Rebel Republicans Versus The Old School GOP: How Cindy Carpenter’s War Chest Gets Filled, and Why

Of course John Boehner and the rest of the Republicans caved as the debt limit neared.  Business and politics are so sinfully entangled that they can no longer be viewed separately, which is a tremendous problem.   Shortly after the deal was done and the Democrats and Republicans agreed on a bill that did nothing to Obamacare, the Republicans yielded once again to the radicals in Washington prompting Boehner to call his golf buddy 700 WLW talk show host Bill Cunningham to brag about it.  It is also noted that Cunningham’s other good local friend is Sheriff Jones who is about to be a special guest at Cindy Carpenter’s fundraising reception.  The network of the old statist bound GOP was clear in those defining moments of American history where the temperament of the nation moved to the left yet again because of the corrosive politics about to be unveiled.  

To understand what is going on with the Republican Party at the level of Washington D.C. it is best to look at examples within our local communities where the characters are better known, then understand that the same type of intermingling of ideals driven by crony capitalism is taking place.  When it is said that John Boehner is a dirty dealer willing to sacrifice conservative values in favor of a deal the context of Boehner’s construction must be understood.  The people who put him into power in the first place must be examined—then their reasons require understanding as to motive.  Understanding that, all one need to do is look at the Butler County Commissioner Cindy Carpenter fundraiser and study who was involved and why—because it is the same political machine that supports John Boehner.1FUND RAISER INVITATION

Many of the people in the following story are people I know, and the nature of the described activity is something that disgusts me.  Some of them I grew up with, and I think a lot of.  I disagree with their actions, but I like them as people because while I represent the New Rebellion of Conservative Republicanism, and they represent the Old School Machine Politics of the GOP, we have in common a love of capitalism.  The biggest differences between us are their love of crony capitalism and my love of laissez-faire capitalism.  Both views are far superior to the socialist leaning Democrats who are philosophically based on wealth redistribution.  At least the characters below are creating jobs, expanding the economy, and making the world better.  However, the alignment of business and politics should be forbidden, but as it will be shown below, is the dominate concern of the parties involved.  Politics should not be about using government to advance business ideals, but unfortunately, that is the current way of doing business, and it shouldn’t be.

They say that money is the mother’s milk of politics and it is absolutely true that you cannot run a campaign without money.  A few well-off politicians fund their own campaigns and do not have to take money from donors.  Those who are well-off were successful and are proven leaders who should be in the greatest position financially, socially, and philosophically to represent a republic.  Others, whose personal finances are less substantial, find themselves obliged to use a variety of methods to accumulate the money necessary to run for office.    This is the kind of person that John Boehner is, and County Commissioner Cindy Carpenter.  It is among the career politicians, however, that the fine art of raising money so that they can continue holding office has become a way of life that varies between the moral and the immoral role of government infringement into individual lives.

There are always individuals who have businesses that can either be helped or hurt by political office holders.  They tend to be generous donors to the campaigns of incumbents who will make the decisions that will positively or negatively impact those business owners businesses, thus the concept of crony capitalism was born.  Power-hungry nut jobs who would be successful in no other endeavor find they have power over businessmen and women because they hold the regulatory purses of a community.  Smart business people find that to appease these parasites, they must contribute money to purchase the loyalty of the politicians and once they have them in their pocket, they keep them in place to preserve their business interests.

There is yet another source of “donations” to incumbents that is less well-known.  In the not too distant past in Butler County it was common for the holders of elective office to require as a condition of employment that their subordinates register in their political party and work the streets when election time came distributing literature and actively campaigning to get their boss re-elected.   This even went so far as to have office holders subtly require that their employees  make contributions to their boss’ election campaign.  There was a not too subtle suggestion that promotions or continued employment depended on the size of the contribution.

If you have the opportunity to ask anyone who was in the employment of Butler County 20 years ago and you will easily confirm this.

The system existed because the non-union county employees are “employees at will.”  That is to say, they can be let go without any explanation, union workers have used this practice to advance their cause for years, and is yet another by-product of crony capitalism.  This is the cause of most government employees nationally who are unionized.  Unfortunately instead of the situation in Butler Country where such the trend was to push for employees to become Republican, union employees are pushed into voting for Democrats.  Both use collectivism to advance a political cause, and are wrong in their approach.   There is no civil service system on the county level as there is in the Federal Government where government employees have a myriad of rules protecting them and preventing them from being discharged at the whim of the elected official.  This Federal system is the result of laws enacted after President Garfield was assassinated by a disgruntled office seeker.

The question comes as to whether or not this practice still exists.  Imagine if you would the case of a county commissioner.  The commissioners have no direct employees, but they do control the budgets of every department in the county.  The good will of a commissioner can ensure that your budget is not “trimmed” as much as might be otherwise appropriate when it comes time to tighten the belt.   County commissioners also approve a wide variety of land use rezoning.  They wield, as a result, a great deal of influence that can be turned to the purpose raising those pesky donations that are so necessary to run for office.

This said, might one not wonder why, during October 2013, when the Butler County Commissioners are approving the budgets for the various departments of county government by Commissioner. Cindy Carpenter held a political fund-raiser on October 17th and from the guest list shown on the enclosed picture, the objective is easy to determine.  Each Monday from October 7th, through the 21st, the commissioners held public hearings to review and approve the budgets of the various county departments.  See how it works; donate money to Carpenter’s campaign and hope that the doors of government are opened to the financial donors.  Businessmen after all don’t provide contributions out of the goodness of their heart, but as an investment.  Under a political system of crony capitalism, they really have no choice, if they want to be in business, or stay in business; they have to pay to play ball.

