The Lakota Technology Plan: Government creating worthless jobs for political reasons

As stated in a previous article written about the proposed Lakota levy of 2013 due to declining enrollment they are already facing a layoff of many employees—but they plan to ignore it, in favor of finding new, creative ways of employing themselves at taxpayer expense.  When a politician states that government needs to “create jobs” Lakota is the example they are referring to.  In the case of Lakota, they are inventing new ways to have more worthless staff on the payroll of property owners for the sole intention of “creating jobs.”  For the proof, let me direct your attention to the below graphic, which shows what Lakota plans to do with the levy money extracted from the public during the upcoming election.Slide 5

As seen above Lakota plans to create a whole division of new bureaucratic job positions for government workers who wouldn’t exist in the private sector.  Only in government would such a bloated proposal even be considered.  The jobs shown are unnecessary as most of the software these days has intuitive instructions already present and do not require all these employees to serve as middle meddlers of information delivery.  Only a gigantic government driven entity like Lakota would propose such a plan purely for the creation of jobs without being driven by any kind of need, but the whim of a superintendent to use the terminology to garner a levy passage.

If Mantia were to get her levy acceptance and impose on the community of Lakota taxes that would instantly turn off business investment, she would have no problem throwing nearly $1 million dollars in payroll at buying a levy, because her end game is the distribution of the remaining $12 million to the teachers and administration at Lakota who are seeking a minimum raise of $117.50 per month.  As a reminder Mantia also plans to toss $350,000 toward Sheriff Jones to buy his support of the Lakota levy by hiring a few token cops to patrol the hallways of Lakota looking for crazed gunmen intent on shooting rampages—a situation that would be solved with the simple acceptance of the Second Amendment.  Government with its rules makes society more dangerous forcing tax payers to hire police to protect them from harms which could easily be eliminated with a .500 magnum carried by a parent dropping their child off at school.  But that is a story for another time.  Presently, the Lakota Technology Plan is simply the birth of a new bureaucracy which is typical in unionized establishments where jobs and processes are created solely for the benefit of the needless jobs.

Most of the proposed technology intended under the Lakota Technology Plan could be taught to the teachers by the average 8th grader who could figure out and utilize most software applications within five minutes of exposure due to the intuitive nature of modern technology whose intended end users are those same youthful students.  The teachers of technology as unionized employees are by their very nature inefficient in their overly specialized fields of endeavor, and often find their minds limited to learning because of it.  It is these types of people who are supposedly going to teach the teachers who will then teach the students, who could easily teach the “instructional specialists” at the start of the process.  The entire scam is designed not to teach the children—but to give the adult teachers some kind of something to do—just to keep them employed at Lakota—to “create a job.”

What fails at Lakota in this case is the needed question of whether or not the jobs should even exist.  Superintendent Mantia simply proposed the creation of the “Lakota Technology Plan” to toss $1 million dollars of payroll toward the sacrificial cause of passing a school levy to obtain the other $12 million she needs to throw at the LEA union.  Likely, the staff employed under the plan will spend most of their day trying to figure out whether or not they want to go to Chipotle, Wendy’s, or Penera Bread for lunch.  That process will start right around 9:30 in the morning once they’ve updated their Facebook accounts and looked at what all their friends are posting.  Once they figure out where they are going for lunch, then they have to figure out who is going to get it.  That will take an additional hour and a half because in so doing, the gossip about their friends, family and neighbors will ensue.  During lunch they will eat their food and browse the internet shopping on eBay and  After lunch they will have their eye on the clock for the end of the day and will look online at the television shows they plan to watch when they get home.  While doing that, they will read the latest Hollywood gossip from the various entertainment sites talking about who is sleeping with whom, and what the Kardashions are doing lately.  Rumor has it that Bruce Jenner—the Kardashions father—wants to be a woman.  That will evoke talk that will carry these employees through to the end of the day.  Out of a 40 hour work week, these employees might do 2.5 hours of actual productive work, and they will be paid around $65K per year to do it by Lakota—if the levy passes.

Nobody will manage these people because nobody will care.  Mantia certainly won’t be busting into their department unannounced to catch them on the internet playing around all day because she won’t care—she will have already gotten what she needed out of them—money to cover the cost of the LEA contract.  For all she cares, those Lakota Technology Plan employees can take the rest of the year off with pay, because they served her purpose.  Now, of course I can’t know exactly what is going on in Mantia’s mind and without question when pressed she will deny these things.  But I see through it, and she knows I do.  I know her.  I also know management, I know labor behavior practices, and I understand politics all too well, and my scenario whether it is the intended result or not, will be the reality.  It will be the result of her $1 million dollars in proposed payroll.  The direct benefactors will Chipotle, Wendy’s, Penera Bread, eBay, and  The suckers will be the Lakota tax payers if they do anything other than vote NO on the proposed levy.   But children will not be taught anything about technology by these new employees—if anything it will be the other way around.

Rich Hoffman

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