  The most powerful parts of it are at the 14 minute mark.

Rich Hoffman


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