Commissioner Carpenter was Clerk of Courts prior to becoming a Butler County commissioner.  Between 2006 and 2008 she raised a total of $5,215 from various county employees.  The Clerk of Court’s office employed 67 individuals and received contributions from 81 county employees, elected county officials, and the family members of county employees.  These contributions ran from $5 to $1,000 and were even given by Sheriff Jones.

In 2010, the year that Commissioner Carpenter ran for the office of county commissioner, she raised $12,535 from 79 county employees, elected county officials, and the family members of county employees.  But the size of the donations ranged from $10 to $5,785, the latter again being from the Sheriff.    County Prosecutors donated $550.  The County Engineer donated $250. The Treasurer donated $200.  The Auditor donated $120, but strangely, the Recorder donated nothing.

Now, let us look at the list of people on the 2013 fund-raiser.  We again have Sheriff Jones.  Suddenly, we have the Recorder, Danny Crank, appearing on the list of the “host committee,” which translates as big donors.

The Sheriff’s interests are obvious.  His budget consumes over half of the general fund so it’s easy to see why Jones would be interested in assuring the goodwill of a commissioner; someone who will always vote to support his budget?  In 2011 during the Issue 2 campaign Sheriff Jones worked with Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW to defeat the collective bargaining reform bill enacted by John Kasich.  Jones bragged at the time about what a good job he had done securing his funding and managing his budget under the current collective bargaining restrictions.  What didn’t get talked about was that he had managed to stack the commissioner deck in his favor to help secure his funding and avoid the kind of budget shortfalls that most elected officials suffer through, who don’t have politics so firmly rooted in his corner.  Would Jones have the ability to manage his collective bargaining agreements if he didn’t have commissioners like Cindy Carpenter working so closely as an alley——–we’ll never know, because the relationship is common in Butler County politics and is as stable as sunshine in the desert.

As for Mr. Crank, one might suspect that he’s making up for lost time and has figured out that maybe he’d better catch up with the other elected officials in the donation category in order to protect his office from political pressure from the inside pushing him out.  Again, we’ll never know if the influence is corrosive or not because it is ever-present.  Only a complete acceptance of laissez-faire capitalism would end the practice described and the massive amount of money generated through taxes and distributed for the benefit of political contributors in the current crony capitalism system shown in Butler County and its politicians.

Then there is of course from the invite list Ms. Bea Lyons.  Her husband is a judge, whose budget is approved by the commissioners.  Tara D’Epfanio is also a county employee.  Joe Mulligan is a member of the Middletown City Council.  Any possibility that the county might make decisions that would be helpful or harmful to the city of Middletown?  And look at all the other township trustees on the list, why are they there?    Then there are the business men who either own or work for people who own large tracts of land and have major interests that are constantly before the county commissioners: Schwartz, Terry, Todd, and Wunnenberg, three of those four I know personally, and like.  I know why they are there, and so do they.  They aren’t looking for pictures of Cindy Carpenter to put on their desks.  They need to protect their investments from the looting tendencies of government, or advance their businesses using government to eliminate their competition.

The only people on this list who do not have financial interests, whose budgets are not controlled by the commissioners, or who are not family members are the other two commissioners: Dixon and Rogers.

There is no question what’s going on, everyone knows it.  And as I said at the start of this article, I’d rather deal with crony capitalism than socialism, so I like most of the people mentioned.  They are not bastions of rebellious conservatives the way I’d like to see the Republican Party.  They are not bad people, but are all caught in a bad system that began with the introduction of government into the affairs of business, and the destructive tendency of collectivism to introduce itself in both political parties.  I support candidates who refuse collectivism, who are independently wealthy, wise, or otherwise proven, and have no desire to live in a public office.  Those who make politics their business for more than a term or two, or an office or two, climbing their way up the ranks kissing anyone’s ass they can kiss to get them someplace powerful are people I want nothing to do with, and I don’t want my tax money feeding them anything.

John Boehner was built by the same system that supports Cindy Carpenter, and it is also why there is next to no chance of removing him from power.   In Washington Boehner has become very wealthy through the kinds of crony capitalism that is obvious at the Carpenter fundraiser.  Boehner is not the nastiest culprit in Washington, Mitch McConnell is quite a bit worse, but he has had to make enough deals that it compromises his moral authority.  After Boehner has compromised himself with dealings in order to generate money for his “war chest,” he has lost the ability to have firm political convictions which represent the people who elected him, and the republic of America is weaker because of it.  He is in the same position as Cindy Carpenter is in. What if Cindy told Sheriff Jones that she was supporting cuts in his budget that he disagreed with?  Where would the money for her “war chest” go?  The answer is that she would lose her office, and she would lose her influence, and ability to sit down with the real power of Butler County, the capitalists.

The best choice for future candidates is to vote for people who don’t need the money, and don’t want to do a public service job for their entire lives.  If voters continue to vote in favor of career politicians, they will get the same results and attract the kind of people who are terrified of actually performing in a capitalist system and fall in love with a name plate of power which sits on their desk given to them by donors who expect favors for their investment.  Those types of politicians then become the types who believe that society serves them, and that it is the duty of an electorate to provide babysitting services while they scream like tyrants at their subjects with the audacity of a Roman Emperor.  They believe such things because crony capitalism gives them false power by making the strong, the creative, and the intellectually superior beg like dogs at the feet of weaklings who get themselves elected to office by promises they can sell to the highest bidder.

Rich Hoffman

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