The Panic Driven Lakota Looter: Helping the pro levy side find some help

If you are a Frito eating, couch sitting, pill popping insecure parent who is seeking a free education for your children off the backs of residents in the Lakota school district I want to help you with an announcement.  The school principals working with the various PTO groups at Lakota are frustrated that there aren’t more social degenerates to join their ranks in this election of 2013.  They are concerned that there doesn’t seem to be the same “passion” for helping to pass a devastating tax increase this time around.  At least that is the word from within their pro levy ranks.  Outwardly, it is business as usual—apply socialist leaning tax increases to brainwash children into mass collectivism—and lie, cheat and steal to accomplish the task.

So just to make this election a little more balanced, I want to help those enemies of intelligence by distributing their advertisement for a Pro Levy rally that is being organized by the Endeavor PTO group—the type of people I called “latte sipping prostitutes” during the last election.  CLICK HERE TO READ THAT ENQUIRER ARTICLE AND REVIEW MY OPINION OF THESE PEOPLE.  They are at it again, but this time fewer people seem interested in helping the school principals dodge Ohio state law working in favor of tax increases with brain-dead, neurotic levy supporters as their foot soldiers of social destruction.  So for those who are stupid enough to vote for a school levy and secretly seek a baby sitter to watch their children because they are too lazy to care for them personally, below is an event you will want to attend, to be around like-minded pro tax supporters.  As for the rest, here is a glimpse into the mind of social menaces disguised as smiling community patriots.  In reality most of them are simply latte sipping prostitutes with asses………………..well you know the rest.

Hello Endeavor Staff and PTO!

Thank you for sharing your personal emails with me so I can efficiently communicate levy campaign information. (A couple of the staff emails I received are not valid, so please communicate this information with your colleagues.  Jen and Kym, please forward to everyone you can!)  We have two important events coming up as we head into the home stretch of the campaign and we need our Endeavor community to help us make them successful!

October 26th Caravan and Rally!


Join us at Endeavor at 9:00 am for this fun event to generate excitement and encourage early voting!

We will dress up our cars and caravan through the community on our way to Plains where we will meet up with the rest of LAKOTA  at 10:00 am for a brief rally, celebration and prizes.  We will have decorating supplies on hand along with donuts and coffee to fuel our spirits.  (Feel free to bring your own decorations as well!  You can print “For Lakota” logos at

Following the program, join the group as we head to the Board of Elections to cast our ballots and be counted!

Bring your friends, bring your neighbors and LET’S GET OUT THE VOTE!!!!

Please let me know if you are able to join us so I know how many supplies to purchase.  Let’s make Endeavor’s caravan the most impressive!!!

October 30th Canvassing!


I PROMISE it won’t be as bad as it sounds!  Endeavor already filled a phone banking session back in September and made HUNDREDS of calls in less than 2 hours – and everyone came out alive!  🙂  Now it’s time to fill a canvassing session to get people out to VOTE!  As the people who participated in the phone banking can tell you, we are not trying to convince “no” voters to change their minds.  We are simply getting information out and reminding people of the importance of actually casting their ballots.  The levy committee will provide training, including a script and materials. We will travel in teams of 2 so you don’t have to go alone!

We are sharing a session with Heritage on Wednesday, October 30th.  Endeavor is committed to filling 20 spots (10 teams of 2).  We will all meet at Heritage at 4:30 pm for training and then head out from there.  Missy (Heritage’s principal) and I will provide pizza for our awesome volunteers before we hit the pavement.   Please consider volunteering about 3 hours on this evening to help get the “yes” votes to the polls!  Research proves that door to door communication is absolutely critical to winning any campaign.

Please let me know if you are able to support this effort so I can let the committee know how many routes to prepare.  Thanks!

If you cannot participate on the 30th, but would like to help another day, please follow the link below to Sign-Up Genius.

Thanks so much!  Please let me know if you have any questions!


