The “Indecent Proposal” of Communist Plank #17: Get control of public education — 1958

There is 100% without any doubt what-so-ever that communism infiltrated American public schools for most of the 20th Century, making an extraordinary push in the 60s and 70s.  Once The Department of Education was formed in 1979 it was already too late, but even still it was reported that even under the Reagan White House, a communist plot was being hatched to teach communism to American students.  The reports crossed President Reagan’s desk—so he knew about it.  CLICK HERE FOR PROOF.  At the start of his presidency Reagan vowed to put an end to Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education, but never gained the political clout to do so.  After the assassination attempt on Reagan and his massive tax cuts to get the economy started again, he had gambled all his political capital at the time, leaving The Department of Education to become further entrenched.  He was at the time at war with Russia and communism was the declared enemy as it was the cause of the Vietnam conflict, the near tragedy in Cuba, countless insurgents in Central America and of course the space race with Russia.  The hatred for communism is what advanced NASA into formation and put man on the moon as a declaration of capitalism.  So Reagan surely wasn’t surprised by the reports that crossed his desk announcing open communism was the aim of American schools organized under the department of education.  This brings us to the latest and one of the most devastating of the 45 Planks of Communism from the 1958 book The Naked Communist, which is being covered here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom plank by plank.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW ALL 45 OF THEM.  #17 is probably the most dangerous plank of them all—and one that is most obvious today.

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.


Be sure to watch the videos on this site as supplemental material to this text from top to bottom, it tells a story.  It is very important.  I have the very unique position of growing up during a time when all this was happening, coupled with an unusually clear photographic memory extending back to age two. I can still remember smells, facial expressions, sentence construction, etc., of events from my first couple years of grade school even with the logic filters turned on that comes with age.  Without knowing what communism was, I determined as far back as the first grade that the entire system was wrong and that it should be rejected.  My teachers in grades kindergarten, first grade, second grade and third grade all had conferences with my mother trying to put pressure on me to conform to classroom politics, which I simply refused, instinctively.  I didn’t know why, only that I should.  I was paddled, given detentions, grounded, isolated and pulled in every direction imaginable, but I never yielded not even an ounce—and I am very, very proud of that fact today.  The year I was in the second grade it was the bicentennial year of 1976 and our teachers allowed all the students to celebrate by dressing up as Revolutionary War heroes, as The Department of Education had not yet been created which would eventually aim to put an end to such patriotic endeavors.  Our second grade teacher took us to the little school-house on Princeton Road, the old single classroom building Hughes which was being restored at the time to study up on the Declaration of Independence and American Constitution.  I remember thinking then that the formation of public schools was wrong in the methods they were using to teach.  But I didn’t question it too much as I was watching Little House on the Prairie during Monday evenings with my mother and saw the schools in America had pretty much always been the same way, top down collectivism that was strictly contingent upon the quality of the teacher.  If the teacher was a bad one, the entire class would suffer.  On the rare times that the teacher was exceptional, a small percentage of the children in the class might find something unlocked within them and become better.  They entire system seemed inefficient and wrong to me.

To understand why communists wanted to exploit the weakness of the American public education system which I identified in the 2nd grade, one needs to understand the way the male mind sometimes uses sex as a weapon.  The KGB in Russia was undoubtedly shaped by the male mind, so such phallic comparisons are appropriate once you get down to the discussion of psychological motives.  Communists wanted to destroy capitalism, and they wanted to erode away American value from the inside out.  If there was any doubt of this read the book by Ayn Rand called We The Living, which I will come back to,  describes how the U.S.S.R was forced to think, and lays the groundwork for KGB infiltration into America forming The Department of Education, domination over the teaching unions, and molding a new generation of administrators through the university system.  The entire complex ordeal can be understood through the motives of sex.

The #1 reason a man wishes to sleep with his best friend’s wife, or the reason a man might be hired, or otherwise coerced to seduce the wife of a rival is so that the value of the love the man shares with his wife will be weakened—hopefully weakening the man—(the husband).  When one man sleeps with another man’s claim on a bed partner, he displays power over the man who made the commitment.  When the husband learns about the penetration of his sacred love nest by another man’s phallic presence, that woman will become tainted to him—likely forever.  The love union between the husband and wife will become forever weakened and any products of that marriage will began to erode away.  The process doesn’t happen quickly, but over time, often taking many years.  The only defense the husband has is if he is aware of the nature of the attack and can find a way to deal with it.  This is the nature of nearly all the fantasies that are carried out all too often when men seduce the bed partners of their rivals, and this includes rivals within the family, brothers, sisters, step parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  The act of sex in these cases is similar to the ancient belief that in cannibalism, if the heart of an enemy was eaten, then some of the power of that enemy would transfer over to the attacker and he’d become more powerful.  Modern men, if they wish to diminish other men, attempt to do so through the women those men love, and if successful, can crush the rival directly and indirectly.

The KGB wished to taint the American education system in the same way that one man wishes to sleep with a rival’s wife.  Using communism to infiltrate the ideals taught to the next generation of children it would plant the seeds of discontent in the mind of the participants.  The same way a woman who has been seduced by another man, her husband’s rival might find herself beginning to question the power, intelligence, and potency of her husband after allowing herself to open up to another man, the unarmed young American student once invoked with communism will forever question the merits of capitalism.