As it can be seen, the principals of several Lakota schools are behind this effort and there are scripts, phone banks and all out attempts to turn NO voters into Yes voters.  They are supposedly doing this on their own time, to avoid violating Ohio law which states that school employees cannot support levy activity. It doesn’t matter to anybody that many of these plans, emails and phone calls do occur during work hours.  But when it comes to what a lot of these school principals get paid at Lakota, a few weekends of time volunteered is worth it to them. Look at what they get paid, seen on the No Lakota Levy website.
2012 Salary Analysis: Lakota School District

Click here to see for yourself!

It becomes clear quickly what’s in it for the school administrators at Lakota.  It’s all about money, and they need enough mindless supporters to jump on board and support their financial scam.  Unfortunately, because of the efforts over the years of educating the public, more people than ever know what is behind these types of games.  It gives me great pride to see that No Lakota Levy has evolved into such a respectable organization that provides so much wonderful content.  It has come a long way from a website that my daughter and I put together on a shoe string budget.  Some of the smartest minds of the Lakota business community are behind the website, and it shows.  I am very proud and happy to share a community with those people as they have taken No Lakota Levy to new levels of competency.

Without groups like No Lakota Levy, there is no defense against the kind of school sponsored activities described in the literature above from the PTO group.  No Lakota Levy today is a kinder, gentler version of a tax fighting organization than when I was with them, but that doesn’t reduce their effectiveness.  I feel more passionately over the wrong doings that occur within the education industry than most people do, so my attitude over public education has reflected that social position.  I obviously do not like supporters and employees of public education for philosophical reasons that I see detrimental to the human race—and capitalism.  The current members of No Lakota Levy are good community minded people who simply wish the facts of the education nightmare currently going on in the Lakota school district be known, and on their new website, they let the facts tell the whole story without a lot of emotion to drive the temperament—which is very good.

The reason for this upcoming Lakota levy, for the proposed impact on businesses, residents barely scraping by, and all the tax payers about to be rampaged with 20% increases in their health care costs due to Obamacare, is to support the salary structure shown above, from the No Lakota Levy website.  The reason that the principals of the schools mentioned are hard at work building a network of levy supporting zombies to do their dirty ground work of tax increase promotion is to protect their wage structure with perceived value hidden behind layers of emotion.  They are protecting their jobs which pay outrageously high benefits for being simply glorified baby sitters, and they need the levy to continue their corrosive pillaging of the Lakota community.

The reason the numbers of people volunteering for these PTO rally events is declining is because more people than ever know why Lakota is financially strapped.  It’s not for lack of money, in the same way that Washington politicians just approved a debt ceiling increase over $17 trillion while tax payers are paying more money to the government than at any point in American history, the government is still spending more money than they are taking in—Lakota plans to spend more money than they take in because of poor management choices—which become glaringly clear when the salary structure is shown.

I’m normally not a person who calls other people names.  I actually do listen to people who think differently than I do.  However, I have learned with these levy supporters that they are fanatically ignorant to the facts of reality and they truly wish to hurt other people with their misguided world view—and neurotic sentiments.  I find them despicable, detrimental to the furtherance of human evolution, and woefully destructive as thinking sentient beings.  I have grown to despise them for their desire to harm entire communities with high taxes based on no fact driven analysis which stays with every single property owner of Liberty and West Chester Townships for most of their lives.  The short-sightedness of the levy supporter angers me greatly.

But even I have a little compassion for them when they try to host a rally, and nobody wants to show up because everyone thinks they are idiots.  They’ll have the usual levy fanatics—the kind of people who still think they are high school cheerleaders and feel so guilty over what crappy parents they are, that they think by passing a levy with all their volunteerism they can show their kids how much they care.  But a vast majority of the people will sit on the sidelines and resent the bastions of greed which the pro levy supporters at Lakota represent because they understand the end game.  The sum of the entire ordeal is in the extraordinary wages the school employees make, and their willingness to use children as emotional hostages in order to secure even more money for themselves at the expense of everyone.  For that reason I think these levy supporters are the most disgusting people I have ever met, and deserve to feel the pain of reality with a NO vote on November 5th.

Rich Hoffman

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