From the fifth, through the tenth grade I found myself perplexed by the term “Let’s Party” which was so incredibly popular in public school, as almost every kid I knew used the term.  For reasons I couldn’t put my finger on at the time, I avoided such terms because they seemed contrived—foreign, and I wanted nothing to do with them.  I certainly would not have guessed that the American enemy at the time, Russia had originated the term.  After all I was at the opening night of Rocky IV and it was all about the capitalism of Rocky fighting the mechanical nature of communism in the boxing ring.  At the movie theater seemingly my entire school had shown up, the theater was one of the really big ones at Showcase Cinemas, and it was packed.  My date was a highly sought after young woman a few years older than me who was dating a Bengal player and was the next door neighbor to one of my best friends—and male rivals.  I knew exactly what I was doing by taking her on a date to see Rocky IV.  The Bengal player got over it but my friend never did.  During the Rocky movie, communism was defined as the villain.  It was clear, but all the kids I grew up with missed the real villain.  Nearly all of them after the movie concluded declared one place or another as the destination for their term, “Let’s Party,” which is what they did.  They gathered in groups of eight or more became increasingly intoxicated—non thinking, loose sexually, and displayed their vulnerabilities to each other openly.  I of course avoided those kinds of entanglements and took my date elsewhere.  But the entire evening I kept hearing the term “Let’s Party” and found myself disheveled by the phrase for reasons that were purely instinctual.

“Let’s Party” was a term used in Ayn Rand’s We The Living  when members of the communist party youth movement would use social gatherings to meld themselves together through collective embarrassment.  The purpose of these “Parties” was to defame sacred beliefs, deflower young women, and lower the expectations of young men, so that everyone would view everyone else as equal to one another.  The term, “Let’s Party” 60 years later was floating around my classrooms and coming from the mouths of young Lakota students on a regular bases—but how, and why.  Now thirty years later, the term “Let’s Party” is universally understood, and accepted.  Everyone seems to know what it means when perfect strangers utter it.  My rhetorical response has always been of sarcasm when someone asks me to perform the task.  I would say—“what are we celebrating.”  That of course always draws blank stares as they do not know what to say next—because the phrase was not created as a thinking mechanism but as a non-thinking activity.  If the term does not conger up drunkenness, sexual misconduct, weakness, and other primal human desires, then the aim is mysteriously vacant from the minds of man—because most people let others do their thinking for them—which is how the KGB infiltrated American schools politically through the front door and right under President Reagan’s nose.  The KGB knew that Reagan was a very good communicator and that in the short run, he would bring down communism in Russia by crushing them economically.  But the KGB had another plan, if they couldn’t beat capitalism directly, then they’d undermine it the same way a man seduces a woman to get into the head of a rival.  The scouting report on Reagan was that he wasn’t very good with the details, so they struck at his weakness, using the newly created Department of Education to bring communism directly into The United States.  The KGB seduced American education, planted deep seeds of doubt, discontent, and phallic presence, and let the slow destruction begin.   CLICK HERE FOR PROOF.

There is no hesitation on my part in declaring that Communist Plank #17 has been fully implemented, and it goes unsaid the same way a couple avoids discussing their sexual mistakes of the past, or lovers that they had shared a bed with outside of their relationship.  Communism has tainted our education system deliberately and the shame of it keeps everyone from talking about it.  So much time has passed that teachers of Common Core, Race to the Top, and virtually every curriculum in The United States find themselves preaching soft communism, or open socialism to American children thinking that they are teaching “American” ideals.  But they’re not.  They are teaching communism disguised with seductive terminology such as “social justice,” “fairness,” “equality,” and other communist expressions decorated under the flag of Democratic politics, supported by a progressive label.  I know it’s true because I personally watched it happen step by step and had the unique aptitude to chronicle it from a very young age and never become seduced by it.  This has allowed me to name the villain because shame does not keep it off my tongue.

I wasn’t sure how serious the situation truly was regarding communism being taught in public schools until I read We The Living.  Before that book I was searching for answers and everything came back insufficient to explain the problems I was observing.  But after We The Living, I realized that what the communists of the 20th Century had performed was a global infiltration of the philosophy of Karl Marx and put it into the minds of nearly every student using stolen tax money to commit the crime.  The situation is actually much worse than I thought; it is a thing of nightmares.  Communism in public education is not a conspiracy, it is a fact.  The evidence is clear and it puts every child taught under that system in danger.  When I spoke about the Rocky movie of my youth, it is true that most of those partiers went on to live somewhat normal lives, raise families, maintain jobs, and own property becoming good American citizens—at least compared to other people on planet earth.  But I can declare that the theater at the time in the old Showcase Cinema had well over 300 people in it on that night and of all those including my date, maybe only one or two have lived fruitful lives into their 40s and 50s without massive amounts of destruction brought upon them because of their acceptance of social collectivism.  Most of their high blood pressure medicine, their need for Viagra, and the many failures they stare at in the mirror every morning can be traced back to their teenage years and their utterance of the term, “Let’s Party,” which was given to them by 1926 Petrograd, the communist export of the newly formed U.S.S.R.  And the kids of today are much, much, much worse off.

Just asking your children dear reader what they learned in school today, and you will see the aims of communism coming out in their report.  Forget the modern names given, study the content, and you will see the truth.  Think of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  The disguise is meant to deceive, and communists have performed such a deception hiding behind the term, progressive.

Rich Hoffman